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New Student Information

Congratulations on being accepted into the Kansas State University Voice Division. Please read the following information on beginning your studies in voice at K-State.

1. Voice Studio Assignments

  • Click here to learn about our voice teachers
  • Students will be able to request the studio of their choice contingent on availability in the teachers' schedule by completing the Studio Request Form.
  • If you do not complete this form or by selecting "no preference," then you will be notified by email the week before school begins of the name of your voice teacher.
  • Contact your voice teacher the first day of the semester unless other arrangements with your teacher have been made.

2. Credit Hours for Voice Lessons 

  • All new voice students accepted for MUS 255 (Lower-Division Performance) and majoring in Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Bachelor of Music Education, or Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre must be registered for 2 credit hours.
  • All new voice students majoring in Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance or Minor in Music must be enrolled in Mus 255 for 1 credit hour.
  • All non-majors or minors must be enrolled in Mus 251 for 1 credit hour.

At the end of each semester, all voice students will need to complete a voice jury. Voice juries occur at the end of every semester and requires you to perform for the voice faculty, who will grade your performance and reevaluate your status as a music major or music minor.

3. Voice Seminar and Voice Divisional 

All voice students registered in Mus 255 and 251 are required to attend weekly seminar classes and monthly voice divisionals. 

Seminars and Divisionals are scheduled on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. On your course schedule it’s listed as Mus 050: Recital Attendance, 11:30 -12:20. Exact dates are TBA with your voice teacher.

In addition, those enrolled in Mus 255 are required to attend 9 recitals/concerts per semester. Most recitals and concerts are scheduled at 5:45pm or 7:30pm in Kirmser Hall or All Faith’s Chapel.

4.  Accompanists

All voice students should hire an accompanist for voice lessons by the end of the second week of the semester. A list of accompanists will be provided each semester on Canvas or on the voice area bulletin board (McCain 231). Students are responsible for making contact. The fee varies from accompanist to accompanist, but the range is from $180 - $225 for the semester. Your accompanist will attend your voice lesson, seminar class, voice divisional and voice jury.

If hiring an accompanist is not possible, discuss a solution with your voice teacher.  You should not contact an accompanist until you have scheduled a lesson time with your instructor.  Additional accompanists may become available at a later date.  

Contact an accompanist below:

Norma Roozeboom nkrzbm@gmail.com

Alicia Willard alwillard88@gmail.com 

Dr. Songhwa Chae songhwachae94@gmail.com 

5. Music

Music majors should begin building their own collection of music books according to their voice type and level of vocal development. You will be instructed to purchase at least 1 vocal book each semester for use in your voice lessons. A book of solo vocal music ranges from $15-$25.

6. Auditions

Most auditions will be held near the beginning of the fall semester.  An accompanist will be provided for all auditions.

  • Auditions for the musical: Working (TBD)
  • Auditions for the opera: The Elixir of Love (TBD) will be scheduled for the first week of the fall semester. Prepare one art song or aria for the audition.
  • Auditions for Opera Workshop Class (Mus 475) will be scheduled for the first week of the fall semester. Prepare one art song, sacred song, folk song, Broadway show tune or aria for the audition.
  • Bring one copy of your music for the accompanist.

7. Italian Diction

All music majors in voice are required to take Italian Diction (Mus 285) during the fall or spring semester of their freshman year. Transfer students must be enrolled in Italian diction if this requirement hasn’t already been completed.

8. Auditions for the Choral Program

  • Click here to learn about auditioning for a choir.

9. NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing)

Most voice students will participate at the West Central NATS Conference and Student Auditions. This year's conference will occur November 5-7 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.  Your expenses will include

  • an application fee ($15),
  • shared accompanist fee (~$40 per person)
  • gas & hotel (~$250)

Your voice teacher will discuss this opportunity with you.