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K-Staters in the news - August 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Gov't reaffirms it will sell ex-lab island off NY
8/30/13 Houston Chronicle 
Congress voted in 2009 to close the laboratory, which opened in 1954. Sale proceeds would go toward moving the research to Kansas State University. A GSA environmental study in June suggested homes might be built on the island. Environmental groups want it to become a nature preserve. Some members of Congress want to stop the sale of the island 100 miles east of New York City. 

Antibiotic Use On The Farm: Are We Flying Blind?
8/29/13 NPR's "All Things Considered"
It's set off a fierce debate over how much this contributes to the overall problem of drug-resistant infections. Morgan Scott, a researcher in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University, is trying to arrive at an answer. "As a researcher, it's a very intriguing area," he says. "But it's also frustrating because the data are really not there."
*Disease-Carrying Lone Star Ticks and Related Disease on the Rise in Oklahoma and Oklahoma City
8/29/13 Sacramento Bee
"Lone star ticks become more and more widespread every year," said Michael Dryden, DVM, PhD, distinguished professor of veterinary parasitology at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine who is considered one of the nation's foremost authorities on ticks that infect dogs and cats. 
*$1.4 million project studies water sustainability in Great Plains
8/30/13 Ag Professional Magazine
An outpouring of research funds is helping a group of Kansas State University researchers study how human activity and climate change affect Central Great Plains water systems.
*University Students Help Reduce Nitrate Levels at Kansas Site
8/29/13 Lab Manager Magazine
Kansas State University students are helping protect the environment and reduce public health risks.
*Food safety specialist warns of harmful foods for pregnant women
Londa Nwadike
*Iowa couple give $1M to K-State for new building
8/29/13 Wichita Eagle
A Des Moines, Iowa, couple have donated $1 million to Kansas State University to help pay for a new building for the College of Business Administration.
*KSU offers online open house
8/30/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
Kansas State is offering a virtual open house to connect with distance education students who aren’t able to travel to campus.
West Stadium Center ready for its Kansas State football debut
8/29/13 Kansas City Star
You won’t hear Kansas State athletic director John Currie apologize for that increase, though. As far as Currie is concerned, that money was well spent.
'Big Red One' says goodbye to Gedney
8/29/13 1st Infantry Division Post
“The support that the division receives through the close relationships with the local community and Kansas State University, as well as the fantastic work done on post by the many organizations and individual volunteers, is simply amazing,” Gedney said. “This is the heart of the Big Red One.”
Group help immigrants through shared experiences
8/30/13 Kansas City Star
After attending GCCC for two years, state legislation was passed in 2004 allowing international students to pay in-state tuition, once again opening the door for him to attend Kansas State, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in art in 2012. Minjarez is currently a legal, permanent resident and became eligible for citizenship in March. He currently is in the process of becoming a citizen, which he said will take eight to 12 months.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

