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Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

MCDB is an informal program at KSU with the goal of fostering interactions between labs with diverse interests in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology. Our main activity is the MCDB Research Forum, which meets weekly during the academic year. The Research Forum provides graduate students, postdocs and others with opportunities to give long format presentations on their ongoing research. Most people give a standard ~50 minute talk but sometimes newer grad students and undergraduate researchers will double up and give two shorter talks. Participants come from Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Pathology and other life science research units, and all are welcome. 

Giving compelling talks is a core skill in science and the Research Forum provides a venue for trainees to develop and refine their presentation skills in a lower-stakes setting than a thesis defense or job talk. Grad students in particular are encouraged to present at the Research Forum every year. There is no expectation that you present a completed project; works-in-progress are the norm.

If you are interested in presenting at an open slot, contact the organizers Tom Platt and Brad Olson.

Ciona embryo (Veeman lab)

Ciona embryo labeled for actin (white) expressing ensconsinGFP in dividing notochord cells (Veeman lab)


Cultured cells expressing GFP-tagged Vaccinia virus

GFP expressing cells infected with Vaccinia virus (Yang lab)