“I didn’t go to K-State to study theater but ended up finding my way there. I was lucky and had the support of my parents. They were behind me with respect to whatever I decided to study. Not every kid has parents who are willing or able to help them out. It means a lot to my mom and dad that we can help those kids out. That’s what it’s really about.”

– Emmy Award winning Eric Stonestreet on Stonestreet Scholarship offered to K-State Theatre students.”

Thank you for your interest in Theatre Scholarships. Please reach out to David Mackay, Associate Director of the Theatre Program, and notify him that you are interested in applying for a scholarship.


You don’t need to be a Theatre major to be involved in K-State Theatre, however scholarships are reserved for our majors. Many of our students double major successfully. If you are admitted to K-State, there is no audition requirement to become a Theatre major. You simply declare Theatre as a Bachelor of Arts-B.A. (foreign language courses required) or a Bachelor of Science-B.S. (additional math and science courses required).

What should I prepare?

Statement of Interest (Everyone)

A short description of your previous theatre experience and your career goals. You can upload this document with your scholarship application.


Prepare two short contrasting monologues or a monologue and 16 bars of a song; each piece should be approximately one minute in length.

Designers/Technicians/Stage Managers

Share written and/or visual materials that will help our faculty understand your experience and interests. A beginning portfolio for designers and technicians or a stage manager’s prompt book are acceptable materials. If you don't have a portfolio, a short written discussion of your experience, interests and goals is also appropriate.

“I am very grateful for my theater scholarship because it has allowed me to continue pursuing theater in college and helped me grow in all theater-based content areas.

-Ann Stegman (Sophomore Student)

Directors/Writers/Historians/Future Educators

Share a writing sample, 1-3 pages in length, and be ready to discuss your ideas and point of view with faculty.

Apply for Theatre Scholarships

Upload a statement of interest (ALL)

Share a video file (ACTORS/SINGERS)



"With my theatre scholarship, I have the privilege of fully immersing myself into the craft. I get to discover physical movement in the morning, discuss new theories of performance in the afternoon, build large scale sets in the evening, and rehearse new productions at night. What a life."

-Jackson Berland (Senior)

Continuing Scholarships

Students may apply for and earn continuing scholarships each year of attendance at K-State. 40% of our theatre majors receive a scholarship specifically from the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance for their continued dedication and participation. Many other campus-wide scholarships are available.


Scholarships Available

New Theatre Guild Scholarships—Cohn and Carrothers/Hennessey

Organized for charitable and educational purposes, The New Theatre Guild extends and promotes the dynamics of live theatre in the community. The Guild enables, through scholarships and grants, the education of theatre arts professionals in both Kansas and Missouri. The goal is to enhance the quality of theatre in the Greater Kansas City area by supporting the actors of tomorrow through financial assistance at the University level. Through the Guild’s fundraising efforts and generous donations and gifts, over $1,000,000.00 has been raised to date. The New Theatre Guild Scholarship Foundation is managed through a partnership with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

Arex G. Ehrsam Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of this fund is to perpetuate the memory of Arex G. Ehrsam on the campus of his alma mater and provide financial assistance to students in Radio-TV or Theatre. Arex Ehrsam enjoyed every minute of his life at K-State. He loved all aspects of theatre and starred in a variety of performances put on by K-State’s theatre department. Unfortunately, In June 1987, he became sick and died three months later on Oct. 13, 1987, at age 24. Arex’s enthusiastic approach to all he did and his quick sense of humor are still missed by all who knew him. This scholarship was established in memory of Arex and to provide financial assistance to students in radio-TV and theatre.

K-State Theatre 100th Anniversary Scholarship

This new scholarship was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of K-State theatre in 2020-21, and to provide financial assistance to students properly enrolled in the School of Music, Theatre and Dance in the College of Arts and Sciences at Kansas State University.

Trish Davies Theatre Scholarship

This theatre scholarship was established in 2001 by Trish’s husband, Virgil Scott, after Trish passed away at the age of 46. Theatre was a passion of hers. She was a 1976 K-State alumna in secondary education. When she died, she was a member of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department faculty at Fort Hays State University. The purpose of this endowment is to honor Patricia (Trish) Davies and to provide financial assistance to students properly enrolled in any curriculum at Kansas State University who are participating in theatre.

Fine Arts Drama Scholarship

The Fine Arts Drama scholarship goes to students who are properly enrolled in the Theatre program of the School of Music, Theatre and Dance.

K-State Theatre Seat Sales Scholarship

With the proceeds received from the sale of seat plaques in the Purple Masque and Chapman Theatre, this scholarship provides financial assistance to students properly enrolled in the Theatre major.

Deriece Monett McKeeman Scholarship

Given in memory of Deriece Monett McKeeman, who was a K-State Theatre student in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The recipient of this scholarship will be an undergraduate student properly enrolled in the Theatre and Dance program in the College of Arts and Sciences at Kansas State University who is majoring in Theatre or minoring or have a concentration in Dance.

McFarland-Shelton Theatre Scholarship

The purpose of this fund is to honor Dr. Lewis E. Shelton and Marcia R. McFarland-Shelton and to provide financial assistance to students properly enrolled in Theatre. Lew was a professor of theatre at Kansas State from 1973-2004. He also served as director of theatre for 10 of those years. Marcia was a member of the faculty in the Research and Extension 4-H Department from 1980-2003.

Betty L. Norris Scholarship in Arts and Sciences

This scholarship is to honor Betty L. Norris and to provide financial assistance to students properly enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences, Theatre Program, at Kansas State University.

The Rebecca Ollington Memorial Scholarship

Rebecca Ollington (mother of David Ollington, former dance faculty member) was a professional singer and also a voice teacher. This scholarship was given in her memory by her husband, Mark Ollington.The purpose of this fund is to perpetuate the memory of Rebecca Ollington on the campus of Kansas State University and to give recognition to outstanding students who are majoring in theatre.

The Green Room Guild Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by donations from subscribers and patrons who attend K-State Theatre performances throughout the year. This scholarship provides financial assistance to students properly enrolled in the Theatre major.

The Davis Family Foundation scholarship

The Davis Family Scholarship was established by Jordan and James Davis as way to help the next generation of theatre artists. The scholarship goes to a theatre major in financial need, on a year-by-year basis, and is offered to a student who has demonstrated dedication, professionalism, and growth in artistic, scholastic and collaborative endeavors throughout the course of the last year.

The Lizbeth Slinkman Scholarship

The Lizbeth Slinkman scholarship was established by Carl Jackson in honor of his late wife, Lizbeth Slinkman. Lizbeth was a Manhattan native and graduate of Manhattan High School. She was an educator who spent much of her career as the associate dean of Administration at Willam and Mary Law School. Lizbeth loved theatre and all things K-State. This scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman from a local high school, and can be renewed in the sophomore year.

Vincent and Jamey Stonestreet Scholarship

One of the many endowed scholarships awarded to students is the Vincent and Jamey Stonestreet Scholarship. Begun in 2014 by Eric Stonestreet, noted K-State Alumnus and star of Modern Family, the Vincent and Jamey Stonestreet Scholarship honors his father and mother for their giving nature and encouragement in following the dream of professional acting. The scholarship is awarded to juniors or seniors in the theatre program with a preference toward students with financial need. Minimum award is $1,000.

Lizbeth Anne Slinkman Theatre Scholarship

A new incoming freshman will be selected each year & may be renewed for their sophomore year if conditions are met. Each recipient will receive a minimum of $5,000 annually. To be eligible for consideration, the students shall be: incoming freshmen students enrolled in the Theatre Program in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance in the College of Arts and Sciences and graduates of a Kansas High School with preference given to graduates of Manhattan High School.