*Ogallala Aquifer could dry up in next 50 years
8/28/13 UPI
According to a study conducted by agronomy and engineering professors at Kansas State University, the aquifer will be 60 percent depleted by 2060 unless water use is immediately reduced, in which case, the aquifer's lifetime could be extended to 2110. 
*Mowing may be the thing for meditation
8/28/13 WWSB ABC 7 (Florida)
Kansas State University turf grass specialist Jared Hoyle says mowing is a chance to get away from the office, turn off your cellphone and just have some time to think, but there’s more.
*Kansas State, Ft. Riley renew partnership
8/28/13 WIBW
Kansas State University officials and the 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley will continue working together for common goals. The entities renewed their partnership Wednesday in a ceremony at the Kansas State Alumni Center. It marks the fourth renewal since 2008 for the nation's only military to university community partnership.
Town votes to prevent significant development of NY’s Plum Island, home to animal disease lab
8/28/13 Washington Post/Newsday
Congress voted in 2009 to close the aging laboratory, and the federal government is now deciding whether to sell it. Proceeds from the sale are supposed to defray the costs of moving operations to a new laboratory at Kansas State University.
*Working more than 50 hours a week may harm your health
8/28/13 The Free Press Journal (India)
Researchers from Kansas State University found a preliminary link between workaholics and reduced physical and mental well-being.
*Reducing Levels of Neuropeptide Natalisn Can Lower Sexual Activity in Insects, Study Finds 
8/28/13 Nature World News
The study on natalisin was carried out by researchers at Kansas State University along with their colleagues at the Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, Slovak Academy of Sciences in Slovakia and Korea University in South Korea. A neuropeptide is a short chain of amino acids that is used by neurons to communicate with each other.
*Online open house connects distance education students to campus
8/28/13 Olathe Edge
The launch of a virtual open house is the latest effort by Kansas State University's Division of Continuing Education to help bring the campus to online learners.
*Governor says water a 'key issue'
8/28/13 Hays Daily News
In opening the meeting, Brownback noted the Kansas State University study released Monday -- the eve of the economic advisers' meeting.
Kansas State’s Dikeman named to Meat Industry Hall of Fame
8/28/13 Agri-View
Whether it was through his role as coach of the Kansas State University Meat Judging Team, advisor to Block & Bridle or Ag Student Council or one of the many classes he taught as a professor of animal science, a generation of Kansans learned from Michael Dikeman.
New state Czech queen crowned
8/28/13 Ellsworth Independent Reporter
Brockway will be a sophomore this fall at Kansas State University in Manhattan majoring in biochemestry with an emphasis on pre-pharmacy.
Scholarships awarded by LULAC
8/28/13 Northwest Indiana Times
Council President Ricardo Paz Sr. presented this year's awards to the following scholarship recipients: Megan Cantu, of  Crown Point, attending Kansas State University.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

*Shrinking water supply under threat in U.S. farm breadbasket: report
8/27/13 Chicago Tribune
"It is generally understood the groundwater is going down. At some point in the future we need to use less water," said David Steward, a professor of civil engineering at Kansas State University who participated in the study. "We tried to put together some information to help with the planning process. If we are able to save more now, it's going to make the decline that we have more gradual."
*Ogalla aquifer: Could critical water source run dry?
8/27/13 The Christian Science Monitor
"It is generally understood the groundwater is going down. At some point in the future we need to use less water," said David Steward, a professor of civil engineering at Kansas State University who participated in the study. "We tried to put together some information to help with the planning process. If we are able to save more now, it's going to make the decline that we have more gradual."
*Scientists aim at not allowing sex between insects
8/28/13 The French Tribune (in France)
Kansas State University scientists' new aim is to stop insects from having sex. The same might sound as yet another rally slogan, but the actual idea is completely unlike it.
*Stop insect sex
8/27/13 The Escapist
Scientists at Kansas State University have identified a neuropeptide, natalisin, that controls insects' ability to mate. It's found in arthropods and insects and is used to chemically relay messages throughout the body. "Natalisin is unique to insects and arthropods and has evolved with them," said Yoonseong Park, one of the researchers in the study. "It appears to be related to a neuropeptide called tachykinin that is in mammals and invertebrates. While tachykinin is involved with various biological processes, including the control of blood flow in mammals, natalisin is linked to reproductive function and mating behavior in insects and arthropods."
*Natalisin Responsible for Sexual Activity and Reproduction Ability in Insects
8/28/13 Top News (New Zealand)
A research has been carried out by a group of researchers from Kansas State University.
*Workaholism Leads to Deteriorated Physical and Mental Health — Study
8/27/13 iDigital Times (UK)
Researchers from Kansas State University have discovered that workaholism leads to poorer physical health and mental well-being.
*Study forecasts future water levels of crucial agricultural aquifer
David Steward, professor of civil engineering
*KSU Turfgrass Specialist says there are psychological benefits to mowing
Jared Hoyle, Turfgrass Specialist
*Kansas startup's technology could improve the performance of your next smartphone
8/27/13 TechFlash
But the smartphone application is perhaps the most relatable, says Tim Sobering, director of Kansas State University’s Electronics Design Laboratory. Sobering is turning Nikitin’s algorithms into working prototypes.
*Importance of Rural Business
Ron Wilson, Director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development
Town limits development of NY's Plum Island
8-28-13 UT San Deigo
Congress voted in 2009 to close the aging laboratory, and the federal government is now deciding whether to sell it. Proceeds from the sale are supposed to defray the costs of moving operations to a new laboratory at Kansas State University.
Weather ideal for flies to multiply 
8/27/13 Hays Daily News
They're the ultimate picnic pest, and changes in the weather have several types of flies buzzing more than usual, said J.P. Michaud, an associate professor of entomology at Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center in Hays.
College Budget 101: Keeping Gen Y on Track
8/28/13 Women's Radio
Jodi Kaus is director of Kansas State University’s student financial planning center, Powercat Financial Counseling, which began in 2009 as the first peer-to-peer college financial education program in the state. With more than 15 years of experience in wealth management and financial planning, Jodi oversees students trained to provide individual financial counseling, financial presentations and interactive events centered on increasing the financial capability of all Kansas State students. A 1991 graduate of Kansas State University, Jodi received her law degree in 1994 from theUniversity of Kansas School of Law. She is also designated as a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor.
Big brands on campus: Monster contracts benefit Big 12 schools
8/27/13 Kansas City Business Journal
(Texas Christian University and Baylor University are private institutions and not required to make contracts public. Kansas State and Texas Tech have not responded to requests. Iowa State agreed to mail a copy of its contract in return for a nominal payment.)
Dealing with hard work
8/27/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
My sister followed in their footsteps by getting her degree at Kansas State University in finance and then her MBA at the University of Utah.  She has worked in finance and business at Hawker Beechcraft and now at a defense company in Utah.  She and I talk a lot about making connections and meeting new people.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

