Don't miss K-State's orientation and enrollment events that are held throughout the year before Fall and Spring semesters start. This is your chance to choose your classes, learn the keys to college success, and more.

Enrollment Process

First, access a listing of current and future semester course offerings at K-State, by visiting the course schedule webpage.

The enrollment process takes place through one of two options: (Be sure to have your student ID number available as you will need it to enroll).

  1. KSIS (online) enrollment
    See the line schedule for your assigned enrollment time
    After you are assigned an enrollment time, you may use this online service to enroll.
  2. Walk-through enrollment
    After you are assigned an enrollment time, you may go to Enrollment Services to enroll - 210 Willard Hall (8 a.m. to noon, 1 to 4:45 p.m.)
    Drop/Add forms are required if you choose to enroll through the Enrollment Services office.

Early Enrollment (pre-enrollment)

Currently, enrolled students can pre-enroll in November and April in order to reserve courses for the next semester/term. Sometime shortly after classes begin, plan to see your advisor concerning pre-enrollment. Obtain the course request form from your college, then develop a conflict-free course schedule and meet with your advisor.

The following important publications will assist you in your program planning: Kansas State University Undergraduate Catalog or the Graduate Catalog (of the year you entered K-State), the curriculum guide for your major, and the current course schedule.

All delinquent accounts ("holds" on enrollment fees, or fines) must be paid before you will be allowed to pre-enroll.


There are three Intersessions each year: between the fall and spring semester (January Intersession); immediately following the spring semester (May Intersession); and immediately prior to the fall semester (August Intersession). During intersession, both regular and new or experimental courses are offered. Enrollment for Intersession courses is done through KSIS or the K-State’s Global Campus - 13 College Court Bldg., 785-532-5566 or 800-432-8222, or registerdce@ksu.edu .

Summer Sessions

From May through August, K-State offers a wide variety of learning opportunities - smaller classes with concentrated study. See the summer class schedule for options. Be aware that it is the same amount of course work in less time.


After you have enrolled, paid your fees, and your courses have begun, you may realize that your schedule is incorrect or that a particular course is inappropriate. If you wish to make changes, you must go through "drop/add" procedures. Please refer to the University Registrar’s "drop/add" procedures. Your options are to use KSIS (online) or walk-through enrollment (see information under Enrollment). If you need to add a course, it is a good idea to do so within the first few days of the semester/term so you do not fall behind in your course work. If you wish to change a course because of a time conflict, attend the desired course from the beginning of the semester/term if possible. If you attend class, you are more apt to receive permission from the instructor to stay. You must go through the drop/add procedure to have your academic record corrected.