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Manhattan student takes second place in international competition

Friday, May 1, 2015


MANHATTAN — John Dempster, a Kansas State University senior in accounting and economics from Manhattan, placed second in the 2015 Capsim Foundation Business Simulation Challenge, an international competition that featured 788 students from business schools in 34 countries.

The competition used Capsim Management Simulation software to test students' ability to balance a company's operational, financial and sales goals in a pressure-filled environment.

"I enjoyed learning about how all operations of a business work together," Dempster said. "The simulation also helped improve my financial statement analysis abilities."

Dempster first used the Foundation Business Simulation in associate professor of accounting Joe Ugrin's class, and was one of six finalists selected for the high-pressure playoffs April 24-25.

"The finalists have a great addition to their resume, and their success proves their business skills to any prospective employer," said Anthony Illuzzi, the Challenge coordinator. "While they may still be in college, these students have learned what it takes to run a business."


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A Kansas State University student has placed second in an international business simulation competition.