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June 2009



Tuesday, June 30, 2009

K-STATE EXPERT SAYS MANY FACTORS MAKE PATRIOTIC MUSIC APPEALING, AND NOT ALL PATRIOTIC SONGS WERE BORN IN THE USA: For many Americans, the Fourth of July means fireworks, parades, picnics and plenty of patriotic music.

K-STATE SOPHOMORE STUDIES THE EFFECTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE ON NEMATODES TO UNDERSTAND HOW CLIMATE CHANGE AFFECTS PLANTS, ANIMALS AND HUMANS: A Kansas State University student is studying how climate change affects one of the most numerous animals on the planet to gain insight into how these changes affect larger organisms like humans.

K-STATE FOOD SAFETY EXPERTS CONTRIBUTE TO NEW BOOK ON CAUSES, SOLUTIONS TO PRODUCE CONTAMINATION: Ever since childhood we've been told that fruits and vegetables are good for us. And they are -- except when they make us sick. "We should eat fresh produce because it's good for us, but it's also a significant cause of foodborne illness," said Doug Powell, an associate professor of food safety at Kansas State University.

K-STATE DIETETICS STUDENT FROM LEAVENWORTH ATTENDS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE SPONSORED BY AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION: Laura Romig, a Kansas State University senior in dietetics, Leavenworth, was among the national leaders of the American Dietetic Association selected to attend the association's sixth Leadership Institute, June 11-14, in Dallas, Texas.


Monday, June 29, 2009

K-STATE RESEARCHER STUDIES THE ANTI-CANCER CAPABILITIES OF A SPECIAL PURPLE SWEET POTATO: A Kansas State University researcher is studying the potential health benefits of a specially bred purple sweet potato because its dominant purple color results in an increased amount of anti-cancer components.

K-STATE'S DAVID SOLDAN HONORED BY AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERING EDUCATORS WITH MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARD: David Soldan, a Kansas State University professor of electrical and computer engineering, has received the 2009 Meritorious Service Award from the American Society of Engineering Educators' Electrical and Computer Engineering Division.


Friday, June 26, 2009

K-STATE'S 3.9 PERCENT TUITION INCREASE IS THE LOWEST AMONG STATE UNIVERSITIES: Kansas State University leaders said today the 2009-2010 tuition increase approved by the Kansas Board of Regents will help keep the cost of a K-State education affordable.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

K-STATE PSYCHOLOGISTS LOOK AT SOME REASONS BEHIND THE FASCINATION WITH FIREWORKS: Fireworks are a popular way to celebrate the Fourth of July, whether shooting them off from the backyard or watching a professional display.

K-STATE ENGINEERS RESEARCH THE EFFECTS OF EXPANSION FROM HEAT ON AN ALTERNATIVE BRIDGE THAT IS ECONOMICALLY EFFICIENT: Kansas State University researchers are studying the effects of integral bridge expansion resulting from heat to make these types of bridges a more viable alternative.

K-STATE AT SALINA ADDS GARMIN G1000 TRAINING SUITE FOR AVIATION, AVIONICS STUDENTS: Kansas State University at Salina has acquired a complete G1000 integrated avionics training suite to be used by students in the avionics maintenance and professional pilot degree programs.

K-STATE'S COLLEGE OF EDUCATION RECOGNIZES FOUR NEW GRADUATES FOR COMPLETING THE COLLEGE'S HONORS PROGRAM: Four new graduates of Kansas State University's College of Education are being recognized for completing the college's honors program. The honorees, all May 2009 bachelor's graduates, are Jaimie Borntrager, Haven; Maria O'Halloran, Hesston; Cassandra Morrow, Overland Park; and Jessica Spare, St. John.

K-STATE STUDENT UNION OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. AS A PLACE TO ESCAPE THE HEAT: With continued high temperatures forecasted through the rest of the week, the K-State Student Union at Kansas State University is available during its regular operating hours to members of the campus community and the general public who need relief from the heat.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

K-STATE RESEARCHER FINDS THAT GIRL SCOUT MEETINGS PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY TO INCREASE GIRLS' PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND TO PROMOTE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Girls typically are less physically active than boys, but a Kansas State University researcher has found that organizations like Girl Scouts provide an ideal setting to get girls moving early in life and to develop lifelong healthy habits.

K-STATE AWARDS MORE THAN 2,000 STUDENTS SEMESTER, GRADUATION HONORS: More than 1,700 students earned semester honors from Kansas State University for their academic performance during the spring 2009 semester. In addition, 329 students have received May 2009 graduation honors to recognize their outstanding academic performance as undergraduates.

