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June 2011


Thursday, June 30, 2011


THE SCIENCE OF SEQUENCING: K-STATE SENIOR USES PEPTIDES TO DEVELOP BETTER METHOD FOR TREATING AND DETECTING CANCER: A Kansas State University undergraduate is exploring the link between cancer research, treatment and detection by looking at a common tie: peptide bonds.

DRIVE 75: NEW SPEED LIMITS UNLIKELY TO CHANGE MUCH ON KANSAS FREEWAYS, EXPERT SAYS: Drivers in Kansas will experience few differences when the state's speed limits increase July 1, according to a Kansas State University transportation expert.

TAKING FLIGHT: ENGINEERING COMPETITION TEAM PLACES FIFTH AT UNMANNED SYSTEM CONTEST: When the Kansas State University chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics restarted in fall 2010, club members knew they wanted to participate in a design competition.

FILLING A NEED: TEACH SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HELPS SCIENCE MAJORS BECOME SCIENCE TEACHERS: Kansas State University students are turning their interest in science into future careers as science teachers through a nationally funded scholarship program entering its second year at the university.

SKILLED CONTENDER: K-STATE SALINA STUDENT PLACES SIXTH AT SKILLSUSA COMPETITION: Kansas State University Salina's Allan Richardson, senior in aviation maintenance, Adams, Neb., put his skills to the test and earned a high finish in a national competition.

WRITTEN IN THE STARS: ENGINEERING STUDENT FINDS HIS FUTURE OFF THE GROUND: Bryan Rogler has always had his eyes skyward. The Kansas State University senior in mechanical engineering, Olathe, says there was no specific beginning to his interest in space.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


LITERATURE A COMPELLING MEDIUM FOR SOCIAL CHANGE, SAY LEADERS OF READING PROGRAM FOR INCOMING FRESHMEN: If an idea that is ignited in just one person can spark change, imagine the shift in thinking that could occur when thousands of individuals begin to think along that same, imaginative line.

GLOBAL LEARNERS: THREE K-STATERS NAMED 2011 FULBRIGHT SCHOLARS: Two Kansas State University graduate students and one recent graduate have received 2011 Fulbright U.S. student scholarships for study abroad.

TACTICAL VICTORY: MASTER'S STUDENT EARNS PRESTIGIOUS ARMY AWARD AND TITLE: A Kansas State University graduate student was able to maneuver to the forefront of his peers in a competition on warfare tactics.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


DEFICIT DILEMMA: COOPERATION NEEDED BUT IN SHORT SUPPLY FOR REDUCING DEBTS: The federal government has routinely operated with a budget deficit for many years, but that practice has become a bad habit, according to a Kansas State University public budgeting expert.

MAKING THE CALL: MARKETING EXPERT FINDS ATTACHMENT TO CELLPHONES MORE ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT, LESS ABOUT COMMUNICATION: That panicked feeling we get when the family pet goes missing is the same when we misplace our mobile phone, says a Kansas State University marketing professor. Moreover, those feelings of loss and hopelessness without our digital companion are natural.

RECOGNIZING EXCELLENCE: CIVIL ENGINEERING SENIOR WINS NATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARD: When Rachel Spicer was younger she frequently went on sailing cruises in the Great Lakes with her grandma. The trips sparked an enduring interest in bridges, dams and other large structures. Spicer, senior in civil engineering, Shawnee, turned that interest into a passion and now has been recognized for her efforts.


Monday, June 27, 2011


EXPENSIVE EATS: AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIST SAYS COST OF CHOWING DOWN GOING UP BECAUSE OF SUPPLY, DEMAND: Food prices are high worldwide and many factors are causing the increase, according to a Kansas State University agricultural economist. "Prices are at high levels compared to what they have been in the past decade," said Sean Fox, professor of agricultural economics.

A COMFORTING DESIGN: K-STATE STUDENTS DESIGN, PRODUCE VESTS FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM: It's a project in which Kansas State University apparel design students have a vested interest. Students in K-State's Apparel Production II class designed and produced special vests for children with autism or sensory integration disorders.

LOST KANSAS TOWNS ARE FOUND AGAIN WITH $400,000 GIFT TO K-STATE'S CHAPMAN CENTER: Mark Chapman, Cat Spring, Texas, has played a pivotal role in providing Kansas State University with the resources to research, preserve and share the history of rural Kansas -- including towns which no longer exist -- through the Chapman Center for Rural Studies in the K-State department of history, a project he initiated two years ago.

