Bruce Glymour

glymourProfessor and department head

Dr. Glymour specializes in the philosophy of biology.


Ph.D. University of California - San Diego, 1995

Representative publications

"Predicting Populations by Modeling Individuals". Forthcoming in Proceedings of the INPC, MIT Press.

"Modeling Environments: Interactive Causation and Adaptations to Environmental Conditions". Philosophy of Science 78:3 (July 2011), pp. 448-471.

"In Defense of Explantory Deductivism", Causation and Explanation, J. Campbell, M. O'Rourke and H. Silverstein, (eds), MIT Press, 2007.

"Wayward Modeling: Population Genetics and Natural Selection", Philosophy of Science, 2006, 73:369-389

"Selection, Indeterminism and Evolutionary Theory", Philosophy of Science, 2001, 68:518-535

"Contrastive, Non-Probabilistic Statistical Explanation", Philosophy of Science, 1998, 65:448-471


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