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Kansas State University Marching Band to be recognized with Sudler Trophy

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015


MANHATTAN — Kansas State University fans will have something extra to cheer about at the Wildcat football game Saturday, Sept. 19, at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

It's Sudler Day at the stadium with The Pride of Wildcat Land, the Kansas State University Marching Band, being honored with the 2015 Sudler Trophy from the John Philip Sousa Foundation. At a halftime ceremony, the band will receive the trophy, which is presented every two years to a college or university marching band that has demonstrated the highest of musical standards and innovative marching routines and ideas, and that has made important contributions to the advancement of the performance standards of college marching bands over a number of years.

"There are literally thousands of students, staff, directors and administrators who share in this honor," said Frank Tracz, director of bands at Kansas State University. "This is simply recognition and validation for the 'K-State Way,' and I could not be any more proud of these kids and what they stand for."

The presentation ceremony will include Louis and Virginia Sudler, whose grant to the John Philip Sousa Foundation made the trophy possible, as well as representatives from the university and the College of Arts & Sciences' School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. It's also Band Day and Alumni Band Day at the stadium, so joining the Kansas State University Marching Band on the field for the presentation will be 1,250 high school band members and 250 alumni members of the university's marching band.

The Sudler Trophy was designed by artist Ed Blackwell and executed by Dieges and Clust, who also produce the Heisman Trophy. Consisting of a bronze drum major astride a football stadium and mounted on a marble base, the trophy stands 22.5 inches high.

Under direction of Tracz and Don Linn, assistant director of bands, Kansas State University's 400-plus member marching band includes musicians, twirlers, color guard and Classy Cats dance squad. The band performs at home football games, at bowl games, pep rallies and at special events throughout the fall, including the university's annual Homecoming Parade, Week of Welcome Pep Rally and more.

The following students are members of the 2015 Kansas State University Marching Band:

Diana Abbott, alto saxophone, Jair Holguin, piccolo, and Charday Long, alto saxophone, all from Abilene; Moriah Miner, piccolo, Allen; Emmett Hull, trumpet, Alma; Renae Weaver, alto saxophone, Altamont; April Ascher, piccolo, Alta Vista; Ellen Reardon, color guard, Andover.

From Arkansas City: Austin Pond, trombone; Ashley Keefe, color guard; Kendal Walton, color guard; and Lauren Welch, Classy Cat.

Lucas Gorentz, percussion, Arma; Kennedy Bowers, trombone, Bryce Garver, tuba, and Derrick Kraft, alto saxophone, all from Basehor; Waylon Sheetz, trumpet, Belleville; Jacob Belleau, percussion, and Mackenzie Lincoln, Classy Cat, both from Berryton; Jacob Dobbs, percussion, Madison Epp, Classy Cat, and Danae Leppke, clarinet, all from Bonner Springs; Rebekah Zwink, clarinet, Burlingame.

From Burlington: Hannah Henderson, trombone; Jimmy Poplin, tenor saxophone; Colby Newkirk, percussion; Ranie Wahlmeier, tenor saxophone; and Kaysi Wilson, trumpet.

Abby Giles, trumpet, Byers; Jacob Wrobel, percussion, Carbondale; Ross Cooper, trumpet, and Matthew Keenan, trumpet, and Jaymi Lawrence, trumpet, all from Chanute; Kirkland Babin, tuba, and Dakota Smith, tuba, both from Chapman; Chase McCormick, baritone, and Casey Veith, mellophone, both from Cheney; Natalie Timmons, tuba, Cherokee; Aubri Zogg, tenor saxophone, Coffeyville; Trek Keck, trombone, Colby; Chandler Zoltenko, tuba, Courtland.

From Derby: Blake Cordell, tenor saxophone; Kai Jundt, percussion; Alexander Meek, tenor saxophone; Alexander Perkins, student staff; Trenton Shaver, alto saxophone; and Sera Voss, alto saxophone.

From De Soto: Ethan Aubrey-Mitchell, tuba/sousaphone; Jakob Dunlap, percussion; Kasey Dunlap, clarinet; Erick Sherman, trumpet; Jacob Sweatt, trumpet.

Liz Heath, alto saxophone, Dighton.

From Dodge City: Talia Falcon, drum major; Leslie Gomez, clarinet; Austin Magette, alto saxophone; Alejandra Martinez, color guard; and Brayden Whitaker, trumpet.