K-STATE AT SALINA SIGNS 2+2 AGREEMENTS WITH BARTON COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE AND NORTHWEST KANSAS TECHNICAL COLLEGE; RENEWS ONE WITH COLBY COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Kansas State University at Salina has signed 2+2 agreements with Barton County Community College and Northwest Kansas Technical College, and has renewed an existing agreement with Colby Community College.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

K-STATE WEB 2.0 EXPERT TELLS HOLLYWOOD HEAVYWEIGHTS HOW YOUTUBE IS CHANGING MEDIA LANDSCAPE; SAYS TO EXPECT MORE AMATEUR PRODUCTIONS, PROMOTIONS ON YOUTUBE: Michael Wesch, who studies the Web 2.0 culture, took his message to Hollywood recently. The Wrap, an entertainment industry Web site, invited him to present his research to film and television producers, along with major players from Google and YouTube.

K-STATE'S NEW GUIDE TO PERSONAL SUCCESS -- OR GPS -- PROGRAM TO HELP INCOMING STUDENTS CHART A COURSE FOR SUCCESS: For some first-year students, the transition from high school to college life can be difficult. To help incoming students cope with those challenges, Kansas State University is launching the GPS -- or Guide to Personal Success -- program.

K-STATE SOPHOMORE FROM OVERLAND PARK RESEARCHES THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE BEHAVIORS AND ATTITUDES ELICITED FROM DIFFERENT MUSIC LYRICS: The words to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" tell a simple story about an arachnid and a spout, but simply recalling the lines could initiate an unintentional attitude. That's the focus of research by Kansas State University's Eduardo Alvarado, sophomore in pre-law,who is looking at the behaviors elicited from the musical lyrics of common songs.


Monday, June 22, 2009

K-STATE FINANCIAL PLANNING EXPERT AND COLLEAGUE PREPARING KANSAS COMMUNITIES FOR SOCIAL COSTS OF EXPANSION OF GAMBLING ACROSS THE STATE: As state-owned casinos come to Kansas, they bring both the promise of increased revenue for the state and the potential for more social problems for communities.

CAROL GOULD TO SERVE AS EXECUTIVE COORDINATOR OF GREAT PLAINS IDEA, THE INTERACTIVE DISTANCE EDUCATION ALLIANCE WITH ROOTS AT K-STATE: A veteran of Kansas State University has a new role in the campus community. Carol Gould has been named executive coordinator of the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance, also known as Great Plains IDEA.


Friday, June 19, 2009

K-STATE ADMINISTRATION SUPPORTS REGENTS' RELEASE OF REVIEW/AUDIT: The Kansas Board of Regents released its recent review/audit of Kansas State University today, Friday, June 19, and the decision to do so was greeted positively by new K-State President Kirk Schulz.
Kansas Board of Regents news release




Thursday, June 18, 2009


K-STATE VETERINARIAN SAYS WHILE EXOTIC PETS CAN BE GREAT COMPANIONS, THERE ARE HEALTH FACTORS THAT CAN AFFECT BOTH THE ANIMAL AND HUMANS: Owners of exotic animals like reptiles and birds need to be aware of illnesses that can affect both their pet and humans, according to a Kansas State University veterinarian.

K-STATE STUDENT FROM SUBLETTE RESEARCHES DIVERSITY AND AGING ISSUES, CREATES TRAINING CURRICULUM FOR LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES: Shelby Griffin, a May 2009 bachelor's graduate in human ecology and gerontology, Sublette, worked on a project with Laci Cornelison, research assistant at K-State's Center on Aging, to develop a training program on diversity that nurses could take for their continuing education units.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


THE POWER OF THE TORNADO AND ITS PLACE IN POP CULTURE FEATURED AT THE 'BLOWN AWAY' OPEN HOUSE JUNE 27 AT K-STATE'S BEACH MUSEUM OF ART: The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University will remember the tornadoes that have ravaged Kansas recently and recognize the tornado's place in pop culture at "Blown Away," an open house at the museum from 1-3 p.m. Saturday, June 27.

K-STATE BIOCHEMISTRY GRADUATE STUDENT EARNS OPPORTUNITY TO MEET NOBEL LAUREATES AT SUMMER CONFERENCE IN LINDAU, GERMANY: Jayne Christen, a doctoral student in biochemistry, has been chosen to attend the 2009 Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany. Christen was one of nearly 100 students chosen from institutions in the U.S. like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California-Berkley. Her attendance at the meeting will be funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

K-STATE'S BEACH MUSEUM CUTTING BACK ITS HOURS, CLOSING FOR JULY 4 HOLIDAY: Beginning July 2, Kansas State University's Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art will close at 5 p.m. on Thursdays.

