Program Timeline

First Fall Semester

September: Complete application

October: Interview for the Program

By end of October: Receive notification of acceptance/rejection

November: Complete Onboarding paperwork and attend Onboarding Colloquia

Winter Break: Submit a draft résumé and take a practice GRE

First Spring Semester

Attend weekly Research Development seminars

Interview and select a faculty mentor and be assigned a personal librarian

Create a research proposal, due end of term

Research graduate programs, faculty, and create draft application essay


June - July: Complete an 8 week paid research internship

June - July: Attend GRE and academic writing seminars twice weekly

End of July: Present research to the McNair and university communities

End of July/early August: Submit your findings in an abstract, a detailed article for an academic audience, and a short article for a lay audience

Second Fall Semester

Attend weekly Professional & Application Development seminars

Attend and present at MKN McNair Heartland Research Conference

Revise graduate school application materials, portfolio due at end of term

Apply for graduate school

Second Spring Semester

Attend weekly Issues in Graduate Education seminars

Lead 1+ seminars