Alisse Ketley, trumpet, Kayla Smith, percussion, and Joshua Wolf, trombone, all from El Dorado; Shannon Keith, trombone, Ellsworth; Alyssa Belford, percussion, and Mitchell Whitfield, trumpet, both from Emporia; Dane Howe, trumpet, and Codie Van Meter, percussion, both from Eskridge; Samantha Carpenter, trombone, and Erik Russell, alto saxophone, both from Eudora; Ashley Herb, alto saxophone, Eureka.

From Garden City: Tara Holmes, piccolo; Michael Partridge, mellophone; Jacob Perez, trumpet; Noah Rude, trombone; and Trace Woods, percussion.

From Great Bend: Anna Frizell, clarinet; Rachael Gros, clarinet; Michelle Rooney, baritone; and Addaline Soukup, color guard.

Keara Johnson, clarinet, Goddard; Riley Henne, tuba, and Jenna Hubele, clarinet, both from Gypsum; Jason Grossardt, tenor saxophone, Halstead; Mary Fishburn, clarinet, Haven; Susan "Betsy" Burke, clarinet, and Marissa Sullivan, trumpet, both from Haysville; Samantha Shamburg, tuba, Hiawatha.

From Hutchinson: Lauren Dunning, Classy Cat; Adam Ehler, trombone; Abby Huck, piccolo; Sadie Jones, Classy Cat; Joshua Marshall, trombone; Steven Robinson, tuba; and Alonso Talamantes, alto saxophone.

Rebecca Bradford, trombone, and Joel Rice, trumpet, both from Independence; Abby Thompson, drum major, Ingalls; Jasmine Bannister, student staff, and Jordan Strickler, baritone, both from Iola; Taylor Tobin, alto saxophone, Iuka.

From Junction City: Briana Bailey, Classy Cat; Daniel Bramucci, clarinet; Samantha Hillstock, color guard; Peter Paras, trumpet; and David Stuckey, baritone.

Taylor Barry, piccolo, Aaron Moore, percussion, and Bailey Sweeney, trumpet, all from Kansas City; Andrew Scherer, trombone, Kechi; Keeli Hostetler, Classy Cat, Kiowa; Jack Curtis, trombone, and Joshua Russell, alto saxophone, both from Lansing; Dave Glauner, tuba, and Megan Robinson, clarinet, both from Lawrence.

From Leavenworth: Kelly Blandin, piccolo; Peter Gardner, trumpet; John Hanson, mellophone; Julie Kohl, piccolo; and Anna Salvatorelli, piccolo.

From Leawood: Chelsea Dickerson, trombone; Mitchell English, baritone; Brandi Klehn, trumpet; Emma Nelson, tenor saxophone; Adam Shulman, trombone; Hunter Sprong, percussion; and Benjamin Trickey III, alto saxophone.

Sarah Krueger, piccolo, Lebo.

From Lenexa: Sean Bodendistel, trumpet; Jllian Borel, percussion; Brett Butler, percussion; Julian Huynh, trombone; Kirk Kennedy, trombone; Kaylee Kerns, piccolo; Hanna Lalonde, Classy Cat; Mark Neal, trumpet; Preston Thomas, percussion; and Lucus Verscheldon, alto saxophone.

Max Dunlap, baritone, Leoti; Vanessa Diazdeleon, alto saxophone, Eilda Escarcega, trumpet, and Tania Sarabia, trombone, all from Liberal; Clayton Couchman, alto saxophone, Lindsborg; Alicia Jackson, clarinet, Longford; Jessica Brummel, piccolo, Louisburg; Evan Shanelec, trumpet, Lyons; Shannon Wilson, piccolo, Maize.

From Manhattan: Joshua Armendariz, mellophone; Aaron Beisiegel, trombone; Chelsea Blankenship, piccolo; Nicholas Clark, alto saxophone; Stormie Clemens, clarinet; Ashleigh DiMattina, trumpet; Makayla Finch, piccolo; Justin Gittle, mellophone; Carolyn Goodson, clarinet; Tyler Henry, alto saxophone; Danielle Hensley, tuba; Christina Minton, percussion; Zach Minton, trumpet; Austin Motley, mellophone; Erica Nickolett, mellophone; Hannah Schmidt, clarinet; Matthew Scott, tuba; Victoria Thompson, trumpet; Kareem Tippin, percussion; and Kirsten Votaw, percussion.