K-STATE BEACH MUSEUM OF ART'S KATHRINE SCHLAGECK TO RECEIVE A GOVERNOR'S ARTS AWARD: Kathrine Schlageck, senior educator at Kansas State University's Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, is receiving the Governor's Arts Award for arts in education.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


K-STATE JOURNALISM PROFESSOR, COLLEAGUE FIND THAT ONLINE OBITUARIES ARE CHANGING THE WAY WE PUBLICLY REMEMBER THE DEAD AND HOW NEWSPAPERS COVER DEATHS: The ways we deal with death are finding a new life online, according to research being published by a Kansas State University journalism professor and her colleague.

SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING SUMMER WORKSHOP FOR EIGHTH- AND NINTH-GRADE GIRLS JUNE 22-26 AT K-STATE: Five days of engineering, math and science exploration is the agenda planned for eighth- and ninth-grade girls June 22-26 at Kansas State University.

K-STATE HAVING FIRST MILITARY AND VETERANS CAMPUS VISIT DAY JULY 17: Kansas State University's first Military and Veterans Campus Visit Day will be 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, July 17, at the K-State Student Union.

TOLAR MOVES FROM INTERIM DIRECTOR TO DIRECTOR OF K-STATE'S SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP STUDIES: Mary Hale Tolar has been named director of Kansas State University's School of Leadership Studies.


Monday, June 15, 2009


TODAY IS FIRST OFFICIAL DAY ON THE JOB FOR K-STATE'S 13TH PRESIDENT, KIRK SCHULZ: Kirk Schulz, a chemical engineer who speaks with a slight Virginia accent, said he has experienced a most pleasant surprise since the Kansas Board of Regents named him Jon Wefald's replacement Feb. 11. That surprise is the passion students, faculty and staff have for Kansas State University and how much they say they look forward to doing some things differently. It is a rare combination to find, he said.

NOEL SCHULZ COMBINES ROLES AS ENGINEERING PROFESSOR AND FIRST LADY AT KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY: Noel Schulz was inspired by both of her parents to complete an education in engineering. Her father was a college-level electrical engineering professor and her mother was an elementary school teacher. Today, Schulz is a nationally recognized expert in power systems engineering who researches the use of computers, including intelligent systems, to solve problems in power system design, operations and controls.

RESEARCHERS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE COMING TO K-STATE JUNE 21 FOR WORKSHOP ON A FUNGUS THAT CREATES PROBLEMS WORLDWIDE FOR THE FOOD SUPPLY, HUMAN HEALTH: Fusarium has been responsible for eye infections from contact lenses, devastating losses of Australian cotton crops and threatening the commercial banana business in Central America.

K-STATE EXPERT SAYS COUPLES SHOULD HAVE A TALK ABOUT MONEY BEFORE THEY TIE THE KNOT: Couples should have a talk about an important issue that will affect their future before exchanging their "I dos," according to Kristy Archuleta of Kansas State University's Institute of Personal Financial Planning Clinic.


Friday, June 12, 2009


AS MISS KANSAS 2009, K-STATE TRUMPET PLAYER WILL BE A VOCAL ADVOCATE FOR ARTS EDUCATION: As a girl, Becki Ronen, Miss Kansas 2009, said she was quite shy. So when fifth grade rolled around and she was asked which instrument she wanted to play, she picked a loud one.

THE CONFECTIONS OF CHILDHOOD FOCUS OF ARTWORK BY K-STATE ART PROFESSOR: Kansas State University art professor Lynda Andrus has turned a sweet taste of her childhood into art.

K-STATE OFFERING HAZARDOUS WASTE OPERATIONS AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE TRAINING COURSES IN JULY: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response training will be offered at Kansas State University in July. The courses include a Web-based and on-site 40-hour training course and an eight-hour refresher course.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


K-STATE LIBRARIAN'S SEARCH FOR UNIQUELY KANSAS CUISINE COMES UP FLAT BUT FINDS THAT MANY KANSANS ARE PRESERVING ETHNIC FOOD TREASURES ACROSS THE STATE: As rare books librarian at Kansas State University, Roger Adams sees plenty of cuisine in the pages of Hale Library's cookery collection. Out of curiosity, the Kentucky native began asking Kansans about their own signature cuisine. He usually heard about foods like steak that weren't unique to Kansas or dishes like chicken fried steak that claim origins elsewhere.