*Turning Off The Spigot In Western Kansas Farmland
8/27/13 NPR
David Steward, a water expert at Kansas State University, says that he and his colleagues started this research project with a specific kind of person in mind: "The family farmer who's trying to see into the future, and trying to pass on his or her land to their grandchildren."
*Scientists shut down reproductive ability, desire in pest insects
8/26/13 Science Daily
Kansas State University entomologists have helped identify a neuropeptide named natalisin that regulates the sexual activity and reproductive ability of insects.
Debate Grows Over Planned Sale Of NY's Plum Island
8/26/13 NPR
For decades, researchers have studied infectious animal diseases on the island, 100 miles east of New York City. Congress voted in 2009 to close the aging laboratory, which opened in 1954 on property that once housed a Spanish-American War-era U.S. Army base. The 2009 bill envisions using proceeds from the sale to defray the costs of moving operations to a new laboratory at Kansas State University.
*K-State Olathe named an Economic Development Administration University Center
8/26/13 Olathe EDGE
The U.S. Economic Development Administration has designated Kansas State University Olathe as part of its University Center Economic Development Program. The university will receive a $250,000 grant annually over the next five years to support the creation and infrastructure of the K-State Olathe Innovation Accelerator.
*Collaboration brings Chinese veterinary students to K-State
8/26/13 Bovine Vet
For the first time since 1950, students from China are being supported by their home country to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the United States -- and it's happening at Kansas State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. - 
*K-State wheat gene discovery could help crops
8/26/13 Topeka Metro News
Kansas State University says its researchers and those from the U.S. Department of Agriculture have found and cloned a wheat gene that prevents pre-harvest sprouting. The issue occurs when wet conditions delay harvest and wheat seeds germinate in the field.  
*Don't be fooled: Water will remain a major concern
8/26/13 Great Bend Tribune
The report issued by researchers at Kansas State University was published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. It focuses on the Ogallala aquifer in western Kansas.
City supports review of Access TV
8/24/13 Salina Journal
"There is a lot of turnover there and we have a climate question down there," said Stephens, a business teacher at Kansas State University at Salina. "The climate could be more friendly and the contract that was signed in 2011 had a 24-month review period. That should be coming up. I think we need an independent review of what is going on down there." 
*Kan. crops face water questions as aquifer levels fall
8/26/13 USA Today
Kansas' 1st Congressional District generates the most farming income nationwide, and it relies on the High Plains Ogallala Aquifer, which stretches from Texas to South Dakota, for irrigation water. Thirty percent pumped out, the aquifer will probably be 70% empty by 2060, concludes the Kansas State study, even with increasingly efficient irrigation practices.
*Huge aquifer that runs through 8 states quickly being tapped out
8/26/13 NBC News
Researchers from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan., conducted a four-year study of a portion of the High Plains Aquifer, called the Ogallala Aquifer, which provides the most agriculturally important irrigation in the state of Kansas, and is a key source of drinking water for the region.
*Key High Plains aquifer mostly gone in 50 years, study says
8/27/13 Fox News
Although the High Plains Aquifer supplies 30 percent of the nation's irrigated groundwater and extends beneath parts of eight states in the Great Plains, this latest study focused on the Ogallala aquifer that lies underneath Kansas. The report by researchers at Kansas State University was published in the scientific journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America," or PNAS.
*Study: High Plains Aquifer Mostly Gone In 50 Years
Associated Press: San Francisco Gate, Science Daily, KCTV-5, Hutchinson News, KSN, Kansas First News, Emporia Gazette, Westport News (Conn.), Houston Chronicle, The Tribune (Indiana), The Republic, Topeka Capital-Journal, Oregon Herald, Austin-American Statesman, San Antonio Express-News
A new study forecasts that 69 percent of the water in the High Plains Aquifer in Kansas will be depleted within 50 years at current usage rates.

