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Campus Master Plan Update

Members of the Task Force

The charge to this task force is to assess and document facility needs on the Manhattan campus for the next 15 years. They will conduct surveys and interviews with colleges and other campus units, and then determine the potential need for additional buildings. The task force will work with the Advisory Committee on Campus Planning and Development to review and update the campus master plan to include potential new building sites and associated infrastructure.

  • Andrea Blair, Disability Support Services
  • Kate Bormann, Student Governing Association
  • Pat Bosco, Division of Student Life
  • Lorn Clement, Department of Landscape Architecture, Regional and Community Planning
  • Bob Condia, Faculty Senate
  • Gerry Craig, Department of Art
  • Tim de Noble, Deans Council
  • Ruth Dyer, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Chair
  • Abe Fattaey, Division of Facilities
  • Julia Keen, Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science
  • Bonnie Rush, Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Chris Sorensen, Department of Physics
  • Ken Stafford, Information Technology
  • Pinakin Sukthankar, graduate student in Biochemistry
  • Zelia Wiley, College of Agriculture
  • Bruce Shubert, vice president for Administration and Finance, will serve as an ex officio member