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K-State 105

An economic growth and advancement initiative for all 105 counties in Kansas

K-State 105 is all about partnerships.

We're a university built on engagement.

As the nation's first operational land-grant university, Kansas State University has always been in every Kansas county. But as a next-generation land-grant university, we're embracing innovative ways to serve and connect with the people who call the Sunflower State home.

We're connecting the dots. Bringing people and partners together. Building the economic prosperity of all 105 Kansas counties.

We call it K-State 105. Join us.

Get involved with K-State 105.

A statewide ecosystem in progress

Through collaborative work with K-State 105 partners, we are strengthening existing relationships and building a peer-to-peer network across all 105 counties in Kansas.

We're doing together what we can't do alone. Join us.

This map shows the presence of K-State 105 partners across the state.



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Learn about our strategic plan to become a next-generation land-grant university.

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Read about the university's plan to build the economic prosperity of Kansas.

This image shows a group of people participating in a K-State 105 session in Hoxie.

See how K-State is engaging with Kansans across the state.