CEMENTING A FUTURE: STUDENTS EARN CERTIFICATION FROM THE AMERICAN CONCRETE INSTITUTE: Three Kansas State University construction science and management students worked to construct their futures by receiving their Tilt-Up Concrete Technician Certification.


Friday, June 24, 2011


K-STATE'S RESEARCH NUCLEAR REACTOR FOUND TO HAVE NO FUEL DAMAGE AFTER FALSE ALARM: The nuclear reactor used for research at Kansas State University was found to have no fuel damage after a monitoring instrument falsely reported an alarm.

GRADUATE STUDENT'S INTEREST IN SECURITY STUDIES, TRAVEL LEADS TO BOREN FELLOWSHIP IN JORDAN: International travel has been a way of life for Kansas State University graduate student Sean Webeck. As a 2011 Boren Fellow he now has the chance to study abroad and further his understanding of the Middle East. Webeck, master's student in security studies, Manhattan, will travel in December to Amman, Jordan, to spend a year studying Arabic.

MEDIA ADVISORY: EXPERT CAN COMMENT ON GAS PRICES AND EFFECTS ON SMALL BUSINESSES: High gas prices are having a variety of effects on the economy. Chad Jackson, Kansas State University's associate director of the Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship and a small business expert, can discuss this issue in detail.

K-STATE AWARDS SEMESTER, GRADUATION HONORS FOR SPRING 2011: More than 3,000 students earned semester honors from Kansas State University for their academic performance in the spring 2011 semester, while 337 students have received May 2011 graduation honors to recognize outstanding academic performance.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


SEQUEL SYNDROME: FOLLOW-UPS DON'T MEAN MOVIEMAKERS ARE LACKING IN ORIGINALITY, EXPERT SAYS: The names are quite familiar to moviegoers: Harry, Optimus Prime and Edward. Each represents a movie franchise that has seen great success and is poised for a repeat. A record 27 movie sequels have or will be released during summer 2011. This trend represents an investment in a successful brand, according to a Kansas State University movie expert.

PORTER HONORS FAMILY THROUGH $1 MILLION BEQUEST TO K-STATE: Alan Porter, Santa Barbara, Calif., may not have graduated from Kansas State University, but it still holds a special place with his family and in his heart.

READY, SET, GROW: KANSAS COUNTIES GET HELP FROM ADVANCED MANUFACTURING INSTITUTE TO EXPAND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Economic development in 19 Kansas counties is getting a new focus with the help of Kansas State University's Advanced Manufacturing Institute.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


PLANT PATHOLOGIST FINDING KANSAS WHEAT FIELDS A MOLECULAR BATTLEGROUND THIS SEASON: With harvest in full swing, many farmers have found that the brutal combination of high winds, scorching temperatures and minimal rainfall has left most wheat yields looking less like the good or the bad and more like the ugly.

MAKING WAVES: K-STATE'S SOLAR BOAT TEAM TAKES TO THE WATER DURING INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: It sounds simple: Take a boat and make as many laps around the lake as possible during a two-hour timeframe. But according to Kenny Ham, Kansas State University Salina's Solar Boat Club president, the race is a little more complicated than that because unlike convention gas powered boats, all the boats at the Solar Splash competition are powered by electricity from a bank of batteries, which are recharged using solar panels.

CHARTWELLS DINING SERVICES SUPPORTS K-STATE STUDENTS BOTH BODY AND MIND THANKS TO NEW SCHOLARSHIP: When it comes to campus dining and nutrition, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services has been a partner with Kansas State University and taking care of K-State students' appetites since 1996.

MEETING ON-CAMPUS HOUSING DEMAND: FINANCIAL INCENTIVES OFFERED TO RETURNING STUDENTS TO BREAK THEIR HOUSING CONTRACTS: Living on campus is a popular choice at Kansas State University. Even though the university increased on-campus housing this past year, the demand has exceeded any of the university's expectations.

BUILDING SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES IN RURAL KANSAS TOPIC OF DAYLONG DIALOGUE: The Consortium for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability and its partners are host to the sixth annual Dialogue on Sustainability: Building Sustainable Communities. The event is Thursday, July 14, in Fiedler Hall at Kansas State University.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


IN EUROPE AND THE U.S., CONSUMER VIEWS ON CLONED PRODUCTS BREED DIFFERENT RESULTS: Not all consumers share the same attitudes toward animal cloning, but the latest research from Sean Fox, Kansas State University professor of agricultural economics, shows that Americans may be more accepting of consuming cloned animal products than Europeans.

