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K-State in the news — April 2024

Some of the top stories mentioning Kansas State University are posted below. Download an Excel file (xls) with all of this month's news stories.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024


New Research: Best Practices for Using Virtual Communication and FinTech in Financial Planning
04/30/24 CNW Group
The Canadian Foundation for Financial Planning funded research to explore financial planning technology in practice. Conducted by researchers at Kansas State University, it examined best practices for conducting financial planning meetings virtually and using FinTech and virtual communications.

Researchers develop rapid detection tool for swine disease
04/30/24 dvm260
The USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) bestowed a $1 million grant to scientists at Iowa State University, as well as collaborators from South Dakota State University, University of Minnesota, Kansas State University, Ohio Animal Diseases and Diagnostic Laboratory, and Purdue University. The collaborators will use the Swine Disease Reporting System to quickly detect new strands of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV).


Medical News Network: Morning Medical Update
04/30/24 Medical News Network
Kansas State University President Richard Linton joined the Medical News Network’s Morning Medical Update to speak about his cancer diagnosis and successful treatments.

Monday, April 29, 2024


FDA Finds Bird Flu traces in a Fifth of Retail Milk Samples. What to Know.
4/26/2024 MarketWatch
Experts told Barron's late Thursday that the discovery of widespread traces of the avian flu virus in milk does not yet raise their worry about the threat to humans, but that it does show that many dairy cows do seem to be infected. "This tells us that the virus is most likely more widespread than assumed," Jürgen Richt, director of the Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases and a professor at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, said.

*K-State honors faculty with university distinguished professor title
4/26/2024 The Fence Post
Kansas State University has honored three professors with the title of university distinguished professor, the highest faculty title given by the university. The 2024 recipients of this lifetime honor are Traci Brimhall, professor of English; Yoonseong Park, professor of entomology; and James Stack, professor of plant pathology.


*K-State junior receives Goldwater Scholarship
4/26/2024 WIBW
A Kansas State University junior has received the Goldwater Scholarship. K-State officials said Helen Winters, junior in biology and fisheries, wildlife, conservation and environmental biology, Bennington, is Kansas State University's 85th Goldwater scholar.

Dry fields contribute to damage by alfalfa weevils, says K-State entomologist
4/27/2024 Salina Post
Dry conditions in north central Kansas and other areas have contributed to the relative damage caused by alfalfa weevils in the state's crop, according to Kansas State University crop entomologist Jeff Whitworth. "Usually this time of year, alfalfa stems are seven or eight inches long," Whitworth said. "But because of our dry conditions, they're only four or five. So, any defoliation by alfalfa weevils affects the plant that much more."

K-State researcher explores beekeeping impact on native pollinators around Emporia
4/27/2024 The Emporia Gazette
A first-year graduate student at Kansas State University is embarking on a research project that explores the relationship between pollinators and plants in the Flint Hills. Originally from Virginia, Heather Poyner said her fascination with pollinators led her to the Department of Entomology at K-State, where she is advised by Dr. Brian Spiesman in the Pollinator Ecology Lab. "My project has to do with looking at the relationship between pollinators and plants, and how conservation strategies and things like beekeeping can impact those relationships," Poyner said.


K-State wildlife expert offers tips for how to deal with snakes
4/27/2024 The Mercury
As springtime temperatures rise across Kansas, the state's snake population will also rise from its long winter slumber. Drew Ricketts, a wildlife specialist with K-State Research and Extension, said recently that snakes are beginning to come out of hibernation, and therefore will be more active around the state. … "The best thing to do is to give all snakes a lot of space," Ricketts said. "One of the really surprising statistics that I’ve seen is that one-half of the people who are bitten by a venomous snake are actually handling that snake."

Friday, April 26, 2024


The U.S. government is taking action to stop ‘cow flu.’ Is it too little, too late?
4/25/24 Science.org
“Why don’t they test bulk milk samples? I do not understand this,” said Jurgen Richt, a veterinarian at Kansas State University. H5N1 is a “select agent,” he notes, a group of pathogens the United States has singled out as severe threats to human and animal health and that comes with strict rules for scientists. “And here are select agents shipped in milk trucks around the country.”

AAAS Names 2023 Fellows
4/25/24 Science.org
Election as a Fellow honors members whose efforts on behalf of the advancement of science or its applications in service to society have distinguished them among their peers and colleagues. K-State faculty named fellows this year include Elizabeth Guertal, Rajiv Khosla and Alice Boyle.


A ‘Green Glacier’ of trees and shrubs is burying prairies, threatening ranchers and wildlife
4/22/24 KCUR
“It is disappearing right in front of our eyes,” said Jesse Nippert, a professor and grassland ecologist at Kansas State University. “It’s happening everywhere on the planet.”