PAPERS WRITTEN BY K-STATE STUDENTS HONORED BY MIDWEST ASSOCIATION FOR CANADIAN STUDIES: Papers written by two Kansas State University students have been honored by the Midwest Association for Canadian Studies. Their papers, which focused on issues impacting French Canadians, were presented at the 2008 conference of the Midwest Association for Canadian Studies in St. Louis, Mo. The paper awards were only recently announced.

K-STATE SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP STUDIES' INAUGURAL SUSAN M. SCOTT COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP AWARD TO SUSAN ALLEN: Susan Allen, director of the nonviolence education program at Kansas State University, is the recipient of the inaugural Susan M. Scott Community Leadership Award from K-State's School of Leadership Studies.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


NASA HONORS K-STATE ENGINEERING RESEARCHERS FOR THEIR WORK ON A MICRO TRANSCEIVER FOR USE ON FUTURE MARS ROVERS AND SCOUTS: NASA is recognizing Kansas State University engineers and their colleagues for developing wireless technology aimed at the search for water -- and ultimately life -- on Mars.

RUTH DYER TO SERVE AS K-STATE'S INTERIM PROVOST: Ruth Dyer will serve as Kansas State University's interim provost. Dyer, who is currently K-State's associate provost, will assume her new duties June 15.

K-STATE STUDENT UNION OFFERING SUMMER WORKSHOPS ON HARRY POTTER, CREATIVE WRITING, INVESTING AND MORE: School may be out for the summer, but area high school students interested in learning more about Harry Potter, writing or business-related topics are in luck.

K-STATE AT SALINA STUDENT RECEIVES SCHOLARSHIP FROM HELICOPTER FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL: A Kansas State University at Salina student is one of only six students in the world this year to receive the Maintenance Technician Scholarship from Helicopter Foundation International.

K-STATE SENIOR FROM LEAWOOD TO SERVE SUMMER INTERNSHIP WITH THE 'RACHAEL RAY SHOW' IN NEW YORK CITY: A Kansas State University senior will get a behind-the-scenes view of one of the real-world entertainment shows she enjoys watching when she serves as an intern for a popular, award-winning daytime talk show.

K-STATE'S DONNA POTTS TO SERVE ANOTHER TERM ON NATIONAL COUNCIL OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS: A Kansas State University faculty member has been re-elected to the National Council of the American Association of University Professors.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


K-STATE HOST TO NOTED WORKSHOP ON RAPID METHODS FOR DETECTING MICROORGANISMS IN FOOD AND OTHER SUBSTANCES JUNE 19-26: Kansas State University once again is host to a noted microbiology workshop that helps the scientists who test food and other samples for microorganisms. K-State's 29th annual Rapid Methods and Automation in Microbiology workshop will be June 19-26.

K-STATE'S 2009-2010 COFFMAN TEACHING SCHOLAR TO PROMOTE DIVERSITY IN THE CLASSROOM AND ACROSS CAMPUS: Doug Benson has been named K-State's 2009-2010 Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars. During his term, he will encourage diversity by helping to develop faculty and student resources on promoting diversity in the classroom.

K-STATE MATH PROFESSOR LOOKING TO MATHEMATICAL THEORIES FOR CLUES ON ORIGINS AND FUTURE OF LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE; SUGGESTS ARTIFICIAL BLACK HOLES PLAY A BIG PART: Louis Crane, K-State professor of mathematics, is studying new theories about why the universe is the way it is. He has a grant from the Foundational Questions Institute to study new approaches to the quantum theory of gravity, his primary research area as both a mathematician and a physicist. Crane hopes to uncover implications of these theories for the origin and the future of life.


Monday, June 8, 2009


NEW YORK TIMES EDITOR TO BE NEW ADVISER TO K-STATE'S STUDENT NEWSPAPER: Stephen L. Wolgast, news design editor for the New York Times, has been named the new adviser to Kansas State University's student newspaper, the K-State Collegian. Wolgast also will serve as an instructor of journalism and digital media in K-State's A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

K-STATE QUARTER-SCALE TRACTOR TEAM TAKES SECOND PLACE AT INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: The Kansas State University Quarter-Scale Tractor Team has won second place at the 12th annual International Quarter-Scale Tractor Competition sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, May 29-31, in Peoria, Ill.

