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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Percussion Studio

Kurt Gartner, D.A.
Professor of Music
School of Music, Theatre and Dance
130 McCain Auditorium
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-6899 fax

Percussion Facilities

Kirmser Back

Kirmser Front

Practice Rooms

The KSU Percussion Studio maintains ten dedicated percussion practice rooms, some of which are large enough to accommodate ensemble rehearsals, as well.


The Percussion Studio provides the large and specialty instruments needed for individual and ensemble practice and performance. Instruments on hand include:

  • 2 5-octave Marimba One
  • 1 5-octave Yamaha
  • 1 4.3-octave Adams
  • 1 4.3-octave Yamaha
  • 1 4.3-octave Adams synthetic
  • 2 4-octave Musser
  • 1 4-octave Musser synthetic
  • 1 4-octave Adams
  • 1 Kori
  • 1 Musser synthetic
  • 2 3.0-octave Musser
  • 1 DeMorrow
  • 2 Musser
  • 1 Deagan
  • 1 Musser
  • 1 set of 5 Ludwig Grand Symphonic
  • 1 set of 4 Ludwig Standard copper
  • 1 set of 4 Ludwig Standard fiberglass
Concert Toms
  • 4 Yamaha
  • 8 Pearl
Drum Sets (excluding pep bands)
  • 2 Sonor
  • 1 Yamaha
  • 1 Tama
  • 1 Pearl

The studio maintains a full complement of MIDI controllers from Alternate Mode, as well as hardware- and software-based tone generators. Also, sound reinforcement and recording equipment are available.

Rehearsal Rooms

McCain room 201 serves as the primary rehearsal location for Percussion Ensembles and the Latin Jazz Ensemble. Some of the larger percussion practice rooms double as rehearsal spaces.

Performance Venues

McCain Auditorium, which seats 1,751, is the home of the KSU Percussion Ensembles. All Faiths Chapel Auditorium, which seats 511, is the home of the "Sticks and Strings" concert series (featuring Keyboard Percussion Quartets as well as chamber string ensembles). Forum Hall, in the K-State Student Union, is the venue of choice for K-State's Big Bands, and Salsaritas, also in the Union, is the primary venue for combos including the Latin Jazz Ensemble. Percussion recitals are performed in All Faiths Chapel Auditorium and Kirmser Hall, which seats 110.

Kirmser Hall

Thanks to the generosity of Jeune and Phillip Kirmser's estate, the music program in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance has received more than $300,000 in gifts following the passing of these long time residents of Manhattan. These funds, along with an allocation of $50,000 from K-State's office of the dean of Arts and Sciences and the provost's office, are making possible extensive renovations of McCain 204. The transformed space is a premier location for recitals by students, faculty, and guests. Architect's projections of the project are shown here.