Jessica Gnad and Jessica Kootz on Newstalk Rural Healthcare
4/24/24 KWCH
K-State 105 Director Jessica Gnad and Jessica Kootz, K-State Research and Extension Midway District director in Ellsworth, discussed the recent partnership with The University of Kansas Health System to address rural health care challenges around the state.

White grubs destroying eastern Kansas fields
4/24/24 KCTV5
“I’ve seen many foxes utilize the stormwater drains in Olathe. They’ll crawl down into them and use them to travel around neighborhoods,” said K-State Research and Extension natural resources agent Amy Keigher.


Sunset Zoo tiger receives groundbreaking new arthritis treatment
4/25/24 KSAL
The 17-year-old tiger was treated at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine by Dr. Trenton Shrader who is the assistant Professor of Exotic Pet, Wildlife, and Zoological Medicine and works closely with Sunset Zoo head keeper Caitlin Kenney.

*K-State names Salina native as 39th Truman scholar
4/24/24 The Manhattan Mercury
“Adelaide epitomizes K-State’s commitment to excellence and service,” university president Richard Linton said. “Her dedication to addressing global food insecurity and promoting agricultural equity embodies the essence of our land-grant mission. Adelaide represents the next generation of leaders who will drive positive change, and we are immensely proud of her and confident in her ability to make a meaningful impact on the world.”

Thursday, April 25, 2024


*Climate Change Impacting Wheat Harvest
4/24/24 King 5 News
Chuck Rice and Alan Fritz speak on climate change and food production.


See a fox and their pups? Learn what it means to share a neighborhood with them
4/24/24 KCTV5
“I’ve seen many foxes utilize the stormwater drains in Olathe. They’ll crawl down into them and use them to travel around neighborhoods,” said K-State Research and Extension Natural Resources Agent Amy Keigher.


*Salina Student is KSU’s 39th Truman Scholar
4/24/24 KSAL
A student from Salina is Kansas State University’s 39th Harry S. Truman scholar. Adelaide Easter, senior in agricultural economics and global food systems leadership with minors in leadership and international agriculture is this year’s Truman Scholar.

*K-State Digital Summit at Fort Riley showcases next-gen higher education digital innovation
4/24/24 WIBW
“So just planting those seeds of what some of the different opportunities are that are out there this digital space is just changing so rapidly and we have artificial intelligence now so how are all of these changes impacting the career space and what opportunities does Kansas State University offer soldiers who are looking to make those transitions,” said Jana Thomas, professor at K-State.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Maximize Garden Space by Growing Vertically
04/24/24 Farms.com
Kansas State University horticulture instructor Cynthia Domenghini says home gardeners can expand garden space by taking it to the next level…literally.


*Eight K-State students selected for National Science Foundation graduate research awards
04/23/24 WIBW
Eight current and former Kansas State University students were selected for National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship awards.

Warm weather pushes snakes into Kansas homes
04/23/24 KSNT
Kansas State University’s Research and Extension Office is sharing some handy tips on the dos and don’ts of encountering snakes in your house. Many snakes are starting to wake up from hibernation and explore their surroundings.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Future100 Architecture Graduate Winners
04/23/24 Metropolis
K-State graduate student Libby Couture has been named a Future100 Architecture Graduate Winner. The winners represent the top architecture graduate students in the United States and Canada as selected by the METROPOLIS team. “Libby is one of the most gifted architectural students that I have met in the past decade as an educator.” said nominator Otto Chanyakorn, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, College of Architecture, Planning and Design, Kansas State University


*'Slow evolving crisis': Extreme weather's impact on wheat yields in Kansas
04/22/24 KSHB
Extreme weather is impacting wheat yields in Kansas. A study from K-State found that hot, dry, windy events led to a 4% yield reduction per 10 hours of extreme weather. Right now, more than 15,000 Kansas farmers produce an average of 334 million bushels of wheat a year. Dr. Chuck Rice, university-distinguished professor of soil microbiology at Kansas State University, and Dr. Allan Fritz of K-State were both interviewed on how they are working to address these challenges.

Volunteer wheat harbors wheat streak mosaic virus
04/23/24 AgUpdate
The wheat streak mosaic virus, transmitted by wheat curl mites that reside in volunteer wheat, poses problems for producers and requires thorough management, according to Kansas State University wheat disease specialist Kelsey Andersen Onofre. The wheat streak mosaic virus family consists of wheat streak mosaic, Triticum mosaic and High plains wheat mosaic viruses.