A heartfelt collaboration -- K-STATE RESEARCHER AND SONS SHED LIGHT ON PLAQUE, HEART DISEASE: Kansas State University's David L. Wetzel, a professor of grain science and industry, is known around the world for using microspectroscopy to do chemical analysis of single cells and parts of cells. Though typically Wetzel conducts grain science-related research, his recent focus is heart disease, the No. 1 killer in the Western world.


Friday, June 5, 2009


ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE ACTIVITIES FEATURED AT K-STATE GROW WORKSHOP: Three days of science, technology, engineering and math exploration is the agenda planned for sixth- and seventh-grade girls June 10-12 at Kansas State University.

K-STATE COORDINATING 10TH ANNUAL GOVERNOR'S CONFERENCE ON JUVENILE JUSTICE: The 10th annual Governor's Conference on Juvenile Justice, "Making a Difference -- One Youth at a Time," will be June 21-24 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 400 W. Watermen St., Wichita.

K-STATE'S GREEK HONORARY, ORDER OF OMEGA, SELECTS NEW MEMBERS: Leadership, academic excellence and a commitment to the Greek community at Kansas State University has earned several K-State students membership in the university's Greek honorary, Order of Omega.

DON FENTON TO HEAD DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL AND NUCLEAR ENGINEERING IN K-STATE'S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: Don Fenton, professor, has been named head of the department of mechanical and nuclear engineering at Kansas State University. Fenton will assume his new duties Aug. 1.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


K-STATE AT SALINA'S DEPARTMENT OF AVIATION RECEIVES GRANT FROM U.S. AIR FORCE OFFICE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FOR UNMANNED AERIAL SYSTEMS ACTIVITY: A grant from the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research in Arlington, Va., will help the department of aviation at Kansas State University at Salina develop mission planning for its unmanned aerial systems program.

K-STATE SENIOR RESEARCHES THE CONVERSION OF METHANE, THE IMPROVEMENT OF AN ANTI-CANCER DRUG AND THE MECHANISMS OF A LASIK EYE SURGERY PROCEDURE: A Kansas State University student has been a lead researcher on three separate projects that have wide implications in the health, medical and energy fields.

K-STATE AIR FORCE COMBATIVES PROGRAM DEVELOPING, PROVIDING FUTURE INSTRUCTORS: Combatives training offered at Kansas State University is helping to develop combatives instructors for the U.S. Air Force, according to Lt. Col. Brad Hebing, commander of K-State's Air Force ROTC Detachment 270.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


K-STATE'S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING OFFERING NEW DISTANCE EDUCATION MASTER'S DEGREE: A new engineering degree, the master of science in operations research, is being offered by Kansas State University through distance education.

K-STATE'S ADVANCED MANUFACTURING INSTITUTE HELPS TWO ST. GEORGE ENTREPRENEURS DEVELOP NEW PRODUCT THAT'S NOW ON THE MARKET: Two Kansas entrepreneurs have developed a special new smoker and grill, and Kansas State University's Advanced Manufacturing Institute helped make it possible.

K-STATE'S BEACH MUSEUM OF ART OFFERING TWO EXHIBITIONS OF TORNADO PHOTOGRAPHS BEGINNING IN JUNE: Photographs capturing the destructive power and aftermath of tornadoes in Kansas will be the focus of two exhibitions opening in June at Kansas State University's Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


STRATEGIES TO REIN IN EPIDEMICS NEED TO BE RETOOLED FOR RURAL POPULATIONS, SAY K-STATE ENGINEERS USING COMPUTERS TO MODEL DISEASE OUTBREAKS IN RURAL AREAS: An infectious disease striking a large city may seem like a disastrous scenario -- millions of people sharing apartment buildings, crammed on buses and trains and brushing past one another on crowded sidewalks. A group of Kansas State University engineers is finding that a truly disastrous epidemic scenario could also take place in the wide-open spaces of the Great Plains.

'SHAPE CAPERS' OPEN HOUSE TO FEATURE FUN ACTIVITIES AND CHILDREN'S AUTHOR: Kansas State University's Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art will be turned into a children's playland Friday, June 12, for the "Shape Capers" Open House.

STEPHANIE ROLLEY TO HEAD K-STATE'S DEPARTMENT OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE AND REGIONAL AND COMMUNITY PLANNING: Stephanie Rolley will be the new head of Kansas State University's department of landscape architecture and regional and community planning. Her appointment becomes effective June 14.

K-STATE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING NAMES JAMES EDGAR TO HEAD DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: James Edgar, professor, has been named head of the department of chemical engineering at Kansas State University. He will assume his new duties Aug. 1.



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