Strategic Projects

Achieving excellence as a next-generation land-grant university requires adapting our processes, systems, and structures. Learn more about the university strategic projects that are driving changes in the way we work together as One K-State.

Our Academic Program Review and Revitalization initiative will help ensure our academic portfolio meets the changing needs of students.
In the Fall of 2023, the Office of the Provost launched a new Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) to invest up to $1 million in new academic programs, including microcredentials in the FY24 year. A call for proposals has been established designed to spur creative curricular proposals university-wide.
The university’s Biomanufacturing Training and Education Initiative includes efforts such as a multidisciplinary faculty hiring initiative and a major equipment grant program, both building K-State’s capacity as a leader supporting biomanufacturing in Kansas.
The university is reviewing its budget and resource allocation model to ensure it supports achieving the imperatives of the Next-Gen K-State strategic plan.
This project will develop the tools needed to guide K-State through all future campus planning projects to accommodate the needs of a growing university.
Modernizing our university travel and expense processes and systems is one way we are advancing operational excellence as One K-State.
The university is now accepting proposals to address the backlog of past due maintenance and renewal needs for building systems and components.
To achieve our vision of becoming a leader as a next-generation land-grant university, a much stronger, less-siloed, more unified operational framework is needed. Learn more about the new organizational structures being put in place to drive operational excellence across the university.
The university will be establishing a unified, comprehensive performance appraisal form and a new electronic learning and performance management system.
We are embarking on the creation of our next Strategic Enrollment Plan, building upon our first five-year plan and aligning our efforts in enrollment, retention and graduation with the Next-Gen K-State strategic plan imperatives.
This initiative seeks to implement a new, optimized universal time and leave system for use universitywide.