Monday, April 22, 2024


Don't make these mistakes when discussing money as a couple
4/20/2024 Today Online
Despite the financial stresses many couples face, having playful conversations about money can help, said Dr. Megan McCoy, an assistant professor in the personal financial planning department at Kansas State University. For example: Twice a year, Dr. McCoy and her husband buy a Powerball ticket and spend a date night talking about what they would do if they won.


K-State Crowned National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team
4/19/2024 Alliance Grain Co.
The Kansas State University Meat Animal Evaluation Team won National Champion honors at the 2024 Collegiate Meat Animal Evaluation Contest hosted in Laramie, Wyoming. The team was recognized Saturday, April 13, following the three-day competition.

What's inside the mystery insect egg in your backyard garden?
4/20/2024 KSNT
Far from harboring any pests that might hurt the plants in your garden, these hardened Styrofoam-like eggs actually contain insects that can help keep your herbs and flowers safe. The eggs contain young praying mantids, also referred to as praying mantises, which can bring many benefits to your backyard garden. Kansas State University Entomologist Raymond Cloyd recently shared why these "guardians of the garden" should be welcomed by gardeners. The insects prey upon other pests like flies, crickets and wasps once they grow large enough.


Boys State of Kansas offering college credit, scholarships for attendees
4/20/2024 JC Post
The American Legion Boys State of Kansas has announced a partnership with Kansas State University to offer attendees of the leadership program three hours of college credit at a significant discount. … Kansas State is offering two sections of Introduction to Political Science (POLSC 110) specifically for Kansas Boys State attendees. Attending KBS will fulfill a portion of the course requirements with additional course work assigned by the instructor, Nate Birkhead, Ph.D., associate professor of political science.

Friday, April 19, 2024


High inputs and global supply could spell trouble for wheat farmers this year
4/18/24 RFD-TV
A study by Kansas State University shows farmers in the state would need a yield of 60 bushels per acre at $6.26 per bushel just to break even.

K-State rural health care partnership with The University of Kansas Health System highlighted on RFD-TV
4/15/24 RFD-TV
Chris Wilson, executive director of the Center for Health Innovation and Transformative Care at The University of Kansas Health System, spoke on RFD-TV about the partnership with Kansas State University, through K-State 105, to support health care in rural Kansas communities.


A Kansas ban on gender-affirming care couldn’t overcome a veto last year. Things are different now
4/18/24 The Kansas City Beacon
Nathaniel Birkhead, an associate professor and department head of political science at Kansas State University, said bills affecting transgender youth are a relatively new issue in the Legislature. Some people hold strong feelings on the issue, he said, but a large chunk of the population sits in the middle. 

*What Kansas poet laureate Traci Brimhall sees in Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets Department'
4/19/24 The Topeka Capital-Journal
Traci Brimhall, university distinguished professor of English and the Kansas Poet Laureate, said she is encouraged by a renewed interest in poetry brought by Taylor Swift's new album. "I think it's kind of interesting, that social branch of social media that's bringing poetry to people and shaping the aesthetic of the things they enjoy about poetry a little more. With a lot of Instagram poets, they share it with a lot of visual elements and they're also often pretty short.

80+ student competitors from across Kansas just rallied for their share of $70K in cash prizes
4/18/24 Startland News
Eighty-one students from Kansas — representing 72 existing and conceptual businesses — participated in and took home more than $70,000 in cash prizes at the Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge — sponsored by Network Kansas, Kansas State University Research & Extension, and Kansas State University Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship — Tuesday at Kansas State University.

King in the Community: K-State Salina Dean and CEO Alysia Starkey
4/18/24 Salina Post
K-State Salina Dean and CEO Alysia Starkey discussed the campus's focus on cultivating student passions and career development, what led her toward her current job, campus development plans, partnerships with the aerospace industry, student experience improvements, and how the aviation program continues to evolve to meet the needs of the aviation industry.


*Next-Gen K-State focuses on engagement and economic impact in April
4/19/24 The K-State Collegian
“A lot of people receive benefit, educational programs, 4-H — anything we do out state, they get that through ways that they might not even know we [K-State] were behind it,” said Marshall Stewart, chief of staff and senior vice president for executive affairs, university engagements and partnerships. “We may never get credit for it, but it’s not about getting credit. It’s about doing the right thing for the people of Kansas.” 

Outmigration in Kansas threatens rural towns
4/19/24 The K-State Collegian
A student-led natural resources and environmental sciences group of K-State undergraduates is researching the causes of this issue. Sarah Jackson, teaching assistant professor in the Department of Horticulture and Natural Resources, leads this effort.

