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For Industry

Industry Sponsored Research 

Kansas State University (K-State) has developed innovative approaches in regard to industry sponsored research in an effort to bridge the gap between the business needs of companies and the public policy mandates, including IRS regulations, that govern public universities. There are several options, a few of which are outlined in the K-State IP Options for Industry R&D Projects document, for industry sponsors to consider that assist in ensuring our industry partners’ ability to secure a preferred position in the commercial marketplace, in the event that commercially viable outcomes result from a sponsored research project. Industry partners are encouraged to review these options and contact PreAward Services (see contact information below) to discuss needs specific to your company. K-State, as a member of the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP), is committed to implementing best practices and innovative approaches in its industry collaborations, which includes considering the project scope and planned activities when working with industry to develop sponsored project agreements appropriate for each collaboration. K-State’s basic Memorandum of Agreement may be the appropriate vehicle to initiate R&D projects. There are other template and specific agreement options for testing and evaluation projects that do not involve original creative research on the part of the university researchers. Testing and evaluation project template agreements have alternate IP terms that account for industry ownership of any such test results without further remuneration to the university. K-State is committed to working with industry to customize agreements to meet the needs for specific projects.

K-State IP Options for Industry R&D Projects (PDF) 

PreAward Services Contact Information

Katie Small
Manager, Contract Negotiations
Office of PreAward Services
Vice President for Research
Kansas State University
2 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-1103
Phone: 785-532-6804
Email: ksmall@ksu.edu


University-Industry Collaboration Tools and Resources

(Source: https://www.uidp.org/resource-center/publications-reports/)

Contract Accords (PDF)

These Contract Accords for University-Industry Sponsored Research Agreements were developed by a strategically assembled and dedicated team of research administration professionals from academia and industry. The Contract Accords address commonly recognized areas that can delay or derail projects, and typically require additional time for resolution. The objective of these Contract Accords is for each party to gain a greater understanding of how these topics can be adequately addressed and allow for mutual benefit to each party during the negotiation of sponsored research agreements. These Contract Accords reflect the consensus and best practices of university and industry UIDP representatives and continue to evolve.

Researcher Guidebook (PDF)

This Researcher Guidebook addresses the opportunities and challenges unique to institution and industry collaborations, specifically targeting active researchers (at all career stages) and is the product of the collective expertise of the UIDP's member representatives.  The guidebook is divided into two parts: Part 1 is dedicated to the Institutional Researcher; Part 2 is dedicated to the Industrial Researcher. These two companion portions of the guidebook together create a strategic tool to promote greater understanding of the issues that face both parties in order to facilitate more effective collaborations for mutual benefit.  Reading this guidebook should lead the researcher to ask the right questions, both of the organization and of the potential collaborator, to determine whether to proceed with a particular collaboration.  

UIDP Federal Flow-Down Project Reference Guide (PDF)

The UIDP Federal Flow-Down Project has developed this reference guide to increase awareness of those government flow-down clauses that are potentially problematic to subcontractors, identify alternative approaches when possible, and provide strategies for understanding and dealing with flow-down clauses between a prime contractor and its subcontractors. Additionally, the reference guide can be used to engage the government in discussions regarding the most troublesome issues.

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Kansas State University Research Foundation

PreAward Services works closely with its technology transfer arm, the Kansas State University Research Foundation (KSURF), to work with industry partners interested in including commercial language in sponsored research agreements. Through KSURF and the Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization (KSU-IC), K-State has an active program to facilitate technology licensing and transfer (commercialization) of intellectual property developed by university faculty. 

Office of Corporate Engagement

The corporate engagement office is the university's one-stop shop to help corporations navigate university resources. The Office of Corporate Engagement matches campus experts, resources and opportunities with corporations to develop and enhance their relationships with the university. Through the corporate engagement office, industry can identify and access the university's vast resources to maximize the potential for their business.