Our teaching mission is driven by the global need to expand, diversify, and strengthen the talent pool of students and working professionals engaged in agriculture and the analytics required to feed a growing population.

Core Competencies

Develop strong applied computing skills, analyze and visualize sensor and environmental data, and solve problems that enhance food production and promote more sustainable and resilient agroecosytems.


Academic programming initiatives will include microcredentials earned through workshops and training sessions, interdisciplinary courses, certificate programs, and new transdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Learn more about our plans for a new graduate-level Agricultural Analytics Certificate (below) and additional training opportunities in the digital agricultural and analytics space available at Kansas State University (left).

Learn more about the Agricultural Analytics Certificate in development

We will also host workshops and training seminars targeting both on-campus and distance students and those in industry seeking professional development. Potential new partnerships with industry will be explored to develop summer DA3 academies to elevate core competencies of the existing workforce.

Digital Storytelling with ArcGIS StoryMaps - An Agricultural Example