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Office of Institutional Equity

Strategic Diversity Plan

Human Capital Services Strategic Diversity Plans

K-State 2025

K-State's Human Capital Services advances socially just learning and working environments that foster a culture of excellence through diverse people, ideas, and perspectives.  We engage in dynamic university-partnerships designed to advance all people to be their best selves and advance all of K-State.

Truly a HCS division-wide effort, this diversity plan guides the division's staff in the pursuit of their highest aspirations toward achieving academic diversity, campus diversity, and university-wide engagement.  Throughout the implementation of this plan, HCS will continue to foster a culture of excellence via its partnerships with KSU's academic colleges and schools, other university administrative divisions and units, and individuals and organizations across the state of Kansas.

Read Human Capital Service's "Value Proposition for a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce" (pdf)

OIE's Strategic Plan & Metrics


It is the goal of HCS-Office of Institutional Equity to cultivate an inclusive campus culture that actively and intentionally engages diverse people, ideas, and perspectives to create a vibrant learning and working environment at Kansas State University. OIE will accomplish this by sustaining and advancing efforts to develop a pervasive culture of inclusion in all facets of life at Kansas State University.

By addressing concerns in a proactive way and challenging injustices, educating the community to understand the intrinsic value in developing workplace equity, and encouraging social and professional opportunities for unity and advancement, HCS-OIE can transform the campus culture into one in which all individuals draw strength from the University’s collective diversity.  This transformation fosters success and a greater sense of belonging and respect (which ultimately promotes the University's goal of attracting and retaining diverse talent as we become a Nationally Ranked Top 50 Research University).

Read the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance's 2025 Plan for 2015-2016 "Diversity Moving Beyond Excellence Through Inclusion" (pdf)