Academic Alternatives through Distance Education

Some non-traditional undergraduate students find it difficult to take classes during the day or to come to the Manhattan campus. Some students want to accelerate their course work. How long it takes to get a degree depends upon the person and the curriculum requirements.

If you are starting as a freshman with four or more years of school ahead, set intermediate goals such as: becoming a sophomore; earning the equivalent of an Associate of Arts (2 years); accumulating enough hours for a salary increase, etc.

Consider some scheduling alternatives from K-State Online.

K-State at Fort Riley

Courses offered at Fort Riley are taught by K-State faculty. K-State has a full-time coordinator at Fort Riley to assist students. Contact K-State Online, or call 785-532-5575. If you are at Ft. Riley, please visit Fort Riley Education Services, 211 Custer Ave., Room 111b, 785-532-0061.

Distance education opportunities

For over 30 years, K-State has been offering courses and degree programs in new and innovative ways to students who are not geographically located near the Manhattan campus. Today, non-traditional students across the country want to complete their education, advance their careers, or change their profession. Global Campus provides students with the opportunity to pursue these goals without leaving a current job or family. In order to succeed, it takes dedication, self-direction, and perseverance on the part of the student. Complete Global Campus course information online.

Intersession courses

Intersession is conducted during three major breaks in the academic calendar: early January, late May, and early June and August. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisors to determine if a particular course will fulfill specific degree requirements. Contact 785-532-5575 or 1-800-432-8222 for more information and enrollment.

Independent study by correspondence

The Kansas Board of Regents designated the University of Kansas as the correspondence school for all Kansans. These courses are similar in content to on-campus courses and are approved by appropriate university departments. Call toll free: 877-404-5823 or from Kansas: 785-864-5823.