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McNair Scholars Program

The McNair Scholars' Program Timeline

First Academic Year in Program

McNair Scholars complete a Colloquium on Research and Graduate Education to prepare for their summer research. They continue to develop relationships with faculty members, from whom each scholar chooses an internship mentor. Scholars also attend weekly seminars focused on subjects pertaining to the process of applying to graduate school, succeeding in graduate school, career exploration, and becoming a more informed member of the university community.

Summer Research Internship

McNair Scholars complete a research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor in the scholar's area of academic interest. The research may contribute to the mentor's ongoing work, or it may be a project originating with the scholar. The summer internship lasts 8 weeks, during which McNair Scholars receive stipends totaling up to $2,800. Scholars also take a course of preparation for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Upon completion of the summer program, scholars submit a short article based on their research. In preparation, scholars work with their mentors to see that articles are formatted and documented correctly and that the articles meet the standards of scholarship in their academic fields. Scholars are encouraged to present their papers at conferences in their fields and to submit them for publication in professional journals.

Second Academic Year in Program

In the year following the Summer Research Internship, the program focuses on the process of applying to graduate schools and issues in higher education. Students are encouraged to visit prospective campuses and consult with faculty and professionals in their chosen fields.