K-STATE MUSIC EXPERTS: MTV INFLUENCING POPULAR CULTURE, ALTHOUGH IN A MORE LIMITED WAY, 30 YEARS AFTER LAUNCH: "Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll." That declaration was given nearly 30 years ago with little fanfare and was only audible to a few thousand people in northern New Jersey. But the launch of Music Television, also known as MTV, on Aug. 1, 1981, had permanent implications for the music industry and popular culture, according to two Kansas State University music experts.

AMONG THE ELITE: TWO K-STATE DOCTORAL STUDENTS AMONG TOP 20 GRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE WORLD: Two Kansas State University doctoral students have received international recognition for their research with graphene. The Global School of Advanced Studies, or GSAS, has honored Kabeer Jasuja, a doctoral student in chemical engineering, India, and Nihar Mohanty, a doctoral student in chemical engineering, India, as two of the top 20 graduate students around the globe.

PURPOSEFUL DESIGN: STUDENTS DESIGN CLOTHES, OTHER ITEMS FOR INDIAN WOMEN'S COOPERATIVES: Students in apparel and textiles classes at Kansas State University are accustomed to designing different articles of clothing, but this year they got to channel their creativity into a project that has impacted both women and families internationally.


Monday, June 20, 2011


DOWNWARD SPIRAL: AMID DECLINING HOME PRICES AND A STAGNANT MARKET, STUDY SAYS STOPPING FORECLOSURE DELAY WILL BRING IMPROVEMENT: As housing prices in the United States continue to drop, a Kansas State University professor says the best way to help the market is to stop delaying foreclosures.

SHARED EXPERIENCES: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STUDENTS BLOG ABOUT INTERNSHIPS, EXPLORATION ABROAD: It's the first time that Tracy Gettinger, Kansas State University junior in marketing, Overland Park, will go abroad. Years ago she set her mind to learning Spanish and travel to a Spanish-speaking country. This summer she will meet this goal and write about her experience.


Friday, June 17, 2011


DEAN OF COLLEGE OF EDUCATION BEGINNING PHASED RETIREMENT AFTER END OF 2011-2012 ACADEMIC YEAR: After 21 years as dean of the Kansas State University College of Education, Michael Holen will relinquish his position and enter phased retirement at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year.

ROAD TEST: CLICK IT OR TICKET DRIVE A SUCCESS ON CAMPUS: A Kansas State University Police Department campaign to get people to buckle up is being credited with raising traffic safety awareness on campus.

CLASS ACTS: VETERINARY MEDICINE STUDENTS EARN PFIZER SCHOLAR AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE: Thirteen Kansas State University students are among a select group of veterinary students receiving the Pfizer Animal Health Student Scholar Award for their outstanding contributions to the veterinary profession and to the well-being and medical care of animals.


Thursday, June 16, 2011


EMPOWERING KNOWLEDGE: STUDENT SCHOLARS REDESIGN MOTOR CONTROL DEVICE FOR USE IN ENGINEERING LABS: A team of Kansas State University students has changed the way mechanical engineering students will learn about control theory. The students redesigned the MotorLab, an experimental system with a brushless DC -- or direct current -- motor and several necessary feedback devices.

ELECTRONIC DISSERTATION EARNS K-STATE PLANT PATHOLOGIST ELITE AWARD: A Kansas State University research associate in plant pathology is among an elite group of researchers being recognized for exemplary theses and dissertations.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


BRIDGING THE FUTURE: K-STATE PROGRAM HELPS COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENTS BECOME SUCCESSFUL BIOMEDICAL RESEARCHERS: Eight community college students are spending eight weeks this summer at Kansas State University to begin careers as biomedical researchers. Under the direction of K-State faculty researchers, the students are working on summer projects related to human nutrition, skin cancer and even plant genetics.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


CONSERVATION ON THE MENU: STUDY CAN HELP DECREASE WATER USAGE IN KANSAS RESTAURANTS: It's no secret recipe: Restaurants use millions of gallons of water every year to whet our appetites. Recent research by a Kansas State University doctoral student can help restaurants decrease water usage without dampening dinner.

DESIGNED FOR SUCCESS: QUARTER-SCALE TRACTOR TEAM WINS INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: When it comes to scaling the heights of success, it's hard to beat Kansas State University's Quarter-Scale Tractor Team. K-State's A team took first place in the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers' 14th annual International Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition, June 2-5, in Peoria, Ill.


Monday, June 13, 2011


LOST IN TRANSLATION: CHILDREN'S BOOKS NOT ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL AS MOVIES: Children's books have long been fodder for Hollywood, with "Mr. Popper's Penguins" the latest kids' story getting a silver-screen version. But do movies based on kids' books live up to the print versions?

