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Phi Kappa Phi

Daniel Fung

Chapter Meritorious Service,  awarded April 2001,  presented April 2003

 Dr. Donnelly congratulates Dr. Fung
  Kevin Donnelly congratulates
Daniel Fung

In April 2001, Dr. Fung was recipient of our Phi Kappa Phi Meritorious Service Award. Unfortunately, Dan was in Singapore at the time we held our banquet, and was unable to personally accept the award. We are privileged to again have Dr. Fung serving as our banquet pianist, and we felt that this evening would be a perfect opportunity to publicly present Dan with his award.

Dr. Fung received a Bachelor's degree from the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, a Master's degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and his Ph.D. from Iowa State University.

For many years, Dr. Fung has served on the Banquet Committee and shared his musical talent as our banquet pianist. Dr. Fung has also been quite active in identifying eligible candidates and encouraging them to become members of Phi Kappa Phi.

In the past thirty years, Dr. Fung has served as the major research professor for more than 75 graduate students and has authored more than 350 scientific publications. He teaches courses in Food Microbiology, Food Fermentation, and Food Toxicology. I know that Dr. Fung is quite proud of the fact that in those 30 years of classroom teaching, he has never missed or canceled a scheduled class period due to illness.

Dr. Fung is recognized as an international authority in the field of Rapid Methods and Automation in Microbiology. He founded and has directed an international workshop in this area for the past twenty-three years, bringing Kansas State University much positive recognition.

Dr. Fung is a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology, a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists, and an Inaugural Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology. In 2001, Dr. Fung was recipient of the Waksman Outstanding Educator Award given by the Society for Industrial Microbiology. Dr. Fung was the recipient of the KSU Phi Kappa Phi Scholar Award in 1986.

The Meritorious Service Award criteria:

  1. Distinguished service to
    Phi Kappa Phi
  2. Achievements in service to
    Kansas State University
  3. Honors and other forms of
    recognition for excellence
    in public service.