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The second core value of Mortar Board is Leadership. As a Mortar Board chapter, we strive to practice leadership within the organization, at K-State, and in the community. Our leadership involvement is a combination of traditional projects, and unique engagement opportunities. The Leadership Committee within Mortar Board is responsible for member development, planning social events, potential new member nominations and selections, tapping for new members, and Mortar Board Week.

Mortar Board Week

During National Mortar Board Week, our chapter raises awareness of Mortar Board and celebrates our core values of scholarship, leadership and service. Mortar Board week typically takes place the second week of February. The Leadership Team will coordinate events throughout the week such as an informational booth in the union and a panel discussion featuring some of K-State's most influential leaders.

This past year we made adjustments to our typical events and transitioned to virtual Mortar Board events. We participated in a virtual workout night, etiquette dinner, and an inspirational lecture from Dr. Kevin Wanklyn from the Department of Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering.