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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Piano Proficiency

Juried Portion (During Finals Week)

Song Accompaniment

Prepare an art song and perform it with a singer at a performance-ready level.  (Art songs available upon request)

Applied-Skills Project

Variable by semester.  See Dr. Houser for more information.  

In-Class Tested Areas (these can be prepared outside of class)


All major and minor scales (harmonic form), one-octave-plus-one format in right hand, standard fingering, with chordal accompaniment in left hand (see example pdf).  These will be judged by fluency and steadiness, not a fast tempo.  


Level 3, 4, and 5 cadences in all major and minor keys (see examples pdf).

Traditional harmonization of a folk song
  1. Provide chords, then create an accompaniment pattern in the left hand while playing a melody in the right hand.  

  2. Transpose the above folk song to any key within a major second interval above and below the original key to a key not more than three flats or sharps; the accompaniment can be in blocked chords, not a pattern.

  3. Using the above harmonization, create a simple two-hand accompaniment pattern using roots and fifths of the chord in the left hand and close-position chords in the right hand in the key used in part 2.  Sing the melody as you play.  
Transposition of a two-voice linear piece

Transpose to any key within a major second interval above and below the original key, to a key not more than three flats or sharps.

Score Reading
  1. Play any two parts of an SATB open score at rehearsal tempo and steadiness
  2. Play a hymn at a congregational-singing tempo.  

Improvise a melody with given chord symbols.

Patriotic Songs

Prepare the three requested patriotic songs and be able to play any requested one(s) with faculty singing: The Star Spangled Banner, My Country ’Tis of Thee, and America the Beautiful (copies available from Dr. Houser).