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McNair Scholars Program


A photo of Program Director Dr. Kathleen Greene
Kathleen Greene, Ph.D.

Program Director

Dr. Greene directs TRIO programs at K-State. In addition to leading ESS, she heads the McNair Scholars Program and the Student Support Services program on the Polytechnic campus. She invests a great deal of her time serving the wider campus community, by serving on a number of committees and supporting student organizations and other groups. She is passionate about her work in supporting students and staff. Outside of work she enjoys watching football, working out, her family, friends, and church community.
 A photo of Program Manager Cheryl Rauh
Cheryl Rauh, M.A.

Program Manager

Cheryl coordinates day-to-day operations of the McNair Program, applying professional experience as a technical writer, tutor, and professional writing teacher to plan program curriculum, teach and guide students, and manage behind the scene workflows, data, assessment, and reporting. She loves working with students and engaging in a bit of sarcastic banter. Outside of work, she and her husband have a fixer upper house with two dogs and three cats from local rescues. They spend most of their free time working on the house and caring for their pets--all of which are projects. 
A photo of Academic Specialist Maggie Borders
Maggie Borders, M.A.

Academic Specialist

Maggie teaches and tutors Scholars in academic and professional writing. She uses her background as a creative nonfiction writer and composition instructor to help them create graduate school application essays, research reports, and other documents. She also oversees Scholars' academic progress and coordinates support (tutoring, study groups) as needed. Maggie enjoys helping Scholars gain confidence in their writing abilities. When she's not working, she can either be found in the classroom as she pursues her Ph.D. in Student Affairs in Higher Education or on the track during roller derby practice. 
 A photo of Practicum Graduate Student Karina Moncayo-Michel
Karina Moncayo-Michel, B.S.

Practicum Graduate Student

Karina is a graduate student earning her Master's degree in College Student Development. As the Practicum Graduate Student, she assists with seminars and works one-to-one with Scholars as needed to help further her professional and personal development. Karina is a proud first-generation college student from Liberal, Kansas, and is excited to pursue her career in creating access to college for students of all backgrounds.
 A photo of Graduate Assistant Del'Sha Roberts
Del'Sha Roberts, B.S.

Graduate Assistant

Del'Sha helps lead seminars and find ways to strengthen the McNair alumnx network. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public Health. Outside of classes and work, she enjoys meeting new people and spending time with her family, especially her nieces and nephews.