Public-Private Partnerships

Partner with Us

Our team has already developed many strategic collaborations with industry to obtain proper feedback from our stakeholders. Critical points provided by our stakeholders were focused on the following needs from Kansas State University:

  • Invest in research for future innovations.
  • Modernize and elevate real-world research opportunities.
  • Engage with industry, developing strategic long-term partnerships and thinking in a holistic approach for this relationship, including training, ideation events, and more.
  • Empower faculty to work across disciplines and increase the integration across colleges.

We will work to solve these challenges and continue to foster existing partnerships while building new ones.

Key activities

The Institute offers numerous pathways to private-public partnerships. Currently, our activities are centered around:

  • Conducting and facilitating research and development in digital agriculture, precision farming and advanced analytics to create novel solutions that address real-world challenges.
  • Offering consulting services to support food producers, agribusinesses and policymakers leveraging data-driven insights for decision-making and operational improvements.
  • Organizing workshops, training programs and knowledge-sharing events to foster collaboration and exchange among industry professionals, researchers and technology experts.
  • Collaborating with leading universities, research institutions and industry partners to drive innovation and create a vibrant ecosystem for digital agriculture.
  • Advocating for adopting advanced analytics and digital technologies in agricultre through policy engagement and thought leadership.

Work with us

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