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Parking Services

Parking Permits

Ordering a Parking Permit

Faculty/Staff Online Permit Order

Faculty and staff can order a K-State Parking Permit online through the Online Parking link on the Parking Services home page. A confirmation email is sent after the online process is completed.

Instructions for ordering permits online (pdf)

Student's Online Permit Order

Students can order their permit using the Online Parking link on the Parking Services home page.  You need your eid and password to log in and you must be enrolled.

View prices for 2020-2021 Parking Permits

Student Permit Pickup

Fall Semester

Off Campus parking permits

Off-Campus permits will be available for pick up in the Ball Room in the K-State Student Union the first week (Aug 17-21) of classes of the fall semester. After that, they will be available in the Parking Services Office.

Parking Services is located in the southwest corner of the KSU Parking Garage, located at 17th and Anderson Avenue.

Resident hall parking permits

Resident Hall parking permits will ONLY be available for pick up at the front desk of your assigned resident hall.

Jardine parking permits

Jardine permits will be available for pick up in the Jardine Office, Building 8, 2008 Tunstall Circle, all year.

Spring Semester

To be determined.

If you have any questions regarding parking permits, please call us at 532-PARK (7275). You may also use the Questions/comments form or you may email us at parking@k-state.edu.



Student permits

If the Manhattan campus moves to all  remote instruction in response to COVID-19 during the fall 2020 semester, refunds for parking permits will be issued by Parking Services. The refund will be a prorated amount of 6.67% per month. All refunds will be processed through KSIS and applied to any existing remaining balance due.  If a refund is issued, the parking permit will not be valid until the spring 2021 term and the user will be ticketed. 

For a regular, non-garage, student parking permit, the refund would be:

Month of Campus Closure








Other student permit types will be refunded using the same percentage.  Students graduating in Dec. can return their permits to Parking Services for a refund for the rest of the academic year.

Faculty/staff permits

Depending on University Operations, Faculty/staff permit refunds will be determined using a similar prorated amount as the student permits. For faculty/staff, an appropriate number of pay-deductions would be cancelled or a refund would be issued.