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Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation (OEIE)

Integrated Technology

Integrated technology has been a hallmark of OEIE services for many years. Our skilled team of professionals work closely with evaluators to streamline data collection and analysis efforts. From simple fillable forms to complex web-based data management solutions, we build and support a variety of tools with a focus on relational databases and web applications.


While many of our tools are internal databases or applications built to save time and eliminate errors, some have blossomed into systems used and adopted by others.

Program Evaluation And Reporting System (PEARS)

OEIE worked with K-State Research and Extension and SNAP-Ed to build evaluation capacity through the Program Evaluation And Reporting System (PEARS).

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In 2013-14, OEIE built a new web-based system to streamline data collection for NSF EPSCoR programs. Originally called DAISy, this system evolved into a more generic project reporting tool now in use by a variety of projects. To focus on the ongoing development and maintenance of this system, Piestar Inc. was founded in 2014 as a spin-off company out of OEIE. Piestar offers cloud-based tools optimized to support collaborative data and project management systems, program evaluation systems, and application review systems.

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Successfully utilizing software requires ongoing support and maintenance. We provide training and technical support in-house and have established a reputation for quick response times with knowledgeable answers. We are further committed to continually improving any tools we build.


We leverage a variety of open source and 3rd party tools to deliver high quality systems to our clients.

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