FLYING HIGH: TWO K-STATE SALINA PILOTS TO COMPETE IN HISTORIC, ALL-FEMALE RACE: Megan Henderson and Nicole Lordemann are preparing for the ultimate summer adventure that two female pilots could dream of: Air Race Classic 2011.

CLIMATE CHANGE EXCHANGE: CARBON SEQUESTRATION RESEARCH DRAWS VISITING CHINESE SCIENTIST TO K-STATE: Kansas State University's international reputation as a center of research on agriculture and climate change has attracted a visiting scholar from China.

PROMISING START: POSTDOC'S EYE RESEARCH EARNS AWARD FROM NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH: A Kansas State University postdoctoral fellow is being recognized by the National Institutes of Health as a promising young scientist.

Friday, June 10, 2011


HISTORY PROFESSOR, PHOTOGRAPHER GEORGE KREN MAKES ART OF ARTISTS AND ART CONNOISSEURS IN 'MAKERS FRAMED': Photographic portraits of artists and people with a connection to the arts, all taken by a former Kansas State University professor of history, are featured in a new exhibition running June 17 to Oct. 18 at K-State's Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art.

SUCCESSFULLY JUGGLING SCHOOL, WORK, FAMILY AND MORE EARNS NEW DISTANCE EDUCATION GRADUATE EXTRAORDINARY STUDENT AWARD: When Michele Heveron, Spicer, Minn., began taking animal sciences classes through Kansas State University, she had no idea she'd be named an extraordinary student by the time she graduated -- all without setting foot on campus.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


DOCTORAL STUDENTS EARN FINANCIAL BACKING FOR LIFE-SAVING, HIGH-PROFILE RESEARCH: Five Kansas State University doctoral candidates have received a prestigious university scholarship for their dissertations that focus on improving human health and enhancing the quality of life.

SERVING STUDENTS: DEREK JACKSON NAMED DIRECTOR OF HOUSING AND DINING SERVICES: After a national search, Kansas State University has selected Derek Jackson to lead the unit that houses and feeds more than 5,000 students living on campus.

SCHULZ TELLS ANIMAL HEALTH SUMMIT HOW RESEARCH EXPERTISE IS MAKING K-STATE A NATIONAL LEADER: For proof that Kansas State University is a leader in animal health, look no farther than the national research centers that have come to Manhattan because of the university's expertise.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


SUMMER HEATS UP WITH RESEARCH EXPERIENCES FOR UNDERGRADUATES AT K-STATE: More than 125 college students from across the U.S. and Puerto Rico are taking part in select summer research experience programs at Kansas State University. Research areas include ecological genomics, ecology, bioenergy, sustainability, climate change and leading edge studies in chemistry, mathematics and physics.

AT K-STATE OLATHE: SEMINAR ON ANIMAL HEALTH INDUSTRY COMPLIANCE FEATURES FDA ANIMAL DRUG EVALUTION LEADER: The department of agricultural economics at Kansas State University will present a luncheon seminar on regulatory compliance in the animal health industry from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, June 23, at K-State Olathe. The seminar will provide animal health companies with regulatory guidance to enhance their global competitiveness.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


INFECTIOUS DISEASE EXPERT WITH INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH EXPERIENCE SELECTED TO LEAD BIOSECURITY RESEARCH INSTITUTE: An expert in vector biology, arthropod-borne infectious diseases, immune modulation and vaccine evaluation is the newest leader of the Biosecurity Research Institute at Kansas State University.

NONTRADITIONAL STUDENTS EARN SPOT IN PINNACLE HONOR SOCIETY FOR ACADEMIC, LEADERSHIP SUCCESS: Kansas State University's chapter of Pinnacle Honor Society, a nontraditional student honor society, has 50 new members. Induction ceremonies were part of the recent K-State Division of Continuing Education honors and awards reception.


Monday, June 6, 2011


FULBRIGHT AWARD TAKES THURSTON-GONZALEZ TO KOREA FOR CULTURAL, EDUCATIONAL EXCHANGE: A Fulbright award will help a Kansas State University international services administrator learn more about the higher education system in South Korea.

SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP EARN MASTER'S STUDENT KAPPA OMICRON NU FELLOWSHIP: A Kansas State University student is receiving a national fellowship to complete his master's degree in marriage and family therapy.

