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Kansas State University Global Campus students receive scholarships from Pete Henry Foundation

Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015 


MANHATTAN — Pete Henry, Brewster, dreamed of helping local students from around his hometown attain their educational goals. After establishing a successful career with only an eighth-grade formal education, Henry established the Pete Henry Foundation, which offers financial assistance to Kansas college students from Cheyenne, Decatur, Gove, Logan, Rawlins, Sheridan, Sherman, Thomas and Wallace counties.

This fall, the Pete Henry Foundation made Henry's dream possible for four part-time Kansas State University distance students who received $1,000 scholarships.

Students receiving the scholarship included Melissa Vogt, master's student in agribusiness, Colby; Krista Mauck, master's student in agricultural education and communication, Hoxie; Olivia Sampson, junior in animal sciences and industry, Oakley; and Mayra Pacheco, junior in family studies and human services, St. Francis.

"It's a pleasure to partner with the Pete Henry Foundation to help students in northwest Kansas be aware of the opportunity for support as they pursue their education at a distance," said Sue Maes, dean of K-State Global Campus. "Supporting these students also helps northwest Kansas since students can stay and work in their communities, contributing to the economic strength of the area."

K-State Global Campus works with organizations across the state to raise awareness of the need for scholarship support for nontraditional students. Most scholarships established across the nation are for students aged 18-24 attending class full time on a university campus. Students studying at a distance often must take fewer classes at a time to balance work and family obligations, making them ineligible for most traditional full-time scholarships. Support from the Pete Henry Foundation enables these students to work on their degrees at the same time they keep other commitments in their lives.

Read more about the Pete Henry Scholarship or view a listing of all Kansas State University distance student scholarships and application criteria at http://www.global.k-state.edu/students/services/scholarships.


Sue Maes


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Brewster, Colby, Hoxie, Oakley and St. Francis

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