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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Future Students

In preparing for a career in music, whether you want to be a performer, teacher, composer, researcher, or whether you wish to pursue other non-traditional career objectives, the requirements are basically the same; reasonably well-developed technical skills, and apparent scholarly potential.


  • You will be required to develop your skills and to expand your knowledge of music.

  • You will also be required to broaden your knowledge in related areas of the sciences and humanities. Hence your decision to major in music, or utilize music to reinforce other interest areas, should be based upon a seriousness of purpose and a wish to continue consistent development of your talent.

  • As a music major or minor, you will be required to declare a major performing area (voice, clarinet, violin, etc.).

  • Please be aware that an audition is required in any case for admission into a particular studio. This is typically done at the Music Awards Days, but if you are not planning on auditioning for a scholarship you will still be required to play for the professor of the particular studio (of your primary performing area).


K-State features numerous events for high school students.

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