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Music composition graduate receives Phi Kappa Phi fellowship

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


MANHATTAN — Kansas State University student Alex Wakim, May 2018 Bachelor of Music graduate, Wichita, has earned a 2018 Phi Kappa Phi graduate fellowship.

Phi Kappa Phi awarded fellowships to 57 members entering their first year of graduate or professional school. Wakim is receiving a $5,000 fellowship from the national collegiate honor society to study film music with a concentration in music theatre at New York University.

"I am delighted to have been at K-State and am going to miss it, but am thrilled for future opportunities," Wakim said about receiving the Phi Kappa Phi fellowship.

"Each university can only nominate one individual for consideration nationally, so it is a very competitive process," said Jim Hohenbary, director of the university's Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships. "Our university nominating committee was really impressed with Alex's wide-ranging musical accomplishments. It's rewarding to see his dedication and hard work affirmed through his recognition as a fellow."

As an undergraduate, Wakim researched and wrote music in a variety of forms. During his sophomore year, he collaborated with Wildcat Watch, a student-run video production service, to produce music videos for voice and piano. His junior year, he collaborated with professional aerialists, ballerinas and a videographer to set his music to dance. His senior year, Wakim collaborated with the theater program to stage the production of his original musical, "An American In Beirut." He attended the Palomar Film Music Workshop to learn how to be a professional media composer, which culminated in preparing and producing a live, professional orchestral score. In addition, he was commissioned to write, perform and record a piece as part of the Alba Music Fest, also resulting in a professional performance and recording.

Before graduating from the university summa cum laude, Wakim led the Wakim Jazz Trio, participated in Los Yumas Latin jazz group, and was a member of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. In addition to the Phi Kappa Phi fellowship, he received the Pi Kappa Lambda Society invitation, the Presser Foundation Award and first place in the Kansas Soundscapes blind submission composition competition in 2018, 2017 and 2016.


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Alex Wakim

Phi Kappa Phi has selected Kansas State University's Alex Wakim, May 2018 Bachelor of Music graduate, as a 2018 graduate fellow.

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Stephanie Jacques