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McNair Scholars Program

Current Scholars

India Barnett

Mentored by Punit Prakash, Ph.D., in 2021

Bailey Britton

Mentored by Lisa Tatonetti, Ph.D., in 2021 and A. Abby Knoblauch, Ph.D., in 2022

Louie Cabrera

Mentored by Ho-Leung Ng, Ph.D., in 2020 and 2021

William Crankshaw

Mentored by Lavinia Horner, Ph.D., in 2022

Estefani Fernández-Patlán

Mentored by Amber Vennum, Ph.D., in 2022

Brandon Green

Mentored by Erika Geisbrecht, Ph.D., in 2022

Jaime Knight

Mentored by Harold Trick, Ph.D., in 2022

Hieu Nguyen

Mentored by Kathrin Schrick, Ph.D., in 2022

Desireé Pitts

Mentored by Michelle Toews, Ph.D., in 2022

Julia Rivera

Mentored by Eva Horne, Ph.D., in 2022

Bailey Roberts

Mentored by Roman Pogranichniy, Ph.D., in 2022

Katie Rodriguez

Mentored by Michi Tobler, Ph.D., in 2021

Julia Salinas

Mentored by William Whitehouse, D.V.M, DACVIM (SAIM) in 2022

Lexe West

Mentored by Kimberely Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., in 2022

Agel Yor

Mentored by Kim Hiller Connell, Ph.D., in 2022