Monday, August 26, 2013

*Workaholics sacrifice their own health, researchers say
8/25/13 Phoenix Business Journal
A study by Kansas State University found that workaholics, which the study defines as those that work more than 50 hours a week, don't often consider their well-being a priority.
Hemispherx Announces Biosecurity Program to Potentially Reduce Pandemic Influenza Threat 
8/26/13 Wall St. Journal
Hemispherx Biopharma announced that at the 2nd International Conference on Biodefense and Natural Disasters meeting in Orlando, Fla., on Aug. 22, Professor Dr. Juergen A. Richt, DVM, Ph.D., a scientific advisor to Hemispherx, described his experiments in human lung cells evidencing that Alferon N Injection(R), the only multi-species, natural interferon approved in the U.S. for the treatment of human refractory HPV genital warts, is biologically active, in low doses, against various classes of viruses occurring naturally in animals and humans. Dr. Richt is the Director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases, the Regents Distinguished Professor at Kansas State University, and an Eminent Scholar of Kansas Bioscience Association.

*Kansas State University study found working habits affect health
KTVK Phoenix, AZ

*KSU professor explains importance of rural business

Tears, joy greet completion of 10-year playground upgrade

8/25/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
The project received another boost when Kansas State University’s Leadership Studies Department made the playground its Civic Engagement Project of the Year. The efforts of all involved culminated in some 500 people attending an emotional, sometimes tearful ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday.
Kansas State spirit sales soar
8/25/13 Kansas First News
K-State is fresh off three conference championships in football, basketball and baseball. Those wins are churning up some new fans in Manhattan, who are happy to part with their money for a piece of Wildcat Nation.
Paws in the Park seeks homes for 'rental' dogs
8/24/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
The shelter is working with Kansas State University on a partnership where veterinary students who are nearing the end of their schooling can get real-world experience neutering animals and diagnosing and treating diseases, such as kennel cough that spread when dogs are in close contact.
UAS: The future of precision agriculture
8/25/13 Hays Post
When technology and agriculture collide, the outcome is often astonishing. At Kansas State University’s recent Agronomy Field Day, the featured technology; small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, astounded attendees.
Upcoming events
8/24/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
Rephotography: A Lens to Ecological Change, with James Sherow, Kansas State University professor of history, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka, 4775 S.W. 21st. Meet and great at 6:30 p.m. Public welcome.
Huelskamp is no best friend to state
8/24/13 Hutchinson News
In the past year, Huelskamp has hijacked the farm bill, voted against the budget for the moving the National Agro and Bio Defense Facility, commonly referred to as NBAF, to Manhattan and Kansas State University (which happens to be in the First district) and has been booted from the House Agriculture Committee, a seat occupied by a Kansan from the Big First for more than 100 years, for being “obstinate.” That right there alone is a huge betrayal to the people of Kansas as I see it.
K-State's Beef Stocker Field Day to be Sept. 26
8/24/13 Hutchinson News
Presentations on beef stocker economics are planned for Kansas State University's 2013 Beef Stocker Field Day on Sept. 26.

