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Plant Breeding and Genetics Club


The Plant Breeding and Genetics Club organizes a symposium every odd year. These events are mostly student-led, with advice from the faculty advisor, and are an excellent way to learn leadership and organizational skills. Symposia are an excellent means to bring together a diverse group of people, learn about advances in plant breeding, and network with fellow scientists. In addition, the club also organizes educational tours to other research facilities and industry.

We invite you to be our sponsor for the upcoming symposium. All sponsors will be recognized on the advertising material and throughout the symposium. It is an exciting opportunity to invest in the next generation of plant scientists. We appreciate your cooperation and contribution to the future of plant breeding.

Sponsorship levels
  • Platinum level - $5,000 or more
  • Gold level - $2,000-5,000
  • Silver level - $1,000-2,000
  • Bronze level - up to $1,000

For more information regarding making a donation, please get in touch with us.