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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Kansas State Theatre Organization

About KSTO

Kansas State Theatre Organization (KSTO) is a student organization responsible for organizing and implementing departmental events. Some of these popular events include high school workshops, recruitment days, semester auditions, participation in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) Region 5 events, showcases of student work presented in the Purple Masque Theatre, and social events such as a departmental picnic to kickoff the beginning of each school year and a banquet to celebrate departmental accomplishments at the end of the year.

2020-2021 Officers

President: Emma Price
Vice President: Jill Sommerauer
Secretary: Janelle Augustine
Treasurer: Karly Breshears
Student Outreach: Morgan Boyer & Cooper Mills
Social Media: Brett Boline
Events Coordinator: Hunter Parker

Faculty Sponsor: Kathy Voecks

View the KSTO blog to contact a KSTO officer directly or for more information.