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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance


During your final summer, to graduate you MUST do the following by the deadlines indicated (assuming your Program of Study has been submitted and accepted):

  1. View the Graduation and Commencement details from the Graduate School, including the most current Graduation & Commencement Deadline Calendar.

  2. By the end of the first week in June:
    Arrange your final examination date with Dr. Gurgel at which you will discuss your video teaching demonstration. (must be scheduled between June 1 and August 1)

  3. By the end of the second week in June:
    Complete and submit to the graduate school the Approval for Final Examination Form (doc) to the Graduate School with the title page and abstract of your graduate report.

  4. By July 1: Complete the iSIS Graduation Application

  5. Complete your final examination between June 1 and August 1. Signed Final Examination ballots (and ETDR ballots) are to be submitted to the Graduate School immediately following the final examination and prior to August 15. 

    (Specific days, Wednesdays late June through early July, will be set aside with students being scheduled for their final examination which typically consists of selected questions from each committee member relating to coursework and to schedule the defense of the graduate report itself)

  6. August 1 is the final deadline, as designated by the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, to submit your graduate report (video teaching demonstration and associated reflection) through the ETDR system and to compete the Exit Survey and Alumni Association Information.

You will receive an email via campus mail in late Spring through which you are required to respond back to Dr. Burrack, Chair of Graduate Studies, of the receipt of the email constituting an electronic signature that you have read the requirements and conditions for matriculation in the masters program and that you understand the consequences of not doing so will delay your graduation until the Fall semester and require additional enrollment in the Fall semester. A copy of this and the returned communication, with the date and time of receipt, will be placed into your student file.