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Student from Scott City earns Outstanding Student Leadership Award from Lafene Health Center

Thursday, May 15, 2014



MANHATTAN — Service and leadership to a peer education health program at Kansas State University's Lafene Health Center is earning a student from Scott City a special honor.

Lafene's 2014 Outstanding Student Leadership Award was presented to Megan Norman, senior in dietetics, for her work with SNAC, or the Sensible Nutrition And body image Choices group coordinated by the health center.

"Megan has gone above and beyond the typical duties of a peer educator and has excelled in multiple leadership roles throughout her involvement in SNAC," said Dianna Schalles, the organization's adviser and registered dietitian at Lafene.

Norman served as lead peer coordinator for Full of Ourselves, a SNAC outreach program offered at the Manhattan Boys and Girls Club to reduce harmful eating and body image in adolescent girls. As president of SNAC, she also was instrumental in several capacities, including enhanced event promotion and member communications, fundraising, and campus presentations.

"She has been very dedicated to the success of the program over the past two years, and I can't say enough about how wonderful she has been to work with," Schalles said. "Her initiative and commitment to doing her best were evident in every task she took on. I have no doubt Megan will make a positive impact in her future career."

Norman will complete requirements for the university's coordinated program in dietetics with a summer community experience at Geary County's Women, Infants and Children in Junction City; a fall management practicum at the university's Van Zile Dining Center; and a spring clinical practicum at Salina Regional Health Center. She plans to graduate in May 2015.

In addition to her involvement in SNAC, Norman has served as a member of the Sodexo Food Service Committee at the K-State Student Union.


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Lafene Health Center's 2014 Outstanding Student Leadership Award is going to Megan Norman, a senior in dietetics at Kansas State University.