*Report: Kansas Farm Income Outlook comparable to 2023, say K-State economists
4/18/24 JC Post
Jenny Ifft, the Flinchbaugh Agricultural Policy Chair at K-State, said it is rare that the two measures of farm revenue move in different directions. “This is one of those annoying situations where an economist says ‘it depends.'"

Boys State partnering with K-State to offer college credit
4/18/24 The Manhattan Mercury
Boys State of Kansas, a summer leadership program sponsored by the American Legion, announced this week that it is partnering with K-State to offer delegates three hours of college credit at a discounted rate. Attending Boys State will fulfill a portion of the course requirements with additional course work assigned by the instructor, Nate Birkhead, associate professor of political science.

Thursday, April 18, 2024


Collective Action: The Ogallala Aquifer Summit looks to conserve and protect water resources
4/17/24 RFD-TV
Susan Metzger and Brian Metzger discuss the importance of collaboration to conserve water resources.

Here’s What $500 Gets You in Seven Top Chicago Steakhouses Right Now
4/17/24 BNN Bloomberg
Part of what helps the bottom lines of such restaurants is that prime steak remains expensive, even though the proportion of steers and heifers graded prime has doubled, from 5% to 10%, over the last decade, says Glynn Tonsor, a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. 


Spring brings swarmers of this insect. How to prevent costly damage to your Kansas home
4/17/24 Wichita Eagle
“The swarmers will come out in the spring, maybe later on in the fall,” Raymond Cloyd, entomology professor with Kansas State University, said. “[When] you get about 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s when they’re going to be active throughout the year.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024


US wheat farmers face bleak crop economics as grain oversupply hits
04/17/24 Daily Mail 
A Kansas State University analysis showed Kansas farmers would need a yield of roughly 60 bushels per acre at a price of $6.26 per bushel to break even, well above cash prices in the state that have ranged between $5 and $5.80 as well as July futures prices. Winter wheat is harvested in June and July in the Great Plains.


Topeka area economic leaders are all-in on innovation
04/16/24 WIBW
Moran also said GTP recently was awarded $300,000 to fund initiatives through their K-State 105 partnership.

*K-State and Network Kansas host annual Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge
04/16/24 WIBW
Young Kansas entrepreneurs showed their stuff today at K-State. K-State and Network Kansas hosted its annual Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge.


K-State teams up with MHS to teach students about vital signs
04/16/24 Manhattan Mercury 
Students in the K-State physician assistant program taught a handful of Manhattan High School students how to measure vital signs and speak about their future profession.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024


The US is losing access to its bases in Niger − here’s why that’s a big deal
04/16/24 Yahoo! News
Michael E. Flynn of Kansas State University co-authored the article surrounding the topic of the United States of America’s military operations in Niger – a landlocked, western African country in the Sahara desert.


*K-State Salina launches Aviation Maintenance Certification — 10 spots have full scholarships
04/16/24 Salina Post
With the ongoing industry demand for aviation maintenance professionals, Kansas State University Salina is launching the Aviation Maintenance Certification Program to help upskill those looking to elevate their careers. Thanks to SPARK grant funding from the state of Kansas, K-State Salina is offering full scholarships to help cover any financial burdens for those wanting a fresh-start in their careers or newly graduated high school seniors to gain the necessary skills to become certified aircraft mechanics in training led by world-class aviation maintenance faculty experts.

Kansas wheat farmers keeping an eye on the crop
04/16/24 The Farmer
The 2024 Kansas wheat crop is progressing, and farmers are holding their breaths in the hopes that this crop will make harvest. USDA NASS reports that for the week ending April 7, the state’s winter wheat crop was 49% good to excellent, with 37% fair and 14% very poor to poor. And one-third of the wheat has jointed, ahead of 2023 and the five-year average. Kansas State University wheat disease specialist Kelsey Anderson Onofre warns growers that as temperatures rise, they may see the typical “streaking symptom” of infected plants in their fields as the warmer weather activates the virus’ symptoms.

Monday, April 15, 2024


Kansas Board of Education Agrees to Expand Indigenous Education Outreach
4/12/2024 Yahoo! News
During Tuesday's Board of Education discussion, several members asked about the political impact of the council. Board member Danny Zeck, the one "no" vote, questioned council member Alex Red Corn, a citizen of the Osage Nation in Oklahoma and an assistant professor at Kansas State University, on mascot recommendations. … "Mascots tend to get more attention," Red Corn said. "But they're actually not much of the bandwidth that we’re working on right now. … We’re actually moving toward the idea that we need to create collaborative systems of education so they learn about this place, it is Kansas, and its history and what it is today because of that history."


