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Plant Breeding and Genetics Club

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8:00 AM  Registration and breakfast
9:00 AM Dr. Allan Fritz
Welcome remarks
9:30 AM Dr. Rex Bernardo
A CRISPR Breeding Method for Quantitative Traits in Plants
10:15 AM Morning Break and Poster Session
10:45 AM Dr. Gurdev Khush
What it Will Take to Feed 5 Billion Rice Consumers in 2035
11:30 AM Waseem Hussain (Ph.D. Student)
Genotyping-By-Sequencing Derived High-Density Linkage Map and its Application to QTL Mapping of Flag Leaf Traits in Bread Wheat
12:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Josh Clevenger (Postdoc)
Haplotype-Based Genotyping Accelerates Translation of Genomics to Cultivar Improvement in Allotetraploid Peanut
1:45 PM Dr. Patrick Schnable
High-Throughput, Field-Based Phenomics of Maize
2:30 PM Afternoon Break and Poster Session
3:00 PM Dr. Evans Lagudah
Wheat Rust Resistance Genes in Wheat: A Multifaceted Landscape
3:45 PM Dr. Geoffrey Morris
Improving Crop Adaptation in Developing Countries With Genomics-Enabled Breeding
4:30 PM Dr. Marty Draper
Closing remarks
5:00 PM Reception