From McPherson: Bethanie Bouray, trumpet; Dakota Cavanaugh, trumpet; Katherine Geist, alto saxophone; Janaye Hanschu, mellophone; Grace Heidebrecht, color guard; and Avery McCormick, percussion.

Sarah Grose, trumpet, and Jessica Pearson, clarinet, both from Meridian; Christy McKissick, clarinet, Minneola; Allyson Busch, piccolo, and Mary Wagoner, piccolo, both from Neodesha; Bryan Harkrader, tenor saxophone, New Strawn; Baily Mueller, trumpet, Newton; Leif Carlson, mellophone, and Neysa Carlson, piccolo, both from Norton; Jason Tidd, baritone, Ogden.

From Olathe: Adam Andrews, trumpet; Sean Bennett, trumpet; Matt Cornell, tuba; Owen Dahm, trumpet; Rachael Flynn, tenor saxophone; Rachel Gastmann, percussion; Jack Gerhold, alto saxophone; Natasha Graham, mellophone; Colin Halpin, trumpet; Bailey Herring, piccolo; Matt Hiteshew, clarinet; Dalton Jennings, clarinet; Michael Johnson, tuba; Jessica Jurczak, color guard; Daniel Lovell, trombone; Joshua Maske, trumpet; Kyle McLaughlin, trombone; Nathan Meier, tuba; Owen Moore, clarinet; Steven Murray, trumpet; David Nelson, baritone; Brian Newmaster, trombone; Jacob Nichols, trumpet; Lexcee Oddo, Classy Cat; Christopher Opperman, tenor saxophone; Brett Sanford, alto saxophone; Jazmine Snow, clarinet; Jakob Sola, trumpet; Brian Turner, trumpet; Katie Wernes, color guard; and Jacob Wright, tenor saxophone.

Allison Walker, clarinet, Onaga; Audrey Wilson, tuba, Osawatomie; Kylie Puckett, piccolo, Oskaloosa; Lauren Erickson, percussion, Overbrook.

From Overland Park: Jenna Alton, percussion; Natalie Alton, clarinet; Grace Baugher, mellophone; Rebecca Bishop, piccolo; Jeffrey Cain, trombone; Cassi Dean, student staff; Whitney Dill, color guard; Matthew Edmondson, baritone; Aaron Florian, percussion; Thomas Gorham, mellophone; Allison Griffin, piccolo; Joe Halligan, trumpet; Kristie Kellerman, Classy Cat; Emma Kohlman, tuba; Nathan Lubeck, mellophone; Taylor Mahring, alto saxophone; Sarah Mayerle, Classy Cat; Jonathan McHenry, clarinet; Alec Mitchell, clarinet; Nicholas Nordstrom, trumpet; Samantha Schluter-Pascoe, tuba; Lauren Schmoll, piccolo; Matt Shea tenor saxophone; Spencer Smith, color guard; Zac Stower, trumpet; Courtney Turner, percussion; Ashleigh Tysick, piccolo; and Joel Woodward, tuba.

Abigail Ayre, tenor saxophone, Pawnee Rock; Noah Eidemiller, tenor saxophone, and David Ronning, percussion, both from Prairie Village; Nicole Buehler, baritone, and Madison Degnan, alto saxophone, both from Rose Hill; Billy Hatfield, trumpet, Sabetha.

From Salina: Luke Augustine, trumpet; Lucas Berndt, trombone; Kortney Borcherding, trombone; Rory Bowell, tuba; Cody Campbell, trombone; Amy Dundas, color guard; Haley Hlad, twirler; Christian Martinez, percussion; Braden Mathews, percussion; Haley Rapp, twirler; Justin Reilly, percussion; Justin Walker, tenor saxophone; Brooke Waters, color guard; Bailey Waters, color guard; and Benjamin Weishaar, percussion.

Kent Willmeth, tenor saxophone, Seneca; Hannah Eck, Classy Cat, Sharon.

From Shawnee: Brett Christianson, trombone; Bailey Eisenbraun, percussion; Clayton Kistner, tuba; Lauren Komer, mellophone; Madison Matthew, clarinet; Jacob Morgan, percussion; Brittany Rouse, Classy Cat; Courtney Saylor, clarinet; Austin Smith, percussion; Jessica Stanton, clarinet; Erin Sullivan, piccolo; and Mallory Wilhite, color guard.

