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Source: Jodi Kaus, 785-532-2889, jkaus@k-state.edu
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/pfc/
News release prepared by: Stephanie Jacques, 785-532-3452, sjacques@k-state.edu

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013

Money savvy: Gift aids university in financial education of students, alumni

MANHATTAN -- Kansas State University is taking a proactive step to ensure students and alumni are well versed in financial planning during and after their college years.

Through a gift from the Lattner Family Foundation, the university's Powercat Financial Counseling program has teamed up with American Student Assistance to provide students and alumni access to an online financial planning program called SALTmoney.org.

The online program will supplement the university's existing Powercat Financial Counseling, a successful peer-to-peer program established in 2009 in which students studying financial planning or financial services offer financial counseling.

"SALTmoney.org is available free of charge to help K-State students and alumni learn how to borrow less, borrow wisely, repay loans and become financially savvy," said Jodi Kaus, director of Powercat Financial Counseling.

SALT allows users to set up a personalized online dashboard to track all federal and private student loans in one place and compare payment options, learn from a highly interactive online financial education curriculum, use multiple budgeting tools and calculators, and receive assistance with job, internship and scholarship searches.

"The program will help users make informed decisions about borrowing what they need, exhausting federal loans before borrowing private loans, and taking advantage of flexible repayment plans to manage the debt," Kaus said.

Powercat Financial Counseling already helps students with budgeting, saving, credit, student loan repayment and transitioning to work through free individual advising sessions, group presentations and online counseling. However, SALT will enhance the counseling efforts.

"SALT will build upon the successful foundation K-State has created with PFC, by taking our financial education offerings to the next level," Kaus said. "SALT will help ensure our alumni can successfully retire their student loan debt, gain the greatest return on their investment and boost their money skills for life."

To learn more or to get free access to SALT go to http://www.k-state.edu/salt. For more information about Powercat Financial Counseling services or to support the program visit http://www.k-state.edu/pfc/.