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Office of Military and Veterans Affairs

Military Affairs Innovation Center at the K-State Office Park

About the Center

innovation center outside
The Military Affairs Innovation Center was established in August of 2016 at the new K-State Office Park. This 1,000 square foot executive office space enables Kansas State University to expand its military and veteran-connected scholarship & research collaboration, outreach program design and new program development. This new platform offers needed off-campus work, activity and meeting spaces for 6-8 practitioners and project leaders/consultants, as well as strategic access and network connections to major business and university research offices.  The Military Affairs Innovation Center is funded 100% by private donation in support of the mission and work of the K-State Office of Military & Veterans Affairs.
Key enabling partners are the David Woods Kemper Veterans Foundation, Kansas City and the Kansas Masons/Masonic Foundation, Topeka, Kansas.  

Current Program Activity 

  • 48 Fallen-48 Found Cultural History Project


  • Development of Post 9-11 Era veteran talent acquisition(hiring) seminars/workshops for Kansas-based employers (in partnership with David Woods Kemper Veterans Foundation)


  • Development Post 9-11 Era veteran and family reintegration seminars/workshops for of Kansas community leaders (in partnership with the Masons of Kansas)


  • Performing Arts and the Military projects (part of national collaborative effort)


  • Post 9-11 Era Veterans Transition Human Science research (Contributing to national veterans transition assistance policy development with U.S. Department of Defense)


  • Post 9-11 Era Veteran Student Success project ( national collaborative partner)


  • Use of sport and sport sciences in veteran transition, rehabilitation, and reintegration (in partnership with Sports Academy Foundation, Thousand Oaks, CA)


  • Women Veterans Transition Project (In partnership with Mission: Getting to Next, New York, NY)


  • Building "military-inclusive campus climates and communities" applied research and practice