Secondary Major in Dance


Admission Criteria: Any student admitted to Kansas State University who wishes to declare a Secondary Major in Dance and the Human Experience will be accepted into the program. Click the button below and fill out the short form to declare a Secondary Major in Dance and the Human Experience.


Declare a Minor or Secondary Major


Interdisciplinary Intro Course (3 credits)

DANCE 205 Dance as an Art Form – 3 credits


Dance Core (6 credits)

DANCE 215 Improvisational Structures – 2 credits

DANCE 225 Rhythmic Notation for Dance – 1 credit

And three (3) credits from among the following courses:

  • DANCE 395 Dance Composition I – 3 credits
  • DANCE 505 Methods and Materials of Teaching Dance – 2 credits
  • DANCE 705 Applied Movement Fundamentals – 3 credits
    • If Dance 505 is selected, student must also take Dance 502 for 1 credit once (does not need to be in the same semester)

Concert Performance

DANCE 502 Performance Production 0-1 credits. 3 semesters.

  • One of the Dance 502 enrollments for the Concert Performance requirement may overlap with that in the "Dance Core" section.

Dance Electives (6 credits)

Six (6) credits, including at least one Level III course completed with a grade of “B” or above, chosen from among the following electives:


DANCE 323 Modern Dance II – 2 credits

DANCE 324 Modern Dance III – 2 credits

DANCE 325 Ballet II – 2 credits

DANCE 350 West African Styles of Social Dance and Music – 2 credits

DANCE 371 Jazz Dance II – 2 credits

DANCE 372. Jazz Dance III – 2 credits

DANCE 380 Musical Theatre Dance – 2 credits

DANCE 381 Tap II – 2 credits

DANCE 382 Tap III – 2 credits


Interdisciplinary Electives (6 credits)

Additional courses are in the process of being added to this list. For further information please contact Dance Advisor Neil Dunn at

Choose two courses (6 credits) from this list:


AMETH 450 Comparative Ethnic Studies

AMETH 550 Practicing Social Justice

ANTH 516 Ethnomusicology

COMM 322 Interpersonal Communication

COMM 323 Nonverbal communication

COMM 480 Intercultural Communication

EDEL 250 Health & Movement in Elementary Education

EDEL 270 Arts for Elementary Schools

EDEL 520 Physical Education/Health Methods PK-6

EDCI 310 Foundations of Education

EDCI 320 Core Teaching Skills & Lab

EDCI 702 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

EDSEC 360 – Introduction to Physical Education / Health

EDSEC 380 Adaptive Physical Education

EDSEC 546 Physical Education/Health Practicum

FNDH 320 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

FNDH 352 Personal Wellness

FNDH 355 Rehabilitation and Exercise Modification Techniques I

GWSS 410 Feminist Thought

GWSS 510 Research Methods in GWSS

HDFS 301 The Helping Relationship

HDFS 375 Introduction to Research Methods in HDFS

KIN 335 Physiology of Exercise

KIN 336 Physiology of Exercise Lab

KIN 601 Cardiorespiratory Physiology

KIN 603 Cardiovascular Physiology

KIN 607 Muscle Physiology

KIN 611 Autonomic Neurophysiology

LEAD 350 Culture and Context in Leadership

LEAD 405: Leadership in Practice

LEAD 420: Theories of Nonprofit Leadership

LEAD 499: Nonprofit Organization Internship

MANGT 420 Principles of Management

MANGT 450 Non-profit Management

MANGT 595 Business Strategy

MKTG 400 Introduction to Marketing

MUSIC 210 Music Theory I

MUSIC 281 West African Drumming and Percussion

MUSIC 511 Music in the Schools K-6

MUSIC 512 Music Program in the Junior/Senior High Schools

PSYCH 370: Brain & Behavior

PSYCH 460: Cognitive Psychology

PSYCH 475 Principles of Learning

PSYCH 480: Fundamentals of Perception & Sensation

PSYCH 518 Introduction to Health Psychology

PSYCH 630: Human Neuropsychology

SOCWK 315 Human Behavior in Social Environment

SOCWK 570 Social Work with Groups

THTRE 368 Fundamentals of Theatre Management

THTRE 369 Fundamentals of Technical Production

THTRE 560 Advanced Stage Movement


Capstone Course (3)

DANCE 510 Senior Project – 3 credits

Total Credits = 24

Level II and Level III class requirements

An audition will be held for dancers on the first day of class. This audition will consist of a regular class in that style. Permission to enroll will be granted to those who meet the technique requirements.

All Level I classes are open to all K-State students