Natalie Davis, percussion, South Hutchinson; Mackenzie Getz, Classy Cat, and William McCreight, trumpet, both from Spring Hill; Sara Gift, piccolo, Stafford; Chris Clarkston, mellophone, Stilwell; Edward Shaw, manager, St. Mary's; Madison Howbert, percussion, Tecumseh; Larissa Liggett, mellophone, Tescott; Kwinter Hartshorn, tuba/sousaphone, Timken.

From Topeka: Hannah Baeten, clarinet; Abigail Baeten, student staff; Gregory Bagley, percussion; Chase Brokke, percussion; Brenden-Chad Buchanan, trumpet; Sarah Bures, trumpet; Jarred Collom, trombone; Mike Devoe, percussion; Miranda Dodson, clarinet; Christopher Donnelly, trumpet; Maddison Downard, Classy Cat; Taylor Dunham, student staff; Michael Frampton, percussion; Cassidy Frost, Classy Cat; Savannah Hays, Classy Cat; Samantha Hecker, alto saxophone; Kerrigan Henao, Classy Cat; Samantha Huber, piccolo; Jacob Isaacson, alto saxophone; Mitch McKinley, trombone; Blake Moris, tuba; Anna Murphy, trumpet; Maggie Murphy, baritone; Alyssa Neher, Classy Cat; Meridith Neuer, percussion; Brenda Noble, piccolo; Rachel Opstad, percussion; Connor Penton, tenor saxophone; Erika Peters, alto saxophone; Caitlin Pineda, clarinet; Cassondra Sapata-Smith, clarinet; Melissa Sauls, trombone; Cassidy Stauffer, Classy Cat; Hunter Sullivan, trumpet; and Michelle Villagrana, clarinet.

Jacob Winkel, trumpet, Troy; Wesley Crow, trombone, and Eli Karst, trombone, both from Valley Center; Ben Rajewski, trombone, Victoria; Taylee Helms, color guard, and Ryan Mullins, tuba, both from Wamego.

From Wichita: Cooper Allison, Classy Cat; Austin Anderson, tenor saxophone; Jacob Bernett, trumpet; Aaron Bloom, trumpet; Megan Burtness, piccolo; Bailey Bye, mellophone; Kelli Costin, tuba; Elizabeth DeRoulet, student staff; Kristen Doberer, mellophone; Ryan Dwier, trumpet; Brenden Evans, trumpet; Madison Farney, piccolo; Allegra Fisher, drum major; Eric Flett, trumpet; Ana Fornoza, mellophone; Eli Gillespie, trumpet; Shelby Goss, tuba; Quins'e Jones, Classy Cat; Cole Klinkhammer, percussion; Morgan Kroll, Classy Cat; Henry Law, trombone; Kyle Lefler, trumpet; Rebecca Malanchuk, percussion; Logan McGinley, trombone; Alaysha Monk, color guard; Caleb Oeding, clarinet; Kate Oxler, Classy Cat; Rachel Sevart, color guard; Alexander Sevart, tuba; Quincy Waldren, percussion; Natalie White, tenor saxophone; and Ashley Wilmoth, Classy Cat.

Rachel Lord, alto saxophone, Willard.

From out of state:

From California — Erryn Goods, clarinet, Plumas Lake; andRyane Geter, trumpet, Rancho Cucamonga.

From Colorado — Robert Sholl, tuba, Colorado Springs; Casey Thompson, mellophone, Fort Collins; and Rachel Jackson, Classy Cat, Parker.

Mary Conner, tuba, Tampa, Florida.

From Illinois — Kimberly Koblas, trombone, Buffalo Grove; Christine Greene, piccolo, Downers Grove; Anna Fergurson, mellophone, Jacksonville; and Emily Stangel, alto saxophone, Morton Grove.

Sam Schmalzried, trumpet, Layfayette, Indiana; Collin Schlotfeldt, alto saxophone, Center Point, Iowa.

From Minnesota —Bridget Jarvis, percussion, Eden Prairie; Jennifer Hadaway, trumpet, Winona.

