K-Staters looking at digital ag technology

Institute for Digital Agriculture and Advanced Analytics

Developing and expanding digital agriculture capacities to enhance the lives of Kansans, now and into the future.

Forging a Sustainable Future

The Kansas State University Institute for Digital Agriculture and Advanced Analytics, or ID3A, is a people-centered interdisciplinary collective transforming learning, research and outreach around digital technologies and advanced analytical methods to enhance agricultural, environmental and socioeconomic decision-making. The Institute is the first interdisciplinary institute launched under the Next-Gen K-State Strategic Plan.

In action, our efforts include integrating digital technologies like sensors and robotics with artificial intelligence, as well as fostering analytical and visualization systems to enable producers to make more rapid and informed decisions. Additionally, we work to train future producers and researchers on how to use these technologies and methods wisely to yield data-informed decisions, help optimize resource utilization and make agricultural practices more sustainable and resilient. Ultimately, the convergence of the distinctive disciplines within this Institute serves to enhance problem-solving approaches and recommendations, strengthening the the collective effort toward solving some of the most pressing food, water, energy and environmental issues both in Kansas and around the world.


Digital Storytelling Workshop

A recent ID3A-led workshop focused on constructing ArcGIS StoryMaps with an agricultural focus.



From the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering 

"Engineering and computer science play a pivotal role in the interdisciplinary research required to create new technologies that address current and future challenges the agricultural industry faces to meet the demands of a growing society. The ID3A group is spearheading this innovation, and we are active in our support for this initiative because of the potential it has to further integrate the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering into one of the most important pieces of the Kansas economy in agriculture."
- Matt O'Keefe, Dean, Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

From the College of Agriculture
“In the not-so-distant past, digitally based decision-making may have been viewed as helpful, but optional. However, today, and looking to the future for both crop and livestock systems, digital agriculture and advanced analytics will increasingly become essential in all aspects of agricultural production. Thus, a comprehensive, modern and ever-evolving curriculum must be provided to our students to ensure they have the tools needed to be successful agricultural leaders following graduation.”
- Ernie Minton, Eldon Gideon Dean, College of Agriculture and Director, K-State Research and Extension
From the College of Arts and Sciences
“Data is the currency of today’s global economy. Collecting the right data and then knowing how to use it to increase the efficiency of your operation or to develop sound policy is key to prospering in highly competitive environments. Research and courses in the College of Arts and Sciences can help current and future agricultural practitioners and industries optimally choose and use the data they collect to successfully compete in these environments while also keeping their operations sustainable.”
- Chris Culbertson, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences


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Email us at id3a@k-state.edu or reach out to any member of our core administrative team.