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Phi Kappa Phi

Nancy J. Calhoun

Chapter Meritorious Service Award, presented in April 2010

Phi Kappa Phi is honored to present its 2010 Meritorious Service Award to Nancy Calhoun.

Virginia Moxley and Nancy Calhoun
Virginia Moxley congratulates Nancy Calhoun

Nancy Calhoun was Faculty/Staff Instructor for the Information Technology Assistant Center before her retirement in 2005.  She got her degrees in mathematics from Colorado State University and in computer science at Kansas State University.  She joined Kansas State University in 1988 after working for Trans-Kansas Computers, a small business where she helped in many activities, including custom programming and training.

Nancy has given tireless service to Phi Kappa Phi.  For the past nine years, she has served as the Public Relations Officer and Webmaster for our Kansas State University Chapter.  She regularly participates in the society's business meetings.  She serves our chapter as historian. She developed the Phi Kappa Phi Website and has been its only Webmaster.  She is the photographer, text writer, design director, publisher, and only caretaker of the site and has spent many hours to make our Website one of the best.

Nancy makes sure our initiates, our award winners, and our chapter events are showcased on the Website and in the campus newspaper.  She encourages new initiates to continue their affiliation with Phi Kappa Phi after leaving college.  Most recently, Nancy spent many hours with other officers updating the bylaws of the chapter.

Nancy's service extends beyond Phi Kappa Phi.  She has volunteered her time to other organizations including Friends of Konza Prairie, Camp Adventure, American Red Cross, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts.  Her musical talent has been freely shared as a performer with the Kansas State University Symphony and Wind Ensembles, Bethany College Oratorio Society, The Flint Hills Messiah Chorus and Chamber Orchestra, the Wamego City Band, the Heart of America Band, and the Manhattan City Summer Band.

The Meritorious Service Award criteria:

  1. Distinguished service to
    Phi Kappa Phi
  2. Achievements in service to
    Kansas State University
  3. Honors and other forms of
    recognition for excellence
    in public service.