From Missouri — Kodi Shouse, clarinet, Independence; Alex Nagle, trumpet, George Schram, percussion, and Truman Steehn, trombone, all from Kansas City; Adam Lechner, tenor saxophone, Kearney; Sarah Lane, color guard, and Jessica Stephenson, clarinet, both from Lee's Summit; Alexis Nelson, color guard, Peculiar; Allissa Hupp, Piccolo, Platte City; Austin Curnutt, clarinet, Raymore; and Emily Stolfus, percussion, and Jackenzie Todd, trumpet, both from St. Joseph.

From Nebraska — Kendra Boyd, color guard, Bellevue; Ryan Weide, tenor saxophone, Crete; Ashley Weatherhogg, color guard, Douglas; Christine Vavra, piccolo, Gresham; Tuesday Frasier, piccolo, Hastings; Ruth Ellis, mellophone, and Kathleen Walker, piccolo, both from Omaha; and Jessica Keane, tenor saxophone, and Allyson Marsh, color guard, both from Papillion.

Jacob Coombes, clarinet, Hobbs, New Mexico; Rachael Wood, baritone, Kernersville, North Carolina.

From Oklahoma — Matt Hixon, trumpet, Bartlesville; Tyler Lee, trombone, Claremore; and Alec Wiltse, alto saxophone, Edmond.

From Texas — Tyler McComb, mellophone, Buda; Trevyn Sell, mellophone, Carrollton; Erin Payne, tuba, Coppell; Abbie Walker, color guard, Houston; Katherine Ventura, percussion, Irving; Jonathan Holmgren, tuba, Portland; Ryan Strunk, student staff, Rockport; Catherine Matthews, clarinet, San Antonio; Coleman Sisley, tuba, Schertz; Jessica Cardinal, percussion, The Woodlands; and Shelbie Green, piccolo, Weatherford.

Ryan Williams, trombone, Sandy, Utah; Hannah Taylor, mellophone, Arlington, Wisconsin.


Frank Tracz


The Pride of Wildcat Land

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Abilene, Allen, Alma, Altamont, Alta Vista, Andover, Arkansas City, Arma, Basehor, Belleville, Berryton, Bonner Springs, Burlingame, Burlington, Byers, Carbondale, Chanute, Chapman, Cheney, Cherokee, Coffeyville, Colby, Courtland, Derby, De Soto, Dighton, Dodge City, El Dorado, Ellsworth, Emporia, Eskridge, Eudora, Eureka, Garden City, Great Bend, Goddard, Gypsum, Halstead, Haven, Haysville, Hiawatha, Hutchinson, Independence, Ingalls, Iola, Iuka, Junction City, Kansas City, Kechi, Kiowa, Lansing, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Leawood, Lebo, Lenexa, Leoti, Liberal, Lindsborg, Longford, Louisburg, Lyons, Maize, Manhattan, McPherson, Meriden, Minneola, Neodesha, New Strawn, Newton, Norton, Ogden, Olathe, Onaga, Osawatomie, Oskaloosa, Overbrook, Overland Park, Pawnee Rock, Prairie Village, Rose Hill, Sabetha, Salina, Seneca, Sharon, Shawnee, South Hutchinson, Spring Hill, Stafford, Stilwell, St. Mary's, Tecumseh, Tescott, Timken, Topeka, Troy, Valley Center, Victoria, Wamego, Wichita and Willard, Kansas; Plumas Lake and Rancho Cucamonga, California; Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Parker, Colorado; Tampa, Florida; Buffalo Grove, Downers Grove, Jacksonville and Morton Grove, Illinois; Lafayette, Indiana; Center Point, Iowa; Eden Prairie and Winona, Minnesota; Independence, Kansas City, Kearney, Lee's Summit, Peculiar, Platte City, Raymore and St. Joseph, Missouri; Bellevue, Crete, Douglas, Gresham, Hastings, Omaha and Papillion, Nebraska; Hobbs, New Mexico; Kernersville, North Carolina; Bartlesville, Claremore and Edmond, Oklahoma; Buda, Carrollton, Copple, Houston, Irving, Portland, Rock Port, San Antonio, Schertz, The Woodlands and Weatherford, Texas; Sandy, Utah; and Arlington, Wisconsin.



The Sudler Trophy, which recognizes excellence by a collegiate marching band, will be officially presented to the Kansas State University Marching Band at a halftime ceremony at the Sept. 19 football game at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. | Download the following photo.

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Beth Bohn

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The Kansas State University Marching Band will be officially presented the 2015 Sudler Trophy at a ceremony at halftime of the Sept. 19 football game at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.