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Department of Philosophy

Rosa Terlazzo

Assistant professorRosa

Dr. Terlazzo specializes in social, political, and moral philosophy.


Ph.D. The Australian National University, 2013

Representative publications

a.       “Adaptive Preferences: Merging Political Accounts and Well-being Accounts” Canadian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming)

b.      “Conceptualizing Adaptive Preferences Respectfully: An Indirectly Substantive Account” Journal of Political Philosophy (forthcoming)

c.       “When is Non-ideal theory too Ideal? Children, Adaptive Preferences, and Ideal Theory” in (eds.) Michael Webber and Kevin Vallier, Political Utopias: Contemporary Debates (Oxford University Press – under contract)

d.      “Autonomy and Settling: Rehabilitating the Relationship between Autonomy and Paternalism” Utilitas (forthcoming).

e.      “Educating for Autonomy: Liberalism and Autonomy in the Capabilities Approach” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 17(3): 443-455 (with Luara Ferracioli).



Office: currently at the University of Tulane, New Orleans, LA

Email: rterlazzo@ksu.edu

Fax: 785-532-3522