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Skateboard Regulations

Checklist for Equipment

  1. Helmets: Being safe should always be on your mind. You can get going very fast and even the best ones fall. Your helmet could save your life.
  2. Pads: Like your helmet, knee and elbow pads and wrist guards can help prevent serious injuries, using the right equipment can help you continue to enjoy skating.
  3. Visible Clothing: It is very important that you be visible while skating across campus. For maximum visibility, always wear bright and/or reflective clothing. This will help you be seen during the day and night.

Guidelines and Rules

These guidelines were created for increased awareness and safety for our campus skaters and skateboarders. On the K-State campus, the use of in-line skates and skateboards is permitted on university pathways designed for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Skateboarding is permitted for individual transportation in university bike lanes. Skating and skateboards will NOT be permitted on buildings, rails, steps, retaining or landscape walls, benches, handrails, etc. All skaters and skateboarders must follow the safety rules. All skaters and skateboarders must yield the right of way to pedestrian and vehicular traffic at all times. Only cautious use of skates and skateboards will be permitted on campus. Skating and skateboarding will NOT be permitted in any university building.

Skating and Disciplinary Trouble

  • If a skater or skateboarder breaks the guidelines or rules, there are consequences. Violators may have their skate equipment impounded by an officer for a period not to exceed five days upon issuance of a receipt to the user or owner.
  • If you are a visitor to KSU, you may be required to take off the skates or stop using the skateboard and leave the university property.
  • If skaters or skateboarder users are repeat offenders, their skate or skateboards may be confiscated, a trespass warning may be issued and an arrest is possible.
  • Any authorized agent of Kansas State University may tell you to leave the area if you are violating these guidelines or rules. An authorized agent includes building mangers, dean, department heads and directors, maintenance and ground personnel and officers of the University Police Department. Please see the Parking Regulations (PDF).

Please Remember

  1. It is safer to obey the Rules.
  2. Safety while skating begins with your equipment and location.
  3. Some basic precautions and attention to details can help prevent injuries for you and other campus community members.