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Department of Philosophy

Scott Tanona

tanonaAssociate professor

Dr. Tanona specializes in the philosophy of science, and the history and philosophy of physics.


Ph.D. Indiana University-Bloomington, 2002

Representative publications

"Decoherence and the Copenhagen Cut". Synthese (forthcoming).

"Theory, coordination, and empirical meaning in modern physics". In Discourse on a New Method, edited by M. Dickson and M. Domski, Open Court (forthcoming).

"Uncertainty in Bohr's response to Heisenberg's microscope". Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 35 (2004): 483-507.

"The anticipation of necessity: Kant on Kepler's laws and universal gravitation". Philosophy of Science 67 (2000): 421-443.


Office: 208B Dickens Hall

Email: stanona@ksu.edu

Fax: 785-532-3522