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McNair Scholars Program

Applying to the Program

The priority deadline for the Fall 2020 application cycle is September 23, 2020.

Application forms are available online. Applications will be submitted via Canvas. Please email to request that you be added to the Canvas course.

Your application must include:
The Application Form (pdf)

Signature required.

Two Faculty Reference Forms (pdf)

Instruct your references to complete the form and write a letter discussing your academic history and potential. You should provide your information and signature on the forms before giving them to your faculty references. It is recommended that at least one of your references hold a Ph.D.

College Transcripts

Include transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended. These may be unofficial transcripts.

Personal Essay

Your essay should describe your career goals, including your proposed area of graduate study, your reasons for selecting this area, and your reasons for wishing to undertake graduate study. See the form for more comprehensive directions for the essay's content.

Submitting the application

Students can submit their documents via Canvas. Please email to request that you be added to the Canvas course.

Faculty can email their letters of reference and the form to the program or any staff member.