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Phi Kappa Phi

Gayle K. Willard

Chapter Meritorious Service Award, presented April 23, 2014

    Beth Unger and Gayle Willard

Beth Unger and Gayle Willard

Phi Kappa Phi is honored to present its 2014 Meritorious Service Award to
Professor Gayle Willard.

The Meritorious service award is given to individuals who have given outstanding service to our Phi Kappa Phi chapter.  This year’s recipient is Professor Gayle Willard.  She currently serves as Director of the Veterinary Medical Library, is a recognized scholar with a good record of scholarly publication, and has a significant 30-year record of grants received from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services to enhance access to biomedical information.  She has been recognized in the state and nation for her creative work.

Professor Willard is honored for over 25 years of service to our Phi Kappa Phi chapter, having served on the Undergraduate Selection committee, as our Public Relations officer, and as both Vice President and President, and is now serving on our Initiation committee.  Throughout the years, we have learned we can always depend on Professor Willard.

It is our great pleasure to honor Professor Gayle Willard with this award.

The Meritorious Service Award criteria:

  1. Distinguished service to
    Phi Kappa Phi
  2. Achievements in service to
    Kansas State University
  3. Honors and other forms of
    recognition for excellence
    in public service.