ON A MISSION: WORKSHOP FOR SCIENCE TEACHERS HIGHLIGHTS K-STATE OLATHE'S OUTREACH IN FOOD SAFETY: Since its grand opening in late April, Kansas State University Olathe -- the Kansas City area's newest campus -- has been focused on its mission of research and outreach in food safety and animal health.

TRAINING FOR A FUTURE: ADVANCED MANUFACTURING INSTITUTE'S INTERNSHIP PROGRAM PROVIDING KANSAS COMPANIES WITH QUALIFIED EMPLOYEES: Preparing Kansas State University students for the professional work force, especially for jobs in Kansas, is the main goal of an internship program offered by K-State's Advanced Manufacturing Institute, or AMI.

START OF SOMETHING NEW: LOVERS LANE TURNING ONE WAY TO ACCOMMODATE JUSTIN HALL CONSTRUCTION: Work on the 13,180-square-foot addition to Kansas State University's Justin Hall will start Monday, June 6, and require making Lovers Lane a one-way street and temporarily closing the hall's main south entrance.


Friday, June 3, 2011


TRAINING THE LEADERS: NEW KANSAS EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE PROVIDES PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, MENTORING: Kansas State University's College of Education and educational leaders from across the state are partners in a new institute for the induction and mentoring of school district executive leaders.

RECORD PERFORMANCE: K-STATE SALINA BAJA SAE TEAM HAS STRONG SHOWING: It wasn't just NASCAR drivers who took to the track over Memorial Day weekend. Kansas State University Salina's Baja SAE team set a record while competing against 99 other teams from around the country at the 2011 Baja SAE Kansas competition, May 26-29, in Pittsburg.

MASTER STROKE: ARCC/KING STUDENT MEDAL FOR EXCELLENCE GOES TO REGIONAL AND COMMUNITY PLANNING GRADUATE: A paper by a new Kansas State University regional and community planning graduate is being recognized for excellence.

GIFT OF $100,000 HELPS TO ESTABLISH THE NEXT GENERATION OF INNOVATORS: It's long been a mission of the Kansas State University College of Engineering to impress the value of the entrepreneurial spirit upon its student body -- and to demonstrate the potential for greatness to those willing to take the initiative and risk to be pioneers of the future. Raj Nathan, Pleasanton, Calif., knows the value of nurturing that spirit.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: PHI BETA KAPPA GAINS MORE THAN 50 NEW MEMBERS: More than 50 students are new members of Kansas State University's chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest and most prestigious academic honor society.


Thursday, June 2, 2011


FROM THE GREAT DEPRESSION TO A GREAT RESTORATION: PROJECT ADDS NEW LIFE TO HISTORIC OVERMYER MURALS: It started with a pumpkin that looked flat and not quite the right color. It ends with a Cinderella-like transformation, returning this pumpkin and four special artworks at Kansas State University to their original glory.

AWAITING THE END: DOOMSDAY PROPHECIES ATTRACT VARIETY OF BELIEVERS: Doomsday prophesying has been in vogue for many generations and attracted a variety of believers. But according to a Kansas State University social psychology expert, there is a wide variability in our acceptance of doomsday prophecies.

MEDIA ADVISORY: BOYS' STATE OF KANSAS RETURNS TO K-STATE CAMPUS FOR 20TH YEAR: A variety of current and former state political leaders will address the delegates of the 74th annual American Legion Boys' State of Kansas Leadership Academy. Kansas State University is host of the academy at the Kramer Dining Complex and Goodnow and Marlatt halls, June 5-11.

THINKING CONSTITUTIONALLY: IDEAS, ISSUES AND INDIVIDUALS FOCUS OF FREE SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS' WORKSHOP, JULY 24-28: How to teach constitutional ideas is the focus of a free workshop for social studies teachers being offered by Kansas State University, July 24-28, at the Topeka Capitol Plaza Hotel, Topeka. Registration deadline is Monday, June 27.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


BUILDING LEADERSHIP: FIVE NEW GRADUATES EARNS OUTSTANDING SENIOR AWARDS: The School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University is recognizing five of its recent graduates with outstanding senior awards.

ADVANCING DISCOVERY: NGUYEN CITED FOR MENTORING OF UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCHERS; SCHNEWEIS RECOGNIZED FOR OUTSTANDING UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH: A breast cancer researcher and a student who is studying a virus through a new branch of vector biology are being honored for their efforts in continuing and encouraging research excellence at Kansas State University.

EVENT PLANNERS: K-STATE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SELECTS STUDENTS FOR 2011 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE: Organizing Kansas State University's Homecoming Week is the task charged to the 2011 Student Homecoming Committee, made up of 16 new members, nine returning members and eight appointees.


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