Friday, August 24, 2013

*Kansas State University Researcher: Working Overtime Isn't Healthy
8/22/13 Miami Herald, Associated Press, Kansas City Star, Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Business Journal, McClatchy Washington Bureau, Science Daily, Business Journal of Phoenix
Working overtime may cost too much, a Kansas State University researcher says.

Ask The Experts: How do hurricane and disaster management affect consumers and the economy?

8-23-13 Card Hub
Hurricane & Disaster Management
Bimal Paul – K-State 
How has disaster management policy/spending changed since Hurricane Katrina?  What about Hurricane Sandy, more recently?
“Disaster spending has not changed much since Hurricane Katrina. I suspect that the disaster funding has decreased in recent years due to economic downturn. However, disaster response at local, state, and federal levels has improved remarkably since Hurricane Katrina.

K-State stadium expansion finishes ahead of opener
8/22/13 Austin American-Statesman
"We've sold a record number of season tickets," said Kansas State athletic director John Currie, who has spearheaded the project. "Weather-pending, we'll have the most fans ever to come to the stadium this season, about 400,000, which would set the all-time attendance record."
Cook Smarts Launches Food Education Campaign to Help 10,000 Families Avoid Obesity and Financial Challenges
8-22-13 The Houston Chronicle
1. Kansas State University. "Dining on a Dime." ksre.ksu.edu/HumanNutrition/doc9928.ashx
*KSU food safety specialist gives tips on how to avoid Cyclospora
8/22/13 KQTV, KJTV

Thinking Beyond the Box: How Military Archivists are Meeting 21st Century Challenges
8/22/13 CMS Wire
The panel was made up of: Anthony R. Crawford, Associate Professor University Archivist/Curator of Manuscripts,Kansas State University.
Preconditioning webinar now available on demand
8/22/13 Bovine Vet
The webinar features Kansas State University beef-cattle veterinarian Brad White and MFA HealthTrack director and past president of NCBA Mike John.
*Agreement offers transfer credit from KSU to BCCC
8/22/13 Hutchinson News
Students typically first earn an associate's degree before moving on to a four-year college, but a new agreement between Barton County Community College and Kansas State University makes it easier for students to transfer credits in the opposite direction.
*K-State, BRO, Fort Riley To Renew Partnership
8/24/13 1st Infantry Division Post
Kansas State University and the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley will renew a partnership in an on-campus ceremony Aug. 28. The public is invited to attend.
*'Vanguard' Soldiers Join Wildcats For Rugby Clinic at K-State
8/22/13 1st Infantry Division Post
On green turf under clear skies, Kansas State University students and coaches from the Kansas City Blues Rugby Club joined with Soldiers from the 1st Combined Arms Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, to learn about a sport seldom seen in the U.S.: rugby.
Salina firm built chairs for stadium expansion
8/22/13 Salina Journal
Salina custom furniture maker Triad Manufacturing is closing in on one of its largest single orders ever: 404 chairs for the sky boxes for the east side expansion at Bill Snyder Family Stadium at Kansas State University.

Thursday, August 23, 2013

With the right treatments, you CAN win the war on fleas
8/21/13 Chicago Tribune
And that's what so important, adds veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, a distinguished professor Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. "Every pet is different. And every pet owner is different."
*Wheat gene discovery could reduce crop losses
8/21/13 Kansas City Star (Associated Press), KTVQ, KPAX, KXLH, KRTV, KBZK, KAKE, Many Signals Communications
Kansas State University says its researchers and those from the U.S. Department of Agriculture have found and cloned a wheat gene that prevents something called pre-harvest sprouting. The issue occurs when wet conditions delay harvest and wheat seeds germinate in the field.
*NMSU Ranked As LGBT Friendly School
8/21/13 KRWG-FM
Universities on the Campus Pride Index are evaluated once a year and include the University of Arizona, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Indiana University and Kansas State University. 
*Watering tips for lawn and plants during rising heat
8-21-13 Kansas First News
Kansas State University Horticulturist Gregg Eyestone says your lawn needs about an inch of water a week and you can tell if it’s too dry if the grass is turning a blue-grey color or by walking across the lawn.
Grads wilder about K-State than KU
8/21/13 Hutchinson News
Kansas State University has again edged out the University of Kansas as the first-choice college among Kansas high school graduates who took the ACT test, while Hutchinson Community College came in third place among the state's 25 community and technical colleges. 

