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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Graduate Course Schedule

MUSIC 614Graduate Theory ReviewF18 F19 F20 F21 F22 
MUSIC 615Canon and FugueF18 F19 F20 F21 F22 
MUSIC 616Theories of Contemporary Music S19 S20 S21 S22 S23
MUSIC 618Graduate History Review 

Technology of the Electronic Music Studio

F18   F20   F22 
MUSIC 632Digital Sound Synthesis S19   S21   S23
MUSIC 641Secondary Performance AreaF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 650History of the Opera  F19    F21   
MUSIC 660Marching Band Techniques  F19    F21   
MUSIC 675Arranging for Bands S19   S21   S23
MUSIC 680Advanced Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques   S20   S22  
MUSIC 681Advanced Choral Rehearsal Techniques S19 S20 S21 S22 S23
MUSIC 685Organization and Administration of School Music Programs  S19   S21    S23 
MUSIC 696Jazz Theory 1F18 F19 F20 F21 F22 
MUSIC 697Jazz Theory 2 S19 S20 S21 S22 D23
MUSIC 698Jazz Improvisation 1F18 F19 F20 F21 F22 
MUSIC 699Jazz Improvisation 2 S19 S20 S21 S22 S23
MUSIC 702Style AnalysisF18 F19 F20 F21 F22 
MUSIC 704Symphonic Literature  S19   S21     S23
MUSIC 705Chamber Music Literature          
MUSIC 706Song Literature   S20   S22  
MUSIC 707History of Wind BandsF18   F20   F22 
MUSIC 708Choral Literature S19   S21    S23
MUSIC 709History of School Choral MusicF18   F20    F22 
MUSIC 711Practical Composition and Arranging      
MUSIC 714Advanced Orchestration      
MUSIC 737Organ Literature  F19      
MUSIC 738Piano Literature  S19    F21   
MUSIC 740Studies in Music Literature      
MUSIC 766Seminar in the Life and Works of an Individual Composer   S20 Seminar in the Life and Works of Handel  F20 
Seminar in the Life and Works of Beethoven
Seminar in the Life and Works of Stravinsky
    S23 Works of Franz Liszt
MUSIC 767Topics in American Music        S22 Music:  1865-1918  
MUSIC 791Vocal PedagogyF18 F19 F20 F21 F22 
MUSIC 799Problems in MusicF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 801Introduction to Graduate Study in MusicF18 F19 F20 F21 F22 
MUSIC 802Seminar in Music Theory S19   S21   S23
MUSIC 803Seminar in Music History        
MUSIC 804Advanced Analysis S19   S21   S23
MUSIC 805Theories in Music EducationF18    F20     
MUSIC 806Psychology of Music  F19    F21   
MUSIC 807History and Philosophy of Music Education   S20   S22  
MUSIC 808Research in Music Education  F19   F21   
MUSIC 810Curriculum and Learning Assessment S19   S21   S23
MUSIC 821Piano Pedagogy IF18 F19 F20 F21 F22 
MUSIC 822Piano Pedagogy II S19 S20 S21 S22 S23
MUSIC 823Supervised Teaching in PianoF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 824Half Recital in PianoF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 825Lecture Recital in PianoF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 828Methods and Materials for the StudioF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 830Seminar in Medieval and Renaissance Music          
MUSIC 832Seminar in Baroque Music          
MUSIC 834Seminar in Classical Music          
MUSIC 836Seminar in Romantic Music

F18 Bruckner, Mahler, Straus

Bruckner, Mahler, and Strauss 
MUSIC 837Seminar in 20th-Century Music   S20 (Music since 1945)    S22 Music Since 1945   
MUSIC 838Opera TheatreF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 839Vocal EnsembleF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 840Instrumental EnsembleF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 841Collegium MusicumF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 842Concert ChoirF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 843Symphony OrchestraF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 844Concert Jazz EnsembleF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 845Symphony Band/Wind EnsembleF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 855Graduate-Level PerformanceF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 857Advanced CompositionF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 858Advanced Choral ConductingF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 859Advanced Instrumental ConductingF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 885Advanced DictionF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23
MUSIC 898Master's Report in MusicF18S19F19S20F20S21F21S22F22S23