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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Season Productions

K-State Theatre is the official producing organization at Kansas State University and is sponsored by the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.

Main stage

K-State Main Stage productions have the full support of the faculty, staff, and production shops as well as our students. Each of the six productions per year are performed with students, regardless of major or year.

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Season selection

Each spring, the theatre faculty identify the type and quantity of shows for production and respective venue for each based on student needs, budget and labor, and the overall artistic goals of MTD. While all faculty are encouraged to suggest shows, it is the responsibility of each member of the Acting/Directing faculty to create a list of productions they would be interested in directing. The faculty, along with direct student input, discusses the possible shows based on their artistic and technical requirements. The selection of a specific play to be produced and its dates of production are made by the faculty.

Second stage (Purple Masque)

Second stage productions, four per year, are typically directed, designed, performed, and staffed entirely by students. This experimental lab is an opportunity to try, fail, and try again.

Check out the current season
Season selection

In the spring, the Head of Acting/Directing, will solicit proposals from students wishing to direct on the Second Stage (Purple Masque). Priorities for granting proposals are as follows:

  1. Graduate thesis projects

  2. Graduate students

  3. Undergraduates who have successfully completed coursework in THTRE 565-Principles of Directing and

    THTRE 765-Practice in Directing (Lunchbag Theatre)

  4. Other proposals supported by faculty vote

Student interested in submitting a directing proposal should contact Jennifer Vellenga, Theatre Program Director, and consider the Second Stage Proposal form.


Overall production funds, generally used for production materials, are derived from and voted on by the Student Governing Association (SGA) through the Fine Arts Council. Occasionally, additional outside sources contribute to production funds.

Labor funds, used to pay student staff to help produce the Main stage shows, are derived from Theatre receipts. These funds are the result of our ticket sales and other ventures to benefit the program.

All productions supervised by the Theatre or Dance programs are considered K-State Theatre and/or K-State Dance productions. Other university programs occasionally share production responsibility with MTD.