*K-State Olathe, College of Veterinary Medicine offer fall lecture series to build on youth interest in Animal Health Corridor
8/21/13 Olathe EDGE
A new fall lecture series on the Kansas State University Olathe campus, 22201 W. Innovation Drive, is all about getting high school students interested in careers related to the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. The lecture series is being offered by the university's College of Veterinary Medicine.
*Kansas State Fair begins Sept. 6, is 100 years old
8/21/13 Midwest Producer
"Kansas Rides" Day, Sept. 8, is sponsored by Kansas State University and is overflowing with school promoting activities. Multiple pep rallies and musical ensembles from the university will take place throughout the day. The Eli Young band and Mockingbird Sun take the stage at 7:30 p.m. in the grandstand.
Economic study: Ag production costs comparable to '70s
8/21/13 Midwest Producer
"Today, the costs of agricultural production have surged to the historically high levels of the late 1970s," said Briggeman, director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center at Kansas State University.

*University To Lead World's First NSF-Established Research Center for Wheat
Lab Manager
Kansas State Program Addresses Herd Repopulation
Drover's Cattle Network

Wednesday, August 22, 2013

*Wheat gene discovery could reduce crop losses

8/21/13 Miami Herald (Associated Press)
Kansas State University says its researchers and those from the U.S. Department of Agriculture have found and cloned a wheat gene that prevents something called pre-harvest sprouting. The issue occurs when wet conditions delay harvest and wheat seeds germinate in the field. 
*K-State to lead new N.S.F. wheat research center
8/20/13 Food Business News
Kansas State University (K.S.U.) has been selected to be the lead academic institution for the first National Science Foundation (N.S.F.) industry/university cooperative research center on wheat, the university said. The center began operations on July 29.
*Research collaboration aims to improve wireless technology, smartphones
8/20/13 Electronic Component News magazine
Through a new research partnership, Kansas State University is helping Kansas businesses and the state's economy while improving the technology behind wireless communication systems and smartphones.
*KSU Horticulturist Provides Tips for Watering Your Lawn
Gregg Eyestone
The Best Online College Programs Named for 2013-2014
8/20/13 Newsday
Schools online history program, Best online early childhood education degree programs: Kansas State University
Lawrence, Kan., likely to consider drone ban
8/20/13 Huffington Post
Concerns immediately arose about the impact of such a ban on a drone training program at Kansas State University's Salina campus and the state's growing drone industry. 
*Professors: Paying Children For Grades Not An Effective Tool For Parents
8/21/13 Standard-Examiner
Jared Durtschi, an assistant professor of family studies at Kansas State University, said while monetary compensation for grades may be effective in some cases, parents should be aware it could also decrease their child’s motivation to perform well in school.
Corn price seen falling, spread widening
8/20/13 Agriculture.com
Cheaper exports in global markets by Ukraine and Brazil, a slowdown in U.S. domestic demand for corn to make ethanol for blending with gasoline and a major recovery from a drought in the U.S. will all contribute in dragging down prices, Jay O'Neil, senior agricultural economist at Kansas State University, told Dow Jones Newswires here ahead of an international grain conference.
KSU Officials Make Contacts At UAS Conference
8/21/13 Salina Journal
"We've gone every year since 2008, and it's grown every year," said Kurt Barnhart, chairman of the aviation department at Kansas State University at Salina. 
Grassland Studies schedules fall seminar series
8/20/13 Midwest Producer
The series features Anthony Joern, this year's Frank and Margaret Leu distinguished lecturer. Joern, formerly with the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is a distinguished professor in the Division of Biology and also co-director of the Institute for Grassland Studies at Kansas State University. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2013

