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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Program Overview

The Kansas State University’s hybrid online summer graduate program in music is designed to furnish specialized training in those fundamental and practical areas needed by all music educators. We provide much of the instruction online to facilitate the busy schedules of music educators, but also provide a one-week residency to work directly with the world-renowned faculty.

We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities and resources toward the betterment of our public school music programs and their instructors. We also believe in providing multiple options and opportunities for educators “in the field” to complete their advanced degree in a manner which is best suited to the individual. Emphasis is placed on the personal growth and development of the student toward individual goals, as well as on applicability, practicality, flexibility, and accessibility. The program is large enough to provide ample variety, yet small enough to allow personal attention to each student, and summer graduate curriculum is taught by K-State music faculty that are acknowledged authorities in their areas of study. The established curriculum for the master's degree in music education is a 32-credit program, which contains a certain level of flexibility between degree-seeking students.