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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Summer Graduate Study Program

The Kansas State University Music Department is excited to offer graduate-level courses during the Summer as part of the Master of Music degree with an emphasis in Music Education. These classes are designed to appeal to music educators at all levels who wish to improve their knowledge in a variety of skills, techniques, and concepts while earning their masters degree or continuing education credits.

K-State is dedicated to Music Education in a hands-on, practical way. This site is designed to provide as much information as possible regarding graduate application and entrance, enrollment, and course of study. If you have any further questions regarding the summer graduate program, please contact Dr. Frederick Burrack, Director of Graduate Studies in Music, at fburrack@ksu.edu .

Academic advisors

The academic advisor for the Instrumental Conducting focus is Dr. Frank Tracz
The adademic advisor for the Vocal Conducting focus is Dr. Julie Yu
The academic advisor for the Elementary/General focus is Dr. Fred Burrack

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