*The Benefits of Financial Therapy
8/19/13 U.S. News and World Report
Some educational institutions are now working these issues into the curriculum. For example, Britt is the program director for Kansas State University's Institute of Personal Financial Planning, which includes coursework on the psychology of personal finance and behavioral finance. The master's program in financial planning at Golden Gate University in San Francisco also includes a course on facilitating financial health.
*Smartphone Interference Tackled By Kansas Startup
8/19/13 PC World
The source of these signal-filtering algorithms isn't a wireless-industry giant but Avatekh, a 2-year-old research company that's working with Kansas State University's Electronics Design Laboratory. They announced last week they have received a National Science Foundation grant to implement and test the technology in hardware.
*K-State To House National Science Foundation's Wheat Innovation Center
8/19/13 Wichita Eagle
The National Science Foundation has named Kansas State University the lead institution for the first Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on wheat, according to a news release.
*Online Program Teaches Veterinarians Small Business 
8/19/13 Bovine Veterinarian
Veterinarians can strengthen their business knowledge and skills thanks to a program launched in partnership with Kansas State University.
Drought Conditions Persist In Western Kansas, Ease in East
8/19/13 KCUR
Mary Knapp with Kansas State University calls the turnaround “exceptional.”
Skull Found In Skunk River More Than 200 Years Old
8/19/13 Ames Tribune
It was taken to the state medical examiner’s office for analysis, and later forwarded to a forensic anthropologist at Kansas State University.
Rounding A Critical Turn
8/16/13 Fairfax Times
According to a recent study at Kansas State University, roundabouts actually move traffic through an intersection more quickly, and with less congestion on approaching roads.
Riley Count Police: 10 Arrested During DUI Checklane
8/19/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
The sobriety checkpoint was conducted by the Riley County Police Department, Kansas State University Police Department and Kansas Highway Patrol early Saturday in the 2000 block of Kimball Avenue in Manhattan. It was designed to identify impaired drivers and remove them from the roads, police said.
Woman Attacked While Jogging in Manhattan
8/19/13 WIBW
Riley County police say a woman out for a run was attacked by a strange man. The incident comes after a recent rape near Kansas State University's campus and statements from police, urging Kansas State University students and local residents not to walk alone in the dark.
Suspect In Manhattan Sexual Assault Found Dead
8/19/13 The Houston Chronicle
The assault occurred early on the morning of Aug. 11 near the campus of Kansas State University, prompting authorities to caution students and the general public against walking alone at night.

Monday, August 19

Librarians aid in navigating health care changes

8/16/13 Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Roberta Riportella, professor of community health at Kansas State University in Manhattan, is heading up that effort. She has conducted four-hour workshops with Extension agents, as well as made community presentations and provided posters and other information at county fairs.
*STD among dogs poses threat to humans 
8/15/13 NBC 
“Unfortunately, some of them look clinically fine, they just have the disease,” says Kansas State University veterinarian and Laboratory director Bill Fortney. He says many dog owners don’t know about Canine Brucellosis, an STD spread among the pets.
Higher education, legislative leaders in complicated relationship
8/18/13 Lawrence Journal World
Gray-Little and Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz say sometimes they are asked why they can't use donated funds for operating expenses. They said that donated funds often are contributed for a specific purpose.
*Fetching a solution: Diagnostic lab keeps dogs healthy with new test for canine brucellosis
8/18/13 Great Bend Tribune
The Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is active in the fight against a widespread canine infectious disease that also can spread to humans.
8/19/13 Chronicle of Higher Education
Three largest institutions by enrollment: Johnson County Community College, 32,597; University of Kansas, 32,343; and Kansas State University, 26,649.
Topeka Is 71st In Forbes List; Manhattan, Lawrence Higher
8/17/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
It wasn’t surprising Lawrence and Manhattan ranked higher on education because The University of Kansas and Kansas State University are both widely known, Kinsinger said, though Go Topeka has worked with Washburn Institute of Technology to align training programs with employers’ needs.
Ranchers eye restocking herds as pastures green up
8/17/13 Kansas City Star
While the nation’s western grazing region – an area that includes New Mexico, California, Oregon, Idaho and Montana – have had worse pasture conditions this year than last, this region accounts for only 10 to 12 percent of the nation’s beef cow herd. The parts of the country that encompass the vast majority of the grazing lands for cattle have seen improving pasture conditions, said Glynn Tonsor, an Extension beef specialist at Kansas State University.
Site searching for hometown heroes
8/19/13 Hutchinson News
Clark Kent's alter ego, Superman, will be a hot topic as the festival includes a book discussion of the graphic novel "Superman: Secret Identity" by Joe Sutliff Sanders, an assistant professor at Kansas State University who specializes in children's and adult literature.

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