*Students receive scholarships from Zoetis/AAVMC
4/12/2024 Great Bend Tribune
Eight students in Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine have been chosen to receive the 2024 Zoetis Foundation/AAVMC Veterinary Student Scholarship. Local K-State veterinary student scholarship recipient is Chelsey Bieberle, fourth-year veterinary student from Bushton.

Weed Science Society's President Urges Farmers To Prioritize Weed Control Early To Optimize Outcomes
4/12/2024 Alliance Grain Co.
Nonchemical tactics implemented early in the growing season are also important for attaining maximum herbicide effectiveness. "Any agronomic practice that gives the crop an advantage will take pressure off herbicide performance," says Sarah Lancaster, Ph.D., Kansas State University Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist. "Simple strategies include planting crops in appropriate soil conditions and at ideal seeding rates."

USDA Publishes Kansas State University Cattle Contracts Library Pilot Program Assessment Report
4/12/2024 Kansas Ag Connection
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) published an assessment report conducted by Kansas State University to assess market information provided by the Cattle Contracts Library Pilot Program (CCL) today on AMS’ Cattle Contracts Library Pilot Program webpage. The assessment report also identifies probable impacts of the CCL on the fed cattle market and provides recommendations that aid in fed cattle market transparency.


*Registration open for K-State Summer STEAM Virtual Academy for middle school students
4/12/2024 WIBW
Registration is open for Kansas State University College of Education's Summer STEAM Virtual Academy for middle school students. According to K-State, registration is now open for the fourth annual Summer STEAM Virtual Academy, a Kansas State University College of Education summer program that engages middle schoolers in science, technology, engineering, arts and math, or STEAM, topics.

*K-State Salina's Civic Lecture Series to discuss homelessness
4/12/2024 WIBW
Kansas State University Salina’s Civic Lecture Series will discuss homelessness. According to K-State Salina officials, they welcome the Salina-area community to attend the Civic Lecture Series discussion, "Homelessness to Housed," at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, April 18 at the campus's College Center Conference Room. K-State Salina officials said the discussion will explore homelessness in central Kansas, exposing attendees to issues of home insecurity and providing them with tools to contribute to a solution.

*Friends of the Kaw executive director to deliver lectures on state water resource issues
4/13/2024 The Mercury
The Kansas Water Institute will present Dawn Buehler as a featured speaker during an Earth Day Lecture event. Buehler, Kansas Riverkeeper of Friends of the Kaw, will present “A Bridge Over Troubled Waters: How Scientific Data and Shareholder Cooperation Can Impact Kansas Water Resource Challenges and Water Policy” at two different lectures on the K-State campus.

Friday, April 12, 2024


Migrants Could Get Jobs Easier Under New Bill
4/11/24 Newsweek
Economic analysis from Kansas State University suggests that resolving labor shortages in agriculture could invigorate the economy, potentially contributing an additional $11.7 billion.

Cattle sustainability doesn’t just include environmental impacts
4/11/24 RFD-TV
Logan Thompson, K-State sustainable beef grazing specialist, spoke on RFD-TV about the economic and societal considerations of cattle sustainability.


*K-State plant expert outlines best way to control moles in home lawns
4/11/24 Hiawatha World
Ward Upham, a horticulture specialist for K-State Research and Extension, says many home remedies have been tried, but few have proven reliable for controlling moles. “The best control method is the use of traps,” Upham said.

*Registration Open For K-State College Of Education’s Summer STEAM Virtual Academy For Middle Schoolers
4/11/24 Sunflower State Radio
“Our partial scholarships are intended to provide access to students in rural areas and at international sites to enable them to participate in activities that are as fun as they are intellectually enriching,” said Lori Goodson, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction. “We’re especially excited about the outstanding topics we have for this summer’s camp.”


K-State fraternity aims to raise awareness of men’s mental health
4/11/24 WIBW
K-State's Acacia Fraternity is partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to bring awareness to mental health and end the stigma. Fraternity President Blake Gamber noticed when he started college that mental health was a big thing.

Thursday, April 11, 2024


Dad's Hack to Check if Daughter Is Still Awake Results in Sweetest Response
4/10/24 Newsweek
A study conducted by researchers at Kansas State University found that not only does baby fever actually exist, but it exists regardless of gender.


*Teacher participants needed for K-State College of Education rural STEM learning
4/10/24 Salina Post
A $2.7 million federal grant is helping the Kansas State University College of Education improve rural education in the state. To take advantage of the last year of grant funding, the college is offering free training and thousands of dollars in resources for teachers.


*K-State receives $150K grant to teach state's Indigenous history
4/10/24 Manhattan Mercury
Kansas State University on Wednesday announced it had received a $150,000 initiative grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support production of educational materials about the history of the state’s land acquisition and the removal of the Indigenous Kaw Nation.

K-State Kids' Garden Club is planting the seeds of knowledge
4/10/24 Manhattan Mercury
The Kansas State University Gardens offers an opportunity for sprouting minds, in first through third grades, to learn the basics of gardening and horticulture with the Kids’ Garden Club.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


Bird Flu Isn’t Killing Cows. The Experts Are Still Worried.
04/10/24 MarketWatch
Jürgen Richt, an avian influenza expert at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, says that surveillance testing of bulk milk for the presence of HPAI “would be important,” and that livestock in the vicinity of outbreaks should be tested as well.

How the ‘long and stormy’ fight for Fair Housing Act took MLK to Kansas City, K-State | Opinion
04/09/24 Yahoo! News and the Kansas City Star
King then went to Kansas State University, where his convocation speech underscored that a “great problem facing our nation … is the constant growth of predominantly Negro central cities, ringed by white suburbs.”


*Vet Students Awarded Scholarships
04/09/24 KSAL
A Salina student is among eight students in Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine chosen to receive the 2024 Zoetis Foundation/AAVMC Veterinary Student Scholarship.


*Digital summit at Fort Riley to showcase higher education digital innovation
04/09/24 Manhattan Mercury
K-State plans to show off its “digital innovation” and academic programs at a summit for the local military community later this month.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024


A True Trailblazer
04/09/24 Ivoox
Pat McNally, retired Kansas State University professor and State 4-H Program Leader joins Rebecca Walsh as the guest on The Hike Life A Woman podcast. The podcast introduces McNally as the upcoming speaker for the podcast’s virtual summit.


National drone competition in Salina this week
04/09/24 Salina Post
The National Institute for Standards and Technology will host the First Responder Uncrewed Aircraft System 3D Mapping Challenge on April 9-11 in Salina. Kansas State University's award-winning Applied Aviation Research Center will be on hand to serve as expert consultation and to facilitate the competition.

Researchers Zero in on Liver Abscesses for Beef-on-Dairy
04/09/24 Drovers
Liver abscesses are a silent scourge in cattle feeding, robbing the industry of both performance and profit. And they are hitting dairy-beef-cross animals the hardest. One of the most frustrating aspects of liver abscesses is that animals show no signs of them, so they are only detected at harvest. A research team at Kansas State University is working to change that. They recently found that biochemicals unique to liver abscesses could be used as biomarkers to detect them in live cattle.

Power out? Prepping, storing food can be ‘tricky’
04/09/24 High Plains Journal
Kansas State University food scientist Karen Blakeslee says preparing and storing food during a power outage can be “tricky.” “Without a steady power source (such as a generator), food can be temperature-abused, which increases the risk for foodborne illness,” said Blakeslee, who also is coordinator of K-State’s Rapid Response Center for Food Science.

Monday, April 8, 2024


4 Mistakes Couples Make When Discussing Money
4/5/2024 The New York Times
Megan McCoy, an assistant professor in the personal financial planning department at Kansas State University, did not downplay the financial stresses that many couples face. Sometimes there just isn't enough money, and no amount of verbal jiu-jitsu can alleviate the strain that puts on a relationship. But when possible, she thinks couples should inject some playfulness into their financial conversations.

Kansas won't get a total solar eclipse, so these residents are traveling hours to catch it
4/6/2024 KCUR NPR
During a total solar eclipse, the moon crosses in front of the sun, wholly blocking its rays. It can be the middle of the day and the sky will darken. The temperature drops and crickets start chirping. The sun’s outer atmosphere, called its corona, blazes around the perimeter of the moon. "Another way to say it," said Christopher Sorensen, a professor emeritus of physics at Kansas State University, "is you're standing in the shadow of the moon." He said the eclipse offers an opportunity for people of all ages to learn more about space.

Why certain individuals experience contentment with their bank accounts yet dismay with the economy
4/7/2024 globe echo
Many Americans, especially near-retirees, are still haunted by the effects of the 2008 financial crisis and the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, and election-year jitters. Financial anxiety is prevalent, as people anticipate potential economic turmoil. Megan McCoy, a professor of financial therapy at Kansas State University, explains that chronic uncertainty can lead to heightened anxiety and difficulty managing day-to-day stressors.


*K-State veterinary student receives diversity leadership scholarship
4/5/2024 WIBW
A Kansas State University veterinary student is receiving a diversity leadership scholarship. According to K-State, a third-year Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine student is the recipient of a national scholarship from Merck Animal Health. K-State officials indicated Astrid Carcamo-Tzic, of Olathe, is one of 21 students nationwide who has been awarded a Merck Animal Health Diversity Leadership Scholarship.

*Hutch High teacher among K-State award winners
4/5/2024 Hutch Post
Kansas State University is recognizing seven outstanding Kansas teachers with its High School Science Teacher of the Year Awards. The award highlights and rewards inspirational and impactful high school science teachers throughout the state. Biology, chemistry, geology and physics faculty members in K-State's College of Arts and Sciences selected the recipients.

Friday, April 5, 2024


*Kansas universities partner to support rural healthcare
4/4/24 Becker Hospital Review
Kansas City-based University of Kansas Health System and Manhattan-based Kansas State University have partnered to focus on rural healthcare through the K-State 105 initiative. The organizations will work with the statewide K-State research and extension network to address healthcare challenges, specifically in rural Kansas areas.

*University of Kansas Health System announces new healthcare initiative
4/4/24 Hospital Management
This collaboration is part of the K-State 105 initiative, which is Kansas State University’s effort to call for a solution for economic growth and enhancement in the state. It aims to harness the university’s existing K-State Research and Extension network to deliver the required solutions.  


*KU Health System partners with K-State to advance care in rural counties
4/4/24 Kansas City Business Journal
The University of Kansas Health System and Kansas State University are partnering on an initiative to improve health care across the 105 counties in Kansas.

'The shadow of the moon': How Kansans are preparing for the solar eclipse
4/5/24 KMUW
The sun’s outer atmosphere, called its corona, blazes around the perimeter of the moon during an eclipse. “Another way to say it,” said Christopher Sorensen, a professor emeritus of physics at Kansas State University, “is you’re standing in the shadow of the moon.”

*Hutch High teacher among K-State award winners
4/5/24 KMUW
"We owe a large debt of gratitude to the many gifted high school science teachers across Kansas,” said Mark Ungerer, director of the Division of Biology. “They provide a critical foundation to students who go on to pursue physical and life sciences degrees at K-State.”


*K-State announces partnership with KU Health System to support rural health care
4/4/24 The Mercury
Officials are working to identify areas of focus for the partnership, which they said could include strategies to keep care local, increased access to telehealth resources, addressing OB-GYN provider shortages, caregiver support for patients with dementia, and grant-writing resources.

*K-State, KU Health System announce collaboration to address rural health care
4/4/24 KMAN
K-State Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff Marshall Stewart says K-State has already trust built in communities through its numerous extension programs.

*K-State partners with University of Kansas Health System to support rural health care, communities
4/4/24 WIBW
“Our partnership with the University of Kansas Health System is just the beginning,” said Jessica Gnad, director of K-State 105. “It’s a way for us to collaborate and to empower Kansans to find local solutions that work in their local community.”

*K-State, The University of Kansas Health System partner to support rural health care & communities
4/4/24 JC Post
“Our partnership with the University of Kansas Health System is just the beginning,” said Jessica Gnad, director of K-State 105. “It’s a way for us to collaborate and to empower Kansans to find local solutions that work in their local community.”

*K-State veterinary team to provide vision exams for service and working animals
4/4/24 KNCK-FM
As part of a national event, the ophthalmology team from Kansas State University's Veterinary Health Center will provide free eye exams for eligible service and working animals during the month of May.

How will the eclipse impact wildlife and pets?
4/4/24 KSNT
K-State Veterinary Clinical Professor Susan Nelson says there’s probably little to do for pets since they’re used to lights being turned on and off. She says there have been some reports of dogs getting anxious in the dark. If you have dogs that could get nervous, it’s best to keep them indoors.

*Don’t miss K-State’s open house this weekend
4/4/24 KSNT
“Our partnership with the University of Kansas Health System is just the beginning,” said Jessica Gnad, director of K-State 105. “It’s a way for us to collaborate and to empower Kansans to find local solutions that work in their local community.”

Flint Hills Discovery Center hosts K-State professor ahead of solar eclipse
4/4/24 KMAN
Chris Sorensen, K-State professor emeritus of physics, encourages residents to watch the eclipse because of how rare it is. “You find out that the United States is only one and a half percent of the earth. So if there’s going to be an eclipse somewhere, the odds of it hitting the United States is not very good.”

Thursday, April 4, 2024


Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance
4/4/24 Wallet Hub
Professor Congrong Ouyang was featured in WalletHub's piece about Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance.


Women of Excellence: Communication is at the heart of a long career
4/3/24 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle
Throughout her adult life, Pat Ackerman has put her communication skills to use in a variety of public service arenas. Of her many ventures, she said her time at K-State stands out as her favorite.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024


Congress Sends $1.3 Billion to Colleges in Federal Earmarks
04/03/24 Inside Higher Ed
It’s the largest of a number of big projects devoted to university-owned airports and aviation. Second among the top five projects is another one: $28 million for a new Aerospace Innovation and Training Hub at Kansas State University at Salina. 


*StartUp Hutch to add staff, thanks to K-State 105
04/02/24 Hutch Post
K-State 105 is partnering with StartUp Hutch to expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem and foster additional economic growth in Hutchinson and the Reno County region.

*K-State Salina open house returns with experiences for everyone
04/02/24 Salina Post
Kansas State University Salina is hosting a family-friendly open house from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, April 6.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024


HydroGraph Announces AGM Update
04/02/24 Associated Press
HydroGraph Clean Power Inc. was founded in 2017 to fund and commercialize green, cost-effective processes to manufacture high-purity graphene, and other strategic nanomaterials in bulk. Publicly listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange in December 2021, the Company acquired the exclusive license from Kansas State University to produce both graphene and hydrogen through its patented detonation process.

*KSU and TDI team up to improve fertilizer efficiency
04/02/24 RFD-TV
Kansas State University is teaming up with the Technology Development Institute to study how much nitrogen is lost after farmers use fertilizer. The study is funded by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research to investigate methods to minimize ammonia losses.


After two name changes, K-State is putting 'Salina' back in the name of Salina campus
04/02/24 Yahoo! News
The Kansas State University campus in Salina is changing its name for the third time in the past decade, returning to using the city's name in the school's name. Gov. Laura Kelly on Friday signed Senate Bill 481, which renames Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus as Kansas State University Salina. The bill was introduced by Sen. J.R. Claeys, R-Salina, with the support of K-State Salina dean Alysia Starkey.

Officials continue to monitor HPAI in Plains dairies
04/02/24 The Farmer
Officials in Texas and Kansas continue to update the public on the confirmed presence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in diagnostic samples from dairies, first reported March 25. Officials in surrounding states, as well, are staying alert and working with dairies to monitor their herds for any potential infections. Mike Brouk, a professor and K-State Extension dairy specialist, spoke to dairy farmers at the Kansas Dairy Annual Convention on March 22 about the symptoms of the disease.

K-State 105 and StartUp Hutch partnership expands entrepreneurship program in Reno County
04/02/24 Sunflower State Radio
K-State 105 is partnering with StartUp Hutch to expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem and foster additional economic growth in Hutchinson and the Reno County region. The K-State 105 partnership will help expand entrepreneurial services in Reno County by adding an Entrepreneur Navigator, or E-Navigator, to StartUp Hutch. The E-Navigator will be a pilot program that connects and convenes local entrepreneurs, fosters collaborations and supports new ventures in Reno County.

Kansas’ teachers dealing with stress and burnout
04/02/24 KSNT
KSNT News spoke to the Dean of the School of Education at the Univerity of Kansas Rick Ginsberg and Associate Professor of Education at Kansas State University Tuan Nguyen on why teachers are leaving the job. Stress has increased partially due to salary and how education is portrayed in many parts of the country.

Monday, April 1, 2024


Financial disagreements are a strong predictor of divorce. These 2 tips can help you talk about money with your partner
3/29/2024 Yahoo!Finance and Fortune Well
Such arguments have an even bigger impact on a marriage's health when you're legally sharing finances. "Money is not only a common cause of conflict, but money fights are qualitatively different from other types of arguments," Megan McCoy, a certified financial therapist, marriage and family therapist, and assistant professor of personal financial planning at Kansas State University, tells Fortune. "They tend to last longer and are less likely to get resolved, so they create tension leading to other arguments and spending less time together."


*Two K-State students recognized for research presentations at Capitol Graduate Research Summit
3/29/2024 WIBW
Two Kansas State University doctoral students received recognition for their research poster presentations at the Capitol Graduate Research Summit. According to K-State, the Capitol Graduate Research Summit took place on March 21 in Topeka, Kan. K-State officials said Remona Weber and Jaymi Peterson received $500 scholarships from the Graduate School for their presentations.


*K-State Innovation Partners announces Chris Brandt as interim president, CEO
3/29/2024 The Mercury
K-State Innovation Partners has appointed Chris Brandt as interim president and CEO, effective Monday. Innovation Partners is the unit overseeing technology commercialization. This follows an internal search to fill the position vacated by Rebecca Robinson, who recently accepted a new opportunity at Oregon State University after 15 years of dedicated service to K-State. "Chris brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of K-State's innovation ecosystem to this role," Robinson said.

*Note: Asterisks indicate clips that resulted from recent